How To Use Advanced GET Real Time For Intraday Trading?

Advanced Get Real Time

As a newcomer in the Indian stock market, navigating the complex world of trading can be challenging. One of the tools that can help you make informed trading decisions is advanced get real-time software. In this blog post, we will discuss the features, benefits, and value proposition of advanced get software and compare it with other free technical analysis software available in the market. We will also touch upon the risks and ethical concerns of downloading advanced get software for free or using a crack.

What is Advanced Get Real-Time Software?

Advanced get real-time software is a tool that enables traders to analyze the stock market using various technical indicators and chart patterns. This software is invented by Joseph Tom and is now sold by eSignal. This software uses advanced algorithms to analyze market trends and identify potential trading opportunities. The software provides real-time data and alerts, allowing traders to make informed decisions quickly. Think of it as your trading assistant that helps you to stay ahead of the game.

This software does an excellent job of identifying Elliott Wave counts. When combined with studies such as the Profit Taking Index, Wave Four Channels, Trend Channels, etc., a very effective Mechanical trading strategy is available to GET users.

This Mechanical strategy focuses mainly on:
a) Trading the Wave Four to Wave Five segment in Type One Trades.
b) Trading the end of Wave Five in Type Two Trades.

Advanced Get Software Options: Real-Time and EOD

There are various advanced get software options available in the market, real-time and end-of-day. Each software has its own set of features, price range, and usability. The real-time version, for example, is a popular choice among traders due to its comprehensive set of technical analysis tools. The end-of-day version, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface and affordability.

In India, we can use Advanced Get real-time or Advanced Get RT software very effectively for trading intraday in NSE or MCX. We recommend using data from Global Datafeeds with the Advanced Get RT 9 version. You can use 5 or 15-minute charts for effective trading intraday.

USP of Advanced Get Software

For intraday trading with Advanced Get RT software, my favorite tool is XTL. Using XTL we can catch the major market moves in intraday in NSE or MCX.

Although we’ve been quite successful thus far, there’s still a gap in our trading strategy that needs addressing. Specifically, we’re missing a Mechanical approach to capitalize on the significant Wave Three movements that occur in the market. Up to this point, we’ve managed this by engaging in Type Two Trades that are initiated at the conclusion of Wave Five and then holding out for Wave Three to take shape. Nevertheless, we’ve received countless requests from our users to develop a methodology that enables early entry into Wave Three swings.

advanced get xtl
Advanced Get XTL

The creator of Advanced Get, Tom Joseph dedicated research exclusively to finding a reasonable solution to identify Wave Three swings at its early stages. The result is XTL – eXpert Trend Locator.

Free Technical Analysis Software

Apart from advanced get software, there are also various free technical analysis software options available in the market. These software options are suitable for traders who are just starting and are looking for a cost-effective way to analyze the stock market. Some of the popular free technical analysis software options include Zerodha Kite, TradingView, AmiBroker, and NeoStox, a virtual trading platform.

Advanced Get Trading Software: Price and Value

The price range of advanced get trading software varies depending on the software and the level of features it offers. As per the current rate, the EOD version starts from $416 a month. The software’s pricing can be affected by factors such as the software’s popularity, the level of technical analysis tools it offers, and its reliability. Despite the price range, advanced get software offers traders significant value. The software’s real-time data and analysis help traders to make informed decisions, potentially leading to greater profits.

Advanced Get Software: Is it worth the Price?

While advanced get software can be costly like Metastock, the value it offers can make it a worthwhile investment. The software’s comprehensive technical analysis tools and real-time data and alerts help traders to make informed decisions quickly. The software’s price range may seem high, but it can be justified by the potential profits that traders can make using the software. However, traders should also consider their budget and trading strategy before investing in advanced get software.

Advanced Get Real-Time Software: Free Download and Crack

Downloading advanced get software for free or using a crack can lead to various risks and ethical concerns. Using pirated software can lead to legal and security implications. Moreover, using pirated software does not support the software developers who have invested time and money into developing the software. Instead of using pirated software, traders should consider using free technical analysis software options or investing in the official version of advanced get software.


In conclusion, advanced get real-time software can be a valuable tool for traders looking to analyze the forex and stock market using technical analysis tools. The software’s features, benefits, and price range make it a worthwhile investment for traders who are serious about making profits. However, traders should also consider their budget and trading strategy before investing in advanced get software. As a newcomer in the Indian stock market, it is important to use tools that can help you to make informed decisions and avoid share bazaar frauds. So, take the time to research and find the software that works best for you.

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