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Get Weekly 120 Points Using Crude Oil Live Chart

Crude Oil Weekly 120 Points Trading Strategy

In this post, I will show you how to earn 120 points per week from MCX crude oil trading using crude oil live chart. Like my other strategies, this is once again a very simple strategy and it needs no costly software. You broker’s chart is enough. I suggest Zerodha Pi OR Zerodha Kite charts.

Crude Oil Daily Chart
Crude Oil Live Chart

Multi Time Frame Analysis with Crude Oil Live Chart

This system uses multi-timeframe analysis. We will go with only the main trend. The main trend will be decided using daily candles. First, open the daily chart of MCX crude oil in Zerodha platform OR your broker’s platform. Now attach the SuperTrend Indicator. I suggest using 14/1.5 parameter in SuperTrend.

In the image above we can see the crude oil daily, SuperTrend is in buy mode so we will only look for buy trades. I have also attached the 14-period Average True Range indicator. This will help me understanding the range of the market and calculating my stop loss or targets.

The Crude Oil Live Chart Trade Setup:

Now once the main trend is known to us we will switch to MCX crude oil live chart either 5 minutes OR 15 minutes time frame. Let’s also attach 9-3-3 stochastics and the 7-period RSI indicator to the crude oil live chart as shown in the image below.

Now as the main trend is UP we will look for stochastics and RSI to dip below 20. If we get a divergence that will be a better confirmation. Buy when stochastics crosses and comes above 20 from below 20 marks. Keep a target of 0.5 X ATR and a stop of 0.25 X ATR.

Trade Statistics:

I have watched that an average of 2 trades a day OR 10 trades in a week has average 80% win rate. If we win 8 trades at least 20 points each and lose 20 points each in remaining 2 trades then:

Next, OUR TOTAL LOSS: 2 X 20 = 40 POINTS

Weekly Profitability:

In general, if you use a cover order in Zerodha, then you can trade one lot of crude oil at Rs. 4500 margins. Now your profit is 120 points X lot size 100 = Rs. 12000 per week. So by investing only Rs. 4500 you can earn Rs. 12000 weekly from this crude oil lives chart strategy.

Note: Please avoid trading in late at night and close to news/inventory data. Your observations and comments are welcome below this post.

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Sir pl do a video on crude oil strategy for better understand

Nityananda Sahoo

1. Hello Indrajeet, I am very much thankful to you. frankly speaking I learnt your ATR strategy for trading Crude Oil future. I have made a simple variation in it and it gives me dissent result since last few months only in side-ways days but it does not allow me to get in to the trade on a trending day. I am sending you the chart of crude oil dt 11 Sep 17 that I traded. To be very clear it is not my strategy but a derivative of your one. I hope you will not hesitate to rectify it at your best.

2. Yes, I am although a client of Zerodha (with Id- ZB0195) but not yet started trading through their terminal. I am still trading with
Sharekhan’s ComTiger portal as I am not acquainted with Zerodha’s trading portal yet.

3. I will be thankful to you if you spare few minutes out of your precious schedule to let me know my mistakes.

4. I already have sent the chart image to your mail.

4. Thanks, Love and Best Regards.

Debasish Biswas

Your crude oil strategy does not work..crossover and supertrend not showing buy signal at a time..

Debasish Biswas

But Dada..maximum time price I going down when RSI is crossing 20 ..plz give an example with chart.

nityananda sahoo

Sir, I would like to thank you for the efforts you are putting on for other’s shake. here one doubt sir. for calculating target and stop loss you say .50 and .25 respectively of ATR. sir, is it .50 of daily ATR of last day you mean or else. please do clarify sir. thanks and regards.


hello sir, ATR means?

Suraj N. Patel

Hello Sir,

I want to use different in chart & Want to back test it…..
BUT in Zerodha Kite Chart Only Current Series chart data is available…..

Need Crude Oil Chart Data for 5 to 7 years with 5 Min. To 1 Hour & EOD all data….. For Back Testing….
Suggestion:- Can you please suggest me Good Software for Crude Oil Back Testing or Accurate chart candle data last 5 to 7 years with 5 minute to 1 hour & EOD data also….

=> Process to Use Pi for Crude Oil Last 5 To 7 year data in 5 min, 15 Min , 1 H, 4 hour, daily etc…. Differance time frame. Pls suggest me Urgent Pls.

Suraj N. Patel

Hello Sir,

I Requested to create YouTube Video with Above Crude Oil Strategy to Better understanding & Easy to learn. I have some confuse with above strategy. Thanks for sharing u r knowledge


Sir, I am confused with RSI part, We are using stoct as the entry point, so if the rsi is not below 20, but stoct crosses abv 20 we enter the trade.How the RSI needs to be used in this system?

thank you

Kaushal Mehta

Ok, Thank you sir


Now as the main trend is UP we will look for stochastics and RSI to dip below 20. If we get a divergence that will be a better confirmation. Buy when stochastics crosses and comes above 20 from below 20 mark. Keep a target of 0.5 X ATR and a stop of 0.25 X ATR….this could not understand sir…can u pls explain….or if u have a video on this share link here


I am a beginner to crude MCX. Could You make a video of the same and post.This will help many people out there..
Thanks in advance

Kulvinder Singh

HI. I want to understand what the two parameters of Supertrend indicate. You are using 14/1.5. What do they indicate.
Similarly can you describe the use of ATR?



Hello Sir,

Thank you for sending me emails with the very useful links. I am completely new to the market trying to under it. But, as my earnings are low due to which I could not able to save money for trading however, after a hard calculations I am able to save 1600pm. Once it will reach 10k then will definitely get onto the market. However, I have opened the DMAT account and doing papertrading. I need to learn options trading so that I can get some good earnings by which I can atleast pull off the commitments.
Hope your support will definitely help me growing in options. Please suggest how should I proceed further in gaining knowledge on options.

Thank you,


I don’t understand how to set a stoploss and target sir?