Download Amibroker AFL Code S&R with Pivots

Before beginning, one thing should be clear to you, our previous article on Pivot Point is quite different from today’s Pivot support-resistance. Hence, Pivot is a totally separate concept. The pivot point is a calculated Pivot while today’s topic covers Structural Pivot which often refers to Bar Count Reversals. At the end of the article, … Continue reading “Download Amibroker AFL Code S&R with Pivots”

How to Find the Support and Resistance Level?

The whole financial market stands on top of the two pillars, supply, and demand. The entire market moves according to the correlation between supply and demand. During the bullish trend, buyers dominate the market and the opposite happens in the bearish market. The support-resistance level indicates nothing but the relationship between supply and demand. The … Continue reading “How to Find the Support and Resistance Level?”