Using Forex Mean Reversion Indicator In Intraday Trading

Introductory details to forex Mean reversion indicator: Many traders, even those with expertise use systems to increase the probability of winning. The two topmost indicators fall into two classes: “Leading” or “Lagging”. To understand the Forex Mean Reversion Indicator in a proper way, you need to first go through the basic concept of Mean Reversion. […]

RBI Rules For Forex Trading In India Is Legal Or Not

Legal accessibility of Forex Trading is one of the most argumentative topics in India. RBI has maintained certain rules and regulations regarding forex trading. Investors must abide by the rules as the main objective behind these rules is to protect our people and country from loss. Before step into the main subject, according to RBI […]

A Review of AvaTrade Online Trading Platforms

The forex market is as lucrative as it comes. There are unlimited profit potential and numerous trading opportunities virtually around the clock. But to reap the rewards of this money-spinning market, a good broker, market knowledge and a robust trading platform are necessary. A trading platform is your gateway to this fast and dynamic market, […]

241 Forex System – Trade Forex With Excel Sheet

Time to stop endless analysis and finally its time to trade forex for profits. 241 Forex System is a simple excel based forex trading system where you just need to put a few minutes of your time per day and find out huge profit-making forex trades instantly. Its now time to trade forex with excel […]

ASCTrend MT4 Indicator (ASCTrend Indicator Download)

ASCTrend is a trend indicator. It is available in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. In this post I will shortly discuss about ASCTrend MT4 indicator and I will also provide you with the ASCTrend indicator download link for MetaTrader 4. Keep a stop loss for 30 pips. Long entry criteria: a. 5 period […]

MTF Forex Strategy – Alpha Trader Method

Out of all kind of trading strategies I have found that multi time frame or MTF forex strategy is the most effective as it keeps an eye on other time frames apart from the current time frame. Why Is MTF Forex Strategy Important? It keeps an eye on other time frames (suppose we are trading […]

1 Minute Scalping System (1 Minute Scalping Technique)

From my old indicator archive, I got this indicator and template set on the MT4 platform that I thought may be useful for my readers. I have already shared costly trading systems like 10 Minutes Forex Wealth Builder OR 241 Forex System. Now, most of the earlier shares were single indicators or couple of indicators […]

Best Forex Signals Free Download With Manual

Once upon a time, this Best Forex Signals was selling like a hot cake in Now after the launch of MetaTrader build 6 most of the signal providers have stopped their site, so as this provider. This is a simple to use color-coded forex trading system and easy to use. We are providing the Best Forex […]

Watch USDINR Live Chart With Buy Sell Signals FREE

Investors who are dealing with Future and Options trading must be acquainted with USDINR (United State Dollar and Indian Rupee). USDINR is a FUT(Future) script. Previously, an article of mine regarding Nifty Future Live Chart with Buy Sell Signals has been published. Today also I will provide you proper guidelines to find out USDINR Live […]

IV-Jempol Metatrader Indicators Free Download

There is a saying of Warren Buffett “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Though he highlighted the stock market, this saying is applicable in all segments of a market. Mainly, a market is a platform where everyone comes with a winning mindset. Therefore, those who control their […]

Trade Flasher – Buy, Sell, Stop Loss, Target On Screen

Trade Flasher Trading System For MT4 is a volatility based indicator trading system that uses a precision trading algorithm to provide precise entry and exit points. Entries and exits are coded wisely with the logic of active trading on trending markets and sitting in sidelines on choppy markets markets. This trading system has been designed […]

How To Add MT4 Indicators And Templates In Metatrader 4

How to install MT4 indicators and templates on old versions of MT4 Do NOT try and open the indicators! Download (right click and “save as”) or copy paste all the .ex4 files to the following directory: \MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators, where “Metatrader” is the name of the Company through which you have arranged the demo or real […]

The Murrey Math Trading System – Download FREE MT4 Indicator

What’s the Murrey Math trading system? Murrey Math is a trading system for all equities. This comprises shares, bonds, futures (index, commodities, and currencies), and options. The principle assumption in Murrey Math is that every one markets behave in the identical method (i.e. All markets are traded through a mob and therefore have identical traits.). […]

How To Do Backtesting Of A FOREX Robot Or Forex Expert Advisor (EA)?

To get an effective trading system, you need to optimize and backtest your strategy by using the MetaTrader’s Strategy Tester. Backtesting lets you simulate trading over a protracted time frame in few minutes. And with the optimize characteristic, one can find out which settings carried out very best over a particular historic chart. There may be […]

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