How to Make Rs. 7500 Profit From Nifty Future Trading?

How to Make Rs.7500 Profit Per Day

This topic will be on Nifty future trading. In this article we will show how to earn a handsome return from trading Nifty. Remember intraday trading with same setup is not possible on everyday. The setup shown in this post works very well on trend days.

How to Make Rs. 7500 Profit per Day From Nifty Future Trading?

Here, come to the practical part of the content. To some of the people, the question seems so unrealistic but I can show you how easily you can make it possible. You only need basic knowledge regarding some of the technical indicators like the super trend, candlesticks, MACD.

Those who are avoiding future trading for insufficient capital, they can easily afford Zerodha platform as there margin facility is available. In equity & Index futures, MIS margin: 45% & 35%.

Now, let’s have a look at the followings charts and some of the easy steps by which even newbies can easily earn minimum this much amount within a few minutes. Here, I’ve done my analysis by Zerodha (India’s one of the Top Technical analysis platform).

Steps 1:

Set up 30 min chart of nifty future with 14 periods and 1.5 multipliers Supertrend. The section I’ve highlighted is a bullish candle from where buy signal was generated. Besides identifying the super trend buying signal, make sure the MACD also in a positive direction. Then, you need to take entry at that buying candle. Suppose we enter at the closing price of the candle 11,752.

Nifty Future Trading

Step 2:

Now, open another chart with 5 min and set 10 periods and 3 multiplier Supertrend. Watch the signal until it appears red. See the chart below, the entire trading hours is on the buying signal. So, here you can book your profit at the end of the trading hour. Suppose, here you can exit at the last candle of the day (3.15pm), the closing price 11852. So, there you can exit or close your order.

Nifty Future Trading

Now, see how much profit you can make from it. (Exit at 11852- Entry at 11752) = 100 points.

So, the calculation is quite clear here, as the Nifty FUT lot is 75. The total profit will be (100 x 75) = Rs.7500.

Within Few trading hours, you can make, RS. 7500 from your home only. Now, tell me, who don’t want it to make such a huge profit within a day just by clicking buttons from mobile or laptop?

Now, you may ask, Why can’t we choose same Supertrend in both the time-frame for Nifty Future trading?

Yes, you can work on both of the 5 min and 30 min script with 14 periods and 1.5 multipliers. In that case, the profit will be limited. In the chart below, the highlighted candle is the 1st candle of selling signal. You need to exit at that point 11773. So, here, the profit will be (11773-11751) = 22 Total profit (75 x 22) = 1650. You can earn this much amount within an hour or so.

Nifty Future Trading


So, now you can understand that earning money from the share market is not so tough. You need to follow 2 steps only to get a huge profit from the market. Next, we will come with other content which will guide you to make easy money from equity and commodity also.

Author: Indrajit Mukherjee

Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Amibroker expert, Wordpress expert, SEO expert and stock market analyst.Trading since 2002, he has started the journey of on 2008. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.

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Nilesh Asher

Hi Indrajit,
Since last two days i am using OHLC strategy with small quantities and it works perfect in the morning sharp @9.30.
Please guide me when the next I can use it during the market time.
Just now i have watched your strategy on Nifty (Supertrend & Macd) i want to use it for the next few days. Is there any precaution to take? Please guide me.
Nilesh Asher

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