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100% FREE: Our 1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download

Amibroker AFL Download

Since 2009 Amibroker is the most popular charting tool of India. I have seen the journey of Amibroker starting from the old version 5.00 to 6+ versions. Why Amibroker became so popular in India? Because it is easy to handle, lightweight. Apart from this, cheap data is available for Indian stock and commodity markets in the Amibroker platform. In this post, I have given a big bag of Amibroker AFL download to my readers.

More on AmiBroker and AFLs

AmiBroker formulas are also known as AFL or AmiBroker formula language. If you have trading logic clear you can also write your own formula on the charting platforms. You can even automate your trades using AmiBroker. There are many ways to connect this charting platform with your broker’s terminal like Zerodha Kite etc.

I have seen that writing code on AmiBroker is specifically easy. I have written a specific post on formula writing. Apart from this, on the internet, there are many resources of formulas available for this mighty charting software. But then again you need to test the formulas at your end and find which one to use and which not to. In fact, people try to find the holy grail formula for days.

Hence I have done extensive research and tested many formulas and shortlisted a few of them. So here I am providing you with a download link to our 1.3 MB collection of AFLs. All these formulas are personally tested by me and will work on any version of the charting platform.

AmiBroker AFL Download

1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download

You can freely download and use our 1.3 MB collection of AFL formulas by clicking the button below.

You can unlock your download button by sharing this post on social media by using any of the social buttons below. You can also distribute this collection of formulas to your friends. However please refer them to our site while sharing the formulas.

More resources of AmiBroker AFL download

Here let me show you some more resources of free AFL formulas of AmiBroker software.

WiseStockTrader Website

WiseStockTrader – This website is a collection of free formulas of AmiBroker. You can also write your own formula and upload it there. This is like a community. Thousands of free formulas are available there. Few members even upload the formulas with an image. So you can have an idea of the formula before downloading it.


First, a trader who is willing for Amibroker AFL download needs to register on the site. Then you can post your AFLs or download formulas from the website. Remember, there are a few formulas that need special permission to download. To unlock them you need to upload a specific number of formulas to the website.

More AmiBroker AFL download resources in our website

In our website, you will also get more AmiBroker formulas. We have a specific category on AmiBroker. From there you can download many good formulas without registering for our website. You can also share this category of our website with your trader friends.

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any updates to this collection?


Very good