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Download Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data

How to download amibroker historical fundamental data

Importance of Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data- Financial Market grabs the popularity with new invested technologies and tools. Traders are moving forward towards new facilities in the investment field. Traders who are genuinely engaged in trading must be familiar with the importance of fundamental analysis. In order to trade in a particular script, fundamental data along with charts are the most important co-relation. Traders have to monitor the data along with price movements. Today you will have guidance on the steps to Download Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data.

Steps to Download Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data

As I have stated above, there are certain steps by which you can find historical fundamental data.

The Requirement of Amibroker-

First of all you need to have AmiBroker installation in your PC. There you can create the database along with your chosen stock.

You can add a symbol by a new symbol option. Search for your preferential stock in Yahoo and from there copy the code or symbol. Then put it in the new symbol.

Amibroker symbol add
amibroker symbol

I have already mentioned that you can add symbols, for Indian NSE stock, find out a stock NSE symbol with NS. For example, I added ADANIPORTS.NS.

Need to Open AmiQuote-

In order to work with historical fundamental data, you have to open AmiQuote. It is the Amibroker data downloader tool. The main objective of AmiQuote is to automate and ease daily, historical and fundamental data from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Quote.com, MSN, Forex, etc.

auto update quotes

As you notice in the above image, through Tool option open the AmiQuote. After that, you can access historical fundamental data.

Historical Data-

Amibroker comes with a limited EOD (End of Day) Historical Data. Therefore, Amibroker provides the facility for importing data in a quick and easy way. Google, Yahoo, MSN all provide free historical data about the stock market. By using  Amiquote (Amibroker Data Downloader tool), it is quite easy to import historical data. Have a look at the attached image where the highlighted area is the Yahoo Historical data in AmiQuote.

amibroker historical data

Fundamental Data

  • From Yahoo Finance, you can download fundamental data. In order to get fundamental data, you need to go the information part through the symbol. After clicking the information, a window will open at the left side of your Amibroker page. The window will show you each and every detail about the fundamental information. An image is attached below to find out the importance of downloading fundamental data.
amibroker historical fundamental data

As you can see, on the left side of the page an information window is open. In order to make your conception clear, I highlight the information area. There each and every minute details of the selected script is given.

amibroker fundamental data

Here is an example of fundamental data. Here yahoo fundamental data is attached with AmiQuote.

Regular Update-

You need to update your database daily. After the closing of the market, click on Auto-Update quotes, the data will be automatically updated. A regular update is necessary in order to work properly with historical fundamental data. I hope this instruction will guide you in downloading Amibroker historical fundamental data.

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Does that mean if I backtest on these data, it would take historical fundamental data? e.g. If I have market cap filter in my backtest then it would consider market cap value at older time.

Indrajit Mukherjee

The problem is that Yahoo has stopped giving fundamental data for the Indian markets.


Oh ! Is there any way I can have historical fundamental data for nifty 500?