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Angel broking speedpro demo

Angel Broking has come up with its latest trading platform and named it ass SpeedPro. The Angel Broking SpeedPro Demo can be downloaded from this link. The software is a primarily online share trading software running in Odin95 platform. Angel Broking has added some good features to it to make it attractive.

Once one goes to the link, a small Starter window appears. One needs to register for the software to function properly. The first window asks for the login id. after confirmation of login id, the software starts to get downloaded fully. The starter window appears like the following.

speedpro starter

In this screen, the user can save the preference for the intraday chart. A maximum of 30 days is allowed by default. The home screen is different which include the MarketWatch. The home screen looks like the following.

speedpro homescreen

In the home screen itself, one can do all the preferential settings. In the home screen, there is a window for proprietary calls and research report from Angel Broking. The chart loads on screen comparatively slowly and is a little cumbersome to operate.

Angel Broking  SpeedPro demo is essentially a terminal-based trading platform. It is a window based software and has the following requirements;

  • Pentium 4 PC or higher,
  • Windows (Vista, 7,8, 0r 10),
  • Ram 1Gb minimum,
  • 5Gb of disk space,
  • 40kbps or more internet speed,
  • IE 9 or above,
  • Java-enabled PC and
  • Adobe flash player enabled.

Angel SpeedPro Charts:

Angel SpeedPro can display the following kind of charts: Intraday charts (same day charts), intraday historical charts (continuous intraday charts) and historical end of day charts. All major indicators can be added to the charts. See the iage below for an intraday SuperTrend chart.

Angel Broking SpeedPro Demo

Angel Broking SpeedPro demo and its advantages:-

  • Real-time news window;
  • Live trading calls from Angel Broking research desk;
  • Provision to add multiple market watch list and the user’s advantage of easy toggling among these Marketwatch windows;
  • Also, it provides a multi-desktop feature which allows the user to toggle from one desktop to another from the same account;
  • Gives high performance even at basic internet speed;
  • Provision for customized shortcut keys.

Comparison between Zerodha Pi and Angel SpeedPro –

  • Angel Broking SpeedPro takes a longer time to start and slower compared to Zerodha Pi.
  • In SpeedPro the chart window is smaller, can not be maximized and not as easy to handle as charts in Zerodha Pi.
  • There is no coding backed stock screener as in Zerodha Pi, which uses user-friendly Tradescript language for coding and the coding for the screener and Algo trades can be easily customized.

Conclusion – Zerodha Pi overall scores higher than Angel SpeedPro and provides better value for money options to the user.

Author: Indrajit Mukherjee

Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Amibroker expert, Wordpress expert, SEO expert and stock market analyst.Trading since 2002, he has started the journey of on 2008. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.

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