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Edelweiss Research Team


In their portfolio management service, Edelweiss Securities gives major emphasis on small and medium-cap stocks that have a high-risk high return portfolio. In their stock-picking approach, the Edelweiss Research Team chooses stocks that are either showing rising earnings or down in special situations or consistently performing or emerging industry leaders or turn-around stories. The latest research they published is on APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. Let us check what’s in the future for this stock.

APL Apollo Tubes Ltd: Fundamentals and Growth Potential

APL Apollo Tubes Ltd is a company from the metal sector that manufactures steel pipes and tubes. It has a market value of 0.41 billion and a manpower strength of 819 employees. The Edelweiss Research Team has picked this stock in its latest Hexagon Portfolio.

Consistent Growth and Market Share

APL Apollo has made a consistent increase in their turnover as well as net income year on year.

APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

The company’s price has grown at a stellar pace despite any local or global cues. They are the lowest-cost manufacturer and hold 3 times more market share than the Tatas or Jindals. They have also managed to show a consistent reduction in working costs that will reflect in the earnings.

Charts and Technical Analysis of APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

The weekly charts of APL Apollo share show how the price of the company has increased over the years.

APL Apollo Tubes Share Price Chart

Edelweiss Research Team holds this scrip in their Hexagon Portfolio and we also believe the company can bring enormous growth to the investors in the coming years too. The Edelweiss Research Team has recommended this stock in the Consistent Excellence category.

Investment Recommendation by Edelweiss Research Team

Technically, we believe that investors should not invest a big amount in current valuations. Rather, invest 25% in this stock and wait for a decent dip. Therefore, any dip close to 1500-1400 should be bought safely and will target 1950 in the medium term.

FAQs on APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

Who owns APL Apollo Tubes?

APL Apollo is owned by the Agarwal family.

What does APL Apollo manufacture?

APL Apollo manufactures a range of high-quality steel tubes and pipes, specializing in providing customized solutions to its customers.

Is APL Apollo Tubes a good investment?

Yes, investing in APL Apollo Tubes is likely to be a safe bet as the company has experienced steady growth since its initial public offering (IPO). They have received numerous awards for their consistent quality products, sustainable packaging, and green initiatives.

What are APL Apollo Tubes used for?

These tubes are mostly used in sectors like construction, infrastructure, and agricultural industries where they are primarily employed for ornamental applications, furniture making as well as industrial fittings.


In conclusion, APL Apollo Tubes Ltd has shown consistent growth and holds a significant market share in the steel pipes and tubes industry. The Edelweiss Research Team has recommended this stock in their Hexagon Portfolio and believes it can bring enormous growth to investors in the coming years. Finally, with careful investment strategies and technical analysis, investors can capitalize on the growth potential of this company.

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