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StockEdge Review

India’s one of the best analytic and research platforms is StockEdge. We are going to discuss StockEdge- Web and Mobile app, StockEdge Review, Features, and premium plan through this writing. The website primarily focuses on the equity stock market. The National Stock Exchange or NSE as well as Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE is the base of these equity stocks. StockEdge website provides end-of-the-day analysis which helps traders and investors to make better trading decisions. As the website helps them to understand the market situation on a day-to-day basis.

FAQ about StockEdge Web

What is StockEdge all about?

StockEdge is a website that provides day-to-day information about different companies stocks. The website gives in-depth knowledge about the company’s history assets and current situation. So that a trader could understand the market wisely before investing.

How many companies’ analysis has been provided by the website?

There are more than 5000 companies listed on the website. All of these companies information is provided on the website.

Who is the founder of StockRdge?

Vivek Bajaj is the founder of the website.

In how many languages the website can function?

The website can function in three different languages Bengali, Hindi, and English.

What is StockEdge Web and Mobile App?

StockEdge provides end-of-day statistics which means every evening you shall get the notification as well as updates about that day’s stock position. The visualizations and notifications enable Indian stock market traders and investors to perform their own research and make smarter judgments. This website also encourages traders to invest in stocks for the long term. The website has 1million+ subscribers. The application is also available in the Android version and also in the iOS version.

Stockedge Web

How to Register on StockEdge?

If you want to invest in the stock market then using this website will be a good option. This website provides many options whether you invest in equities or mutual funds. If you want to open an account on the StockEdge website then you first have to click on the login then the page will open which looks something like this.

Stockedge Registration

Now, you just need to put an email id and a preferable password. Your account shall be opened. Otherwise, you can also sign in with a Google account, or Facebook credentials, or use your iOS account to open a StockEdge account. There is no need to put in any kind of password if you are opening an account using iOS, Google, or Facebook.

Stockedge Premium

As you can see here your account has successfully opened. That is why Login has changed to My Profile and the logout option has also appeared.

Features of StockEdge Web

The website provides so many features to its customers. It does not matter if they want to do intraday trading or swing trading or investment. The features will help you in every aspect. In the following, we have discussed the features elaborately. There are five options which are Equities, Mutual funds, My StockEdge, Learn, and More option. Each of these options provided many features under them.

1# Equities

As soon as you open the Equities option, there you will see so two parts one is i) Explore, and ii) Analytics.

StockEdge Web and Mobile App
Explore Section in Equities

In the explore section, you will see four more icons available there. These are

  1. Daily update
  2. FII/DII Activity
  3. Indices
  4. Deal
Stockedge Web
Daily Updates

You can check for daily updates and news just in seconds here. You will have a lot of information about FII and DII activities. The company’s future actions and results are also updated. As a result, all of these facts, and much more, are at your fingertips with just one click. It also includes information on bulk, block, and insider deals, as well as the names of investors who took part in these transactions. The website updates every day at 7 p.m. The Investor part of the app also contains information on which HNI investors have purchased what in the recent past.

StockEdge Website and Mobile App

This part will always keep you updated about the company’s current market situation because it always gives you updated news, forthcoming, indices, and so on.

FII/DII Activity

If any foreign company, individual, or firm invests in the Indian stock market that regards as FII. They usually invest in mutual funds, hedge funds, commercial banks, etc. On the other hand, the DII is the domestic (Indian) institutional investors who invest in Indian mutual funds, pension systems, banks, etc. There are also various options under each of the activity icons to choose from.


This icon helps to find out the perfectly priced stocks. It serves as a benchmark to calculate the performance of stocks that are listed in the BSE/NSE. Nifty and Sensex are the two famous indices of India. All the nifty share’s current situation is clearly presented by the indices icon.


If the company is making any kind of deal with the government or any foreign company which includes a big amount of dealing that comes under the deal icon.

Analytics Section in Equities

The analytics options provide four more icons. Those are:

  1. Scans
  2. Investment Idea
  3. Investor Portfolios
  4. Strategies

In these, the scan icon is the most used one. That is why I am discussing the scan icon deeply in the following.

Stockedge Premium Scanning Service

If you want a better version of the feature just subscribe for their StockEdge Premium version.

If you take the StockEdge Premium plan you will get more informative calls and their premium services. There are seven scanners to choose from which you can see in the following.

Stockedge Web's Scanners
Price Scans

As soon as you click on the price scan, you will find various options have arrived on the screen. Just like the picture, I have given below. You can see different market’s informative data there.

First, choose what scanner you want to use. Then click on the dropdown arrow. You will see another page has opened which will provide you the service you want from that specific option. They change this chart on a daily basis, so if you want to do a follow-up regularly there shall be no problem for you.

Stockedge Premium Price Scan

Suppose you want to use any of the price scan screeners but do not know how to use them. The website will help you to learn about that scanner and also how to use it. The i-button or info option will help you to learn that scanner easily. Click on the i-button then some questions will arrive with their answer. Now just read and learn.

Volume and Delivery Scans

This scanner will help you find stocks that have high volume and high delivery percentages in the share market. This is an algo-generated scanner that scans all the NSE and BSE stocks and selects those stocks that give high volume and high delivery percentages. Not only the daily you can also use this scanner to filter out the stocks on a weekly and monthly basis as well.

Stockedge Web Volume and Delivery Scan

Click on the dropdown arrow and you will find the option has arrived. Now just simply click any of them according to your preferences and the best stock of daily, weekly, or monthly time period of volume and delivery scanned will be presented on the screen.

Stockedge Web Volume and Delivery Scan
There is a blue box that indicates the right place to click.

If you still have issues understanding the function of this scanner or want to have a clear view of this scanner. Therefore, you can simply click on the i-button and gain knowledge about it.

Technical Scans

This section helps the traders by doing the stock analysis through technical scanners using moving averages such as SMA, EMA or CCI, RSI, MFI, etc. These scanners actually narrow down the stocks for better investment purposes.

Technical Scan

As soon as you click on the drop-down arrow the abbreviation of the scanners gets an elaboration. As you click on the SMC or simple moving average, it will show all those stocks which have recently made the moving average crossovers such as the golden cross or death cross.

Learning Option

If you want to know more about these options then just click on the i-button which I have marked by yellow color. You can also learn about these options and how to use these technical scanners to find ideal stocks.

Fundamental Scans

Fundamental analysis determines the intrinsic value of a security by looking at linked economic and financial elements. It takes a look at everything that can influence the value of a security, from macroeconomic issues like the state of the economy and industry circumstances to microeconomic elements like the company’s management effectiveness.

Fundamental Scan Option

As you can see here the website has provided several options such as P/L, T/O, SLV, etc. If you click individually on these options You will see the best stocks of these options. You can also learn about these options and can simply know how to apply them by clicking on the i-button.

Futures Scans

The futures or options is a type of derivative asset that gives a trader the right to purchase or sell a futures contract at a certain price and execute on or before a certain date. Futures options are divided into two categories: call and put options. Futures options are typically traded with the stock broker-dealer in a separate futures account.

Future Scan Option in StockEdge

The future option provides us with special screener scans such as an open interest scan, long position scan, and short position scan. These scans will help us further to find the most profitable stocks in the share market.

Options Scans

You can scan through the index or stock options. It is a very useful scan.

Options Scanner

You can simply click on the i-button to gather more information and learn how to use this scanner on this website. They give you two scanners in this option such as index option scans and stock option scans.

Candlestick Scans

The website also provides candlestick charts. To check the candlestick chart patterns of any stocks you can choose from the option given by the website under the Candlestick scan. The website provides the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and many more charts of that specific stock you are searching for.

Candlestick Scanner

Suppose you do not know how to check a chart you can simply click any of the given scans and search for it. Let us take the very first scanner which is a Bullish idea scan, now place any listed company’s name in the search bar and click. If that stock went through a bullish signal that day, it will show there. In such a manner, you can search any of the stocks from the following scans under the Candlestick scan.

Other Features in the Analytics Section

Investment Idea

In this icon, you will find so many profitable stocks to invest in. It is an organized way to study stocks. It shows only the profitable stocks it can be owned by the government and non-government authorities as well. As soon as you open this icon you will see all the information regarding that topic that will be presented there.

Investor Portfolios

Through this icon, the traders are allowed to see all the investor’s situations in the present market. A portfolio presents those stocks which are profitable for you as an investor or trader to put your money in.


The website provides so many strategies to choose from for traders. It is the first option, “one-day bullish chart”, you will find each of those stocks that have faced a bullish situation on that day at the stock market.

2# Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a collection of money put together by a large number of people (or investors) with a common investment goal. A professional fund manager handles this investment by investing in various policies such as equities, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other securities. This website will help you to find out the best mutual funds available on the stock market.

Mutual Funds Section
The Explore Section in Mutual Fund

If you want to invest in mutual funds this website is still useful for you as well. The explore option under Mutual Funds provides so many useful scanners to choose from. The icons shall help you to find out the right investment according to your preferences. Those icons are

  1. AMC
  2. Classes
  3. Schemes
  4. NFO
  5. RGESS, and so on

You can learn about each of the icons just by clicking on the info icon given with each of the icons. Not only that if you still do not understand it after reading, but you can also simply check the Youtube link given in that section to understand it better.

Analytics Section of Mutual Fund

In the analytics option under Mutual Funds, the website provides only two scanner icons. The icons are MF Investment Themes and AMU Analysis. Both of the icons are very important for an investor who wants to calculate a mutual fund’s present situation.

If you do not know how to use it or why should it be used in finding the mutual fund you can simply use their Youtube link on click on the i-button to read about the icons and their use.

If you take their premium version of StockEdge web they will provide you with more features under this option.

3# My StockEdge Feature of StockEdge Web

My StockEdge is the best option given by the website according to me. Because it will help the customer without judging whether he is an investor or a trader. If the customer wants he can customize the section by selecting their favorite stocks. As soon as you open the tab you will find a search bar in which you will write any of the listed company’s stock names and the stocks’ all info will be presented by the website.

My Watchlists Option under My StockEdge
Stockedge Web and Mobile App

In the “My Data” option there are several scanners to choose from, you just need to put the right stock at the right scanner to get the best results possible. You can customize your single scanner or multi-scanners on a single stock. You can simply choose it from my scans and my combo scans.

Stockedge Web and Mobile App

There are some scanners such as my MF notes, My general notes which are provided there but those are chargeable. It will only unlock when you take the subscription plan of the website.

Though it is a customizable web page still you might face some issues using those features during analyzing or trading that is why I will highly recommend you to take their StockEdge premium plan.

4# Learn Features of StockEdge Web

StockEdge Web

Learn option from the StockEdge web provides seven different themes to choose from. Those seven things will help you understand the scanners and websites more clearly. If you click on any of the seven items there will be more tabs open under it on the screen of your pc. The website design is just like onion layers under layers.

StockEdge Web

As you can see in the above picture I have clicked on the 1st tab and several learning options have opened. They provide each piece of information by writing and also in video form. In English as well as in the Hindi language. You just now choose your preferred language.

5# More Features of StockEdge Web or Mobile App

In the more section, the web page gives setting-related options such as

More Features

Here are three languages to choose from that are Bengali, English, and Hindi.


Here you can choose the colour of your screen from dark, light, and auto.

Font Size

This part will help you to choose the font size it can be small, standard, or big.

There are other options also such as support and follow on various social media and policies.

Charges of Premium Version of Stockedge Web or Mobile App

The website is free to use but they also have a premium version too. This StockEdge Premium version will help you to analyze any stock more precisely. Though you do not need to pay a single penny to use or register or login to the StockEdge web or mobile app. But their premium web plan will cost you from 400 to 3000 per month approximately. There are different plans to choose from, such as-

StockEdge Premium Plan

Monthly Plan

In the monthly StockEdge premium plan, you just need to pay 399 for one month or 30 days. As you subscribe to this plan the website will provide features according to your need. They will customize the StockEdge premium plan according to your need not only that they also provide you daily evening calls to guide you through the right path of profitable stocks.

Quarterly Plan

If you subscribe to the quarterly plan then you have to pay 999 rupees to get the subscription for a quarter part of the year which means 3 months. The features will be the same as I previously told you in the monthly subscription part, but the only change is you will get that for 3 months. As I have told you before the special features will be the same.

Annual Plan

The special features will last for one year if you take the annual premium plan. The plan will cost you 2999 rupees. If you take the annual plan you will still get the same feature just like the monthly premium plan but the time limit of the plan only increases.

Suppose you do not want to take the annual plan then just simply take the monthly one. If the service really benefits you then you can take the StockEdge Premium plan subscription for one year or quarterly.

Review of StockEdge Web and StockEdge Premium

As we have gone through all the features of the StockEdge web and we also saw their StockEdge premium plan it is quite clear that the website provides a very good feature in one place. The web page can be used by investors as well as traders. It not only focuses on a single panel of people the website can be used by everyone. The interface is very easy to understand not only that if you are a professional trader or investor you can take their premium plan and use their extra services to get a better trading experience. According to me, it is a one-stop destination.


After such a long description one thing is clear it is a one-stop destination for stockholders whether he is an investors or a trader. This one StockEdge web or mobile app covers the equity market and the mutual fund sector both in a very beautiful manner. The website will help you to find the best mutual funds company to invest in as well as the best equity shares which will give you more and more profits. If you do not know about each of the options on this website then there is a learning option attached to each of the actions either in description form or learning form.

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