Top Method For Finding Stocks For Tomorrows Trade

Friends in this post I will discuss how to find stocks for tomorrows trade in the easiest way. This method does not require any charts. No technical knowledge required, no fundamental analysis is necessary. You can find blasting stocks for tomorrow’s trade within as low as 5 minutes time.

First, open our site STOCKMANIACS.NET and go to MARKET DATA –> BULK DEALS — NSE BULK DEALS. The bulk deal page updates every day after 6 PM or 7 PM so please visit this page in the evening or night only.

NSE Bulk Deals
Once you visit the page you will see the bulk deals happened the last trading day. We will only consider the bulk deals happened in the last 1 day.

Now in this page, we will only consider the bulk deals done by FIIs OR Mutual Funds. We will ignore all domestic investors OR brokers. Let us look at today’s data below:

Stocks For Tomorrows Trade


We can clearly see that Adlabs Ent stock was sold by Swiss Finance Corporation (Mauritius) Limited at a price of 79.68 for 4,18,998 quantity. Remember we will consider BUY stocks for our criteria and SELL stocks will be ignored. If there are no stocks bought by FIIs OR Mutual funds we will consider that stock else no stock will be eligible for that day.

These buy stocks will be our best for tomorrow or next few days. Lets now check the exact entry-exit conditions:
Enter next trading day at the open price OR close to the bulk deal price.
Keep a stop loss in fixed percentage (say 2.5%)
Keep a target in fixed percentage (say 5%-10%)
The trade is valid only for next day OR next few days

You can try this technique in live trades from now on. If you have any questions regarding this trade setup do not hesitate to comment your question below the post. Therefore, these are the Top Method For Finding Stocks For Tomorrows Trade.

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  1. Hi,

    Your articles always helpful.

    In above example we will ignore the SELL one, so which we need to buy for next day?


  2. Hi Sir I have a doubt in above deals some stocks has been repeated twice in that one stock is given as buy and one stock is given as sell (both are same stock). How to trade those stocks. Please reply

  3. Thank you sir!!.

    If net buy quantity is more than sell quantity we can choose that stock right sir??

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