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NSE Bulk Deals

We have already discussed what are bulk deals at our BSE Bulk Deals page. A retail trader is not supposed to disclose whatever he buys or sells on day to day basis to SEBI. But if anyone have to have a deal of significant quantum he needs to disclose the same to the exchange and SEBI. Any such deals happenning in NSE is called NSE Bulk Deals.

28-Oct-2020Just DialXTX MARKETS LLPSell429068670.93677.45
28-Oct-2020Just DialXTX MARKETS LLPBuy429813669.93677.45
28-Oct-2020Siti NetworksRATTANINDIA FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITEDSell60701560.70.7
28-Oct-2020Tera SoftwareANKUR JAINSell18393533.433.6
28-Oct-2020Tera SoftwareANKUR JAINBuy18393533.1133.6
28-Oct-2020Tera SoftwareSHIVAM OMARSell8977633.5633.6
28-Oct-2020Tera SoftwareSHIVAM OMARBuy8254233.7133.6
28-Oct-2020Tera SoftwareJAMSHANG ABHESHANGBHAI CHAVDABuy10000033.6633.6
28-Oct-2020Uravi T and WedSAJANKUMAR RAMESHWARLAL BAJAJSell105600107.72109.4
28-Oct-2020Uravi T and WedARYAMAN CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITEDBuy45600105.5109.4
28-Oct-2020Uravi T and WedARYAMAN CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITEDSell30000109.4109.4
28-Oct-2020Uravi T and WedSHREEJI TRANSPORT SERVICES PVT.LTD.Buy90000109.4109.4
28-Oct-2020Vikas MultiLTS INVESTMENT FUND LTDBuy34000007.657.35

As discussed in my site we can use NSE Bulk Deals to spot stocks that can gain in next few sessions. Read THIS POST to know more. You can also track where big investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is investing using bulk deals data.