Option Chain Analysis For All NSE Stocks (FREE)

Option Chain Analysis

Options analysis shows us the hidden side of the stock market, that is not visible to the naked eye. By mastering option analysis any ordinary trader can gain an edge over the fellow traders and can become a professional. We have already seen how Nifty can be traded using Option Chain. In this post, I will show you, how to do option chain analysis for all NSE stocks for FREE. Yes, this software is 100% free and you can access it immediately.

First access the Upstox Pro Terminal by clicking here. This will open the terminal in a new window. The best part of Upstox Pro terminal is that it has a free never-expiring demo.

We recommend you to sign up for a live demo for more features. For that just click on the top left-hand side button called “Sign up for a LIVE demo” and follow the on-screen instructions. But for watching the live option chain analysis, you can also skip this step for now.

Next click on the plus (+) sign on the top right. This will open more menus for the terminal.

Upstox Option Strategy

Select Option Chain from the drop-down menu and this will open the window for option chain analysis for all NSE stocks.

NSE Option Chain Analysis

By default, the option chain will be open for Nifty index near month options contracts. But you can change the scrips and also the expiry month from that window. Check the image below:

Option Chain

To change the scrip, just write 3 characters of the symbol name and the symbols will be shown in the drop-down. You can select your stock for which you want to check the option chain analysis and it will be open. Here, I have chosen Sun Pharma stock. We can also maximize the option chain window by clicking the maximize icon just beside the X icon in the top right corner.

NSE Option Chain

Not only the prices of the options but also the option greeks can also be analyzed from this software. To see the option greeks select GREEKS instead of PRICES in the middle of the window.

Option Greeks

So in this way, we can see all NSE stock’s option chain analysis, as well as can watch the option greeks for free. No need to use any other option calculator again to find our option greeks. I will love to answer your questions on this topic in the comments section below.

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