Get Top-Performing Stocks with Market Smith India

Top Performing Stocks with Market Smith India

Trading in the share market might be a profession if one follows the right strategy. Instead of hard work, to be a successful trader one must do smart work. Nowadays, numbers of scanning and analyzing software are available in the market. Based on the trading strategy, one just needs to choose the right one. This type of software not only saves the time of traders but is also capable of showing accurate market analysis. Market Smith India is such a Top-Performing Stocks analytical platform that serves multiple useful features for traders and investors.

About Market Smith India

For 50 years, MarketSmith founder William J. O’Neil, who is mainly a stock market legend. He has been educating United States investors on how to make money in the share bazaar. Now, They’re expanding outside the U.S. to offer an application, focused on the Indian market. Their goal is to educate the client in a fun and engaging manner and help clients become better investors.

Market Smith India

The Characteristics of Market Smith India

Located in Bangalore, the prime aim of the firm is to educate the people of India, in an engaging and fun manner, about the Indian share market.

  • MarketSmith provides an app that is available on various platforms on computers and smartphones.
  • This app gives you all the relevant data which will be necessary for you to decide whether to invest in a specific company or not.
  • MarketSmith initiated the CANSLIM method of investing in the share market.
  • According to the founder of the firm, in order to choose the best stock market winners, you need to carefully examine past leaders. This will help you know more about the various characteristics of these stocks before their prices jumped in the share market.
  • O’Neil completed a detailed study of some of the greatest winners in the stock market over the past 100 years. He grouped a few common features of these market leaders and came up with the term CAN SLIM.
  • Every letter of the term (CANSLIM) denotes one of the 7 characteristics of these share market-winning stocks just before they helped their shareholders taste great profits.
Canslim Market Smith India

CAN SLIM System of Investing in the Share Market

It is very simple to enter the share market by purchasing a few stocks of a firm. It is the exit level where most of the investors falter. When to sell the purchased stocks, is one of the major questions which haunt many investors. This is where the CAN SLIM system of investing by market Smith will be of great help.

Current Quarterly Earnings (C)

In this step, you are supposed to look for stocks which made big in the last reported quarter. Growth of a minimum of 25% is a good way to start your search. It will also be a good idea to look for stocks which grew continuously over the past 3 periods.

Annual Earnings Growth (A)

This step will involve targeting those stocks which reported annual growth of earnings of a minimum of 25% for the past 3 years or so. It will also be a good thing to look for those companies which promise strong long-term growth.

New Product, Service, the Management or Price High (N)

Some of the biggest in the share market had something new in them. They either had new services or new products or even a new condition in the entire industry. It is also important to keep an eye on new companies.

Supply and Demand (S)

Supply and Demand happen to be one of the most basic of all economic principles.

Leader or Laggard (L)

Some of the true leaders in the share market will have some of the best growth in earnings, superior price performance, and strongest sales. Investing in such companies, which got stronger with time, is a good deal.

Institutional Sponsorship (I)

Some of the best drivers of the stock market are banks, Mutual Funds, and various other professional investors. In order to help a stock become a top performer, it needs to have a proper institutional backup to help its prices go up the ladder.

Market Direction (M)

Trading in sync with the market is a good way to make profits in the long run. This is in keeping with the observation that 3 out of 4 stocks strictly follow the market trend. Always buy stocks in a confirmed uptrend and safeguard your capital in the right manner.

Find Top-Performing Stocks with Market Smith India

Recently, we selected 3 of the best Top-Performing Stocks of the year, these are as follows:

  1. Avenue Supermarts (NSE)
  2. Hester Biosciences (NSE)
  3. Bajaj Finance (NSE)
Top-Performing Stocks

The above three Top-Performing Stocks come out as a result of scanning from the Market Smith platform. These fundamentally strong stocks are the biggest hit of the year.

MarketSmith India Services

 MarketSmith provides a single package of Premium Investment Advisory Services to all its clients. However, you may also opt for the trial package before you decide to buy their package.

MarketSmith Trial Package

MarketSmith offers a trial offer of 15 days to its new clients. There are several features of the MarketSmith India services which you can avail of under the trial offer.

How to Create an Account in Market Smith India?

There are some simple steps by which you can easily get connected with MSI (Market Smith India). Here, I have given step-by-step information to create an account in MSI.

Open Account with MSI

In the above image, the highlighted area shows you have to click here to create an account with MSI. After clicking the selected area, a registration page will be opened.

Get Registered with MSI

The registration page looks like the above image. There you have to put your basic details like Full name, Email, Password, Mobile Number, etc. After putting all the details, click on the “I agree” button and get yourself registered with MSI.

Sign in with MSI

After completing the registration process you will get a page like this. Here, you need to put your email address and password then click on sign in.

If you are still not sure about opening an account with MSI as the subscription charge is much higher, you may try their 15 days trial pack at just Rs.499.

Market Smith India Website

As you can see in the above chart that the trial pack consists of Chart pattern recognition, Idealist, Model portfolio, Custom Filtering, Market Outlook, etc.

Another option is the “Continue as Guest” Option, Though there you won’t get all the features still, you can check the fundamental details of any of your chosen script. It is a FREE of Cost option. Without spending a Penny you can go and check the criteria.

In the right-down corner of the image, can you see the “talk to mark” option? It is an online chat option of Market Smith, you can get to know about their service from here.

MSI Continue as a Guest

Features of Market Smith India and How to Find Top Performing Stocks

So, after the registration process or continuing as a guest, you can reach the main window of MSI. The page looks like this:

Screen Top Performing Stocks with Market Smith India

As you can see in the picture that the search option appears on the top. To make your concept clear, I search for State Bank of India Share (NSE code: SBIN).

Market Smith India Scan

Then you will get a page like this. The page contains every detail of the selected script, including the technical chart.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the features of MSI.

  • Chart Pattern Recognition: Under the trial offer you will get access to the Chart Pattern Recognition tool of MarketSmith. This tool algorithmically and automatically identifies various chart patterns and also highlights the different features of the pattern. You will also get breakout points along with specific Sell, Buy, and Stop Loss Zones.
  • Idea List: This list gives you 47 different stock ideas which are generated algorithmically on a weekly basis.
  • Model Portfolio: Handpicked stocks that fulfil the CAN SLIM criteria with a complete hand-holding on the different buy and sell ranges. You will also receive various alerts related to the stocks.
  • Custom Filtering: This feature will help you filter the stocks that meet your own criteria.
  • Market Outlook: The market-timing system of MarketSmith will tell you when it is time to pull back on market exposure and when to invest further.

MarketSmith India Pricing

As an investor, MarketSmith India provides a single package for all its investors which they have named Premium Investing Content and Exclusive Stock List. They have 2 different packages under this membership. The first one is for a period of a quarter and is priced at ₹4000. The other is for a time span of a year and is priced at ₹13,900.

Even Find Top Performing Stocks with MarketSmith India Mobile App

The research firm offers a mobile app for both Android as well as iOs versions and provides different features to its users. Some of those features are listed below:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Lists and reports on different stocks
  • Market Commentary
  • Option to follow and learn the research methodology
Market Smith Mobile App

This mobile app from MarketSmith has a few concerns, as listed below:

  • Average app design
  • Performance and speed can be improved

MarketSmith India Advantages

Listed below are some of the advantages of seeking the services of MarketSmith India.

  • Gives you algorithm-based stock recommendations which are practical and useful in the long run.
  • Has a paid trial period of a week and a single membership plan which is quite reasonably priced.

MarketSmith India Disadvantages

Here are some of the disadvantages of signing up with MarketSmith for their advisory services in the share market.

  • The data can be extensive and some users may take time just to understand the true meaning of the data.
  • A limited number of services to offer.


So, these are the details of the MarketSmith India platform where you can analyze the market easily. We have discussed their website in details. This is indeen a good website to find good stocks with winning methods like CANSLIM method. Traders can buy their package or avail the trial as discussed in this post.

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Author: Ankita Sarkar

Ankita is a graduate in English language and she has also done her MBA from the Calcutta University. She has a high knack in the stock markets. She is a NISM certified Research Analyst. An experienced stock market content writer Ankita is also trading successfully on her own account.

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