Niveza Review: Services, Overview, Trial, Pricing

Niveza Review

Niveza India Private Limited is an advisory and financial technology firm. This company has proven experience in providing one of the best-performing stock picks backed by best-in-industry service and a money-back guarantee. Here, in this context, the focus points will be on Niveza review, services, overview, pricing, etc. The Niveza review is also important to analyze the site in a proper way.

What is Niveza?

In the Niveza review, let’s talk about Niveza Advisory which is one of the best broking advisories in the country. This company is a market research and advisory company which is based in Pune. Niveza is well known and has a prominent place in the stock market. This advisory firm is registered with SEBI. This company has a team of experienced and skilled professionals who know the market and its trends. The clients of this firm have the option of studying the complete data of the stocks that are fit for trading and the investors who have invested in them.

Niveza India multibagger 360 known as the M360 stock picks product is based on value investing and long-term investing principles followed by Warren Buffett and Rakesh Jhujhunwala. This company also provides a shorter duration version of the multibagger product i.e. V360 stock picks which allows clients to consistently grow client’s capital by exiting positions in 3-6 months when they get fairly valued and re-investing in other undervalued stocks.

Details of the Company Niveza India Private Limited

Niveza India Private Limited is a Private Company that started its operations on 12 September 2012. This company mainly is classified as a Non-Govt company. Niveza India Private Limited’s authorized share capital is Rs.2,500,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs.2,500,000. This company is involved in Business activities n.e.c. Niveza India Private Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 29th September 2018 and as per records from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31st March 2018.


  • Valmiki Bhagawanrao Kedar is one of the directors of this company.
  • Praveen Bhagwan Kedar is another Director of the company.
  • Sayali Valmik Kedar is a Director of the company.

Executive Management Team

  • Praveen Kedar is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of this company. He has 25-plus years of experience in technology and management with the last 20-plus in the United States. Praveen became interested in equity markets 15 years ago and soon realized a huge challenge in finding a reliable equity adviser especially only in generating high brokerage at the expense of clients.
  • Sayali Belgaonkar is the COO and Director of this company. She has 12-plus years of experience in business & technology management. Sayali handles overall operations in India for the last 7-plus years with a focus on sales strategy and technological development. She has 5 plus years of boilerplate experience in the financial service industry before joining Niveza. Sayali gained valuable experience in the Business Process Re-engineering group while working at a leading private sector bank in India. Sayali is mainly a go-getter and is always focused on advancing the cause of subscribers, employees, and overall business.

Senior Research Team

  • Swaroop Panda is the Lead Equity Research Analyst of this company.
  • Mrunal Mantri is the Lead Equity Strategist of the company.
  • Rashmi Wankhede is the Sr. Equity Research Analyst of this company.
  • Rohan Takalkar is another Sr. Equity Research Analyst of the company.
  • Akash Peddulwar is one of the Sr. Equity Research Analysts of this company.
  • Nikhil Desai is the Content Management and Editor of the company.

Contact Details

Niveza India

Office 13-14, Ruturang AB,
Araanyeshwar Marg, Satara Road,
Ruturang Ab, Pune-411009,
Maharashtra, India.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 860 120 0671

Registered Address

Off No A 203 1st Flr Teerth Tschnospace
Sr No 103 Mumbai Bangalore Highway
Next to the Mercedes Benz Showroom
Baner, Pune – 411052
Maharashtra, India.

Niveza Review

The Review of Stock Tips and Stock Recommendations by Niveza

The firm of Niveza provides the following types of recommendations –

  • The Advisory Firm will guide the clients and members on the amount of investment to be made in the stock market.
  • The Advisory Company will advise on the market-related risks and how to avoid them.
  • The firm will recommend and make a list of the stocks that will earn higher returns.

Niveza Advisory Services

In the Niveza review, let’s discuss Niveza advisory services. It is one of the most important parts of the Niveza review. The firm provides the following services-

Short-Term Stock Picks

The firm’s research team identifies undervalued industries and corresponding stocks. Post this, they perform a detailed analysis of the balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements of the last 5 years to get a vibe of the stock situation. Post a few discussions with company management, the firm claims to produce financial estimations for the next two years. The research team continues to monitor these stocks for judging the right time to enter into these fundamentally strong stocks.

Under this service, the clients get 2 to 3 recommendations per month with a total of 30 recommendations for the whole year. The holding period of these stocks is generally between 1 to 3 months. Recommendations and tips are provided through Email and SMS.

Multi-Bagger Stock Picks

The multi-bagger stock tips Niveza provided under this service are relatively for a longer duration investment. The process of research and stock picking is more or less the same as in the case of short-term stock picks, however, the parameters and metrics observed in this research are certainly different.

Under this service, users are provided 1 recommendation every month with a total of 12 recommendations for the whole year. The holding period, in this case, is around 1 year to 1.5 years with notifications provided through Email and SMS channels.

Premium Combo Stock Picks

If clients are looking for both short and long-term investments, then Niveza offers this particular service where the client can avail tips and recommendations of both short-term and multi-bagger types.

Overall pricing is certainly discounted and clients should adhere to the recommendations along with their respective holding periods.

Personalized Research Service

This service is for High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) with a capital investment of Rs 25 Lakh or more. Here the trades are placed by the Niveza research team itself and the clients are provided with an estimate of return percentage along with a timeline.

Since clients using this particular service deal in large capital amounts, thus the service quality and personalization offered by the research firm are relatively better as well. Even the pricing of this particular service will be available after a discussion with the client, overall capital value, risk appetite, etc.

The Review of the Pricing of Niveza

As far as the pricing of the above-mentioned services is concerned, the firm offers plans at different time period levels. Here are the details:

Short-Term Stock Picks

Under this service, the clients have the option to either go ahead with a yearly plan where the client is provided 30 picks in that duration. Otherwise, if the client wants to test the advisory firm on its promise of service and accuracy, then the client can pick the starter pack in which the client gets stock tips for a period of around 2-3 months.

Short-Term Stock Picks

Multibagger Stock Picks

In this long-term investment plan, there are multiple options based on the commitment the client can make with the advisory firm. Niveza India Private Limited, however, feels that the pricing under this plan does not make much sense. If a client is ready to make a long-term commitment to the advisory firm, then he or she must get some incentive in terms of a discount price for a longer-duration plan. Under these plans, the prices are just multiplied by the number of years a client is looking to commit.

Multibagger Stock Picks

Nonetheless, there are four options under this plan of 1, 3, 5, and 10 years respectively.

Premium Combo Stock Picks

If clients are looking to use both short-term picks and multi-bagger, then there is a combo plan. The client can subscribe to this plan at a discount rate of Rs 22,948 which seems pretty reasonable looking at the industry benchmarks.

Premium Combo Stock Picks

Niveza Advisory Subscription Fees

  • Short-Term Stock Picks – This service is available at Rs 17459 for 12 calls yearly.
  • Multibagger plan – This service is available at Rs 15299 for 12 calls yearly.
  • Premium Combo Stock Picks – This service is available at Rs 45897 for 36 calls in 3 years.

Now, let’s talk about some positives and negatives of using the services of Niveza Research.

Niveza Advisory Pros and Cons

In the Niveza review, some of the advantages and disadvantages faced by the clients are as follows-


  • The plans and services provided by the company are reasonable and according to the market standards.
  • If the company fails to show its best performance, then the client has the option of free renewal.
  • The firm has good customer support service.


  • The company offers a limited number of plans.
  • The firm does not provide any services in respect of intraday trading.

Niveza Advisory Review

It is the last part of the Niveza review. This Pune-based firm provides a lot of services in different segments of the stock market. The best part of the company is that it provides users with a list of the stocks that are fit for investment.

The clients get complete and detailed information about the market and the stocks that are to be traded. It provides full data of the listed investors for the new clients and members.

The Mission of Niveza India Private Limited

  • Niveza India Private Limited promotes investing strategies that create sustainable capital growth so everyone has a chance to create wealth and benefit from India’s economic success.
  • Educate investors of Niveza India Private Limited about capital destruction caused by ultra short-term trading which is including Intraday, BTST or STBT, etc, and highly leveraged trading which is including F&O, Forex, etc, promoted by brokers and tips providers who are in it for themselves.


In conclusion, Niveza is a great investment option for those seeking to manage their money smarter and increase their returns on investments. With its comprehensive and user-friendly platform, the company offers unique features that give users multiple opportunities for increasing asset value in different markets. In addition, as one of the top players in the industry, it continually strives to provide high-quality services and valuable insights into financial management. Therefore, if you’re looking for an innovative way to better your finances; try out Niveza now!

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