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CATFX50 Trading System – 100% FREE MT4 Template

Catfx50 trading system

CATFX50 Trading System: Ema50 on the diagram.
Ema120 on the diagram.
Hist_step_ma_stoch_kv1_ex_03 set at 2000 bars.
Set channels on Step: +0,04 and -0,04.
Plot anina_v1 set it at 9000 bars.

Hist_stepma_stoch is the fundamental indicator here. At the point when Hist_stepma_stoch and anina give signal all the while, the better. Don’t trade in the event that they give inverse signals.

CATFX50 Time span:

30 minutes.

CATFX50 Trade time:

08:00cet to 18:00cet

Discretionary instruments:

MAX Moving Average set at 50, 14, 2000, 2
Camarilladt7 with L3, L4, L5 and H3, H4 and H5.

CATFX50 Trading System Standard or Level 1 signals:

Buy when value crosses EMA 50 and new bar opens above. Hist_stepma_stoch must be green.
Sell when value crosses EMA 50 and new bar opens beneath. Hist_stepma_stoch must be red.
On the off chance that cost and Hist_stepma_stoch crosses are synchronous, the better.

CATFX50 Trading System Level 2 signals (less secure):

For example, when value is above EMA 50 with Hist_stepma_stoch in green. Value then opens one bar at any rate beneath EMA 50 and Hist_stepma_stoch keeps in green mode. At the point when value opens again above EMA 50 with Hist_stepma_stoch approving (green), we can buy. The inverse for a sell.

CATFX50 Trading System Level 3 signals (less secure):

For example, we are in bullish mode: cost above EMA 50 and Hist_stepma_stoch in green. Abruptly, the value goes down intersection or without intersection EMA 50 and clearly without opening underneath it. Hist_stepma_stoch progressions to red. We buy when the value goes up again constantly accepted by Hist_stepma_stoch that ought to change to green once more.

CATFX50 Trading System Level 4 signals (Take mind):

Level 4 is when cost, after combining a couple of bars, gets through the last high or low. The fundamental thing we need is a sign of quality, and on the off chance that we don’t get it, it could be a trap!

Clearly, the breakout down ought to have Hist_stepma_stoch in red and green for the inverse.


CATFX50 Something to consider:

Sets to trade: EURUSD, USDCHF, and GBPUSD.

At the point when the bar opens more than 20 pips above/underneath EMA 50, the signal is less secure.

Don’t buy/sell, case in point, EURUSD in light of the fact that GBPUSD has a signal. Sit tight for the signal to come in each one sets you to need to trade. Take a gander at EURGBP, USDCHF and US Dollar Index dependably.


CATFX50 Design:

The principle distinction between Level 2 and Level 3:

On Level 3 the value doesn’t need to cross the Ema50 line
The other contrast is that Hist_stepma_stoch quickly changes color

Level 4:
Notice the value breakout in the outline? It might be difficult to disregard, wouldn’t it?
You don’t need to hold up at the cost to near do the trade, get ready for a ride that child!

Catfx50 simple framework is a winning one, yet it is not a Holy Grail nor a cash machine. Use practical judgment skills and stop of 34 pips.

Obliged MT4 indicators:
Indicators – Copy and aggregate all indicators in the indicator folder

Download Link Of CATFX50 Trading System Below

Download CATFX50 Now

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Hi how do i obtain this cat fx 50 trading method?
i’dlike to try it!

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