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There are at the moment eight patterns in Woodies CCI Buy Sell Signal AFL For Amibroker.

Woodie has outlined all of them. Don’t observe some other strategies, patterns or systems as opposed to outlined by means of Ken Timber. They’ll add any other degree of complexity and can handiest serve to confuse you if you are studying this system.

Don’t rename any of the patterns. We’re certain it is extremely glaring why this isn’t accomplished however some nonetheless attempt to do it. It’s essential to go to ask the traders that attempted this however they’re not trading. Simply follow the system as Ken Timber has outlined it.

Ken Timber is discovering and checking out new patterns at all times. He’s going to tell us when he finds some other nice new sample.

Woodies CCI Patterns can be utilized on any time frames. It will probably even be used very efficiently on day by day charts and bigger time frames as smartly. Be aware that Woodie makes use of a CCI 20 length on charts with day by day time frames and bigger. He does no longer use the TCCI in any respect on the day-to-day or higher time period charts.

You wish to have to take CCI patterns which are powerful, absolutely comprehensible, and clear. No longer ones which might be constricted, tightly wrapped across the zero line, condensed or peculiar taking a look. There are some distance too many trades to take all through the day so that you can drive a nasty trade. Learn this time and again. Apply it intently. This is among the elements of Woodies CCI system that retains you from over trading. You don’t want to take into consideration over-trading. Simply practice the informationlines and it’ll be sorted mechanically.

The Woodie CCI Patterns that we use to trade are as follows and should not essentially listed so as or successful percentages.

Woodies Prime eight Setups
1. Zero-line Reject (ZLR): trend
2. Shamu Commerce: counter-trend
three. Pattern Line Smash (TLB): each
four. Vegas Commerce (VT): counter-trend
5. Ghost Commerce: counter-trend
6. Reverse Divergence (rev diver): trend
7. Hook from Extremes (HFE): counter-trend
eight. Horizontal Pattern Line Destroy (HTLB): each trend and counter-trend

We now have created a Woodie CCI Daily Panel buy sell signal afl for amibroker. Many of the patterns and hooks are identifiable from this buy sell signal afl for amibroker.

Which you can obtain and use the Woodie CCI Daily Panel buy sell signal afl for amibroker by means of clicking the button under. You want an account in Facebook to download this file.

buy sell signal afl for amibroker

And the image above shows how the afl for amibroker looks like. We use this buy sell signal afl for amibroker as a supporting down pane indicator for our trend following trading systems.

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