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Basic Tutorial of Google Finance for Indian Stocks

Google Finance for Indian Stock

Google finance considers as a great tool and application for retail investors all over the world. It works as an efficient personal portfolio manager at Free of Cost. Besides act as a portfolio builder, it plays a crucial role as an excellent stock screener. With the help of google finance, one can get the entire stock market details in a single google sheet. In the article, you will get step by step basic tutorial of Google Finance for Indian Stocks. Google sheet is almost similar to excel but with more advanced features.

Basic Tutorial of Google Finance for Indian Stocks

Though Google finance product was mainly meant for united states of America, later it has extended the services to India, France, China, Germany, UK, Australia, Singapore etc, overall 37 countries in the world. Let’s get into the steps of how to create google sheets from the drive.

Step #1 How to Create Google Sheets?

Firstly, one must have a Gmail account under Google. From there open the google drive, if you don’t have an account, then create it. In order to find google drive, look at the right-top corner of the window, you will find google drive option. If you already have an account under Google, the drive will automatically be opened.

How to Create Google Sheets

After clicking on the Drive, a new window will be opened. There left-up corner, you will find a NEW option, just behind the Drive. Under the new option, there are google sheets. There you can find a blank spreadsheet option. From there, you may open the sheets.

google sheets

Step #2 How to Get the Symbols for Google Sheets?

From the google finance, copy the code and simply put it in the Google sheet. According to your requirements, you can add and update data and information. In order to clarify the subject more accurately, I have attached some pictures below:

How to Get the Codes for Google Sheets

As from the above window pic, we can see the symbols. You can get entire details of high, low, open price, volume, etc.

Step #3 How Can we Add Symbol in Google Sheets?

In order to make a proper Sheet, you need to make some basic column like Ticker, CMP (current market price), Open, High, Low, Volume, PE, EPS. Now, come to the main part, how we can do it.

Google Finance for Indian Stocks symbols

In the above page, for example, purpose, I show you an example of the CMP symbol, (=GOOGLEFINANCE(B2, “price”).

price open

This is an example of Open Price. Like this, you can put symbols of high, low. volume, PE, EPS etc.

Step #4 Update the Data

Static data without any automated update is almost valueless. Google sheets can be updated automatically. From the file, you have to go to the spreadsheet settings, there you will get a small window which contains general and calculation settings. In general, select your country and, time zone and in calculation select the update setting.

update the data


However, these are the basic concept of Google Finance for Indian Stocks. It works as an analytical tool for the stock market.

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