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3 Ways to Keep Safe When Investing in Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new phenomenon, and with such a new investment comes an element of risk. Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have risen and fallen – much like other investments on the stock market. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple can either make you a lot of money or lose you a lot of money. This depends on the time that you sell them and how the market is valuing these currencies. If you’ve recently acquired a sum of money, or you’re looking to invest the money that you’ve been saving for years without much return, cryptocurrencies could be the key investment that you make to fund your future. Time it right, and you could find yourself in luck. You can make a lot of money that is available to you instantly.

However, given the volatile nature of such an investment, you should make sure that you are placing your money in the hands of a secure website dealing in cryptocurrency. As well as taking into account whether or not the cryptocurrency website you are using is legitimate, and not a fraudulent website taking advantage of the newest money-making techniques, there are several other factors you should consider.

We’ve explained three of these ways in detail here. They are listed below so that you can keep safe when investing in cryptocurrencies online. This will ensure that you keep your money as secure as possible and maximize the chances of your investment being a worthwhile investment for the future!

Spread Your Investment

The safest way to minimize the risk of losing money on your investment is to use a variety of different cryptocurrencies. This will ensure, if one depreciates in value, you are bound to secure a profit on another. Not only will spreading your money across a variety of different cryptocurrencies diversify your investment, but you could eventually benefit from using different companies as they may offer you ‘loyalty’ benefits and offers. In the future, should these offers be attractive enough for you to consider placing all your money into one cryptocurrency, you will have had an insight and experience into the other cryptocurrencies on the market which will help to better inform you when making your decision.

Storing Your Cryptocurrencies Password and Keys

Your investment will require you to have a password. Apart from this, there are several important things that you need to consider when deciding which password to use. A password that you will remember – and where to store this password. Firstly, you should avoid simple passwords. Such as complete words that don’t contain any numerical values, symbols, or upper-case and lower-case letters. Although these passwords won’t be as easy to remember as the simple passwords that you use on a daily basis for Facebook. But the chances are that they will be difficult to work out for hackers, and this makes your investments safer.

Whilst it is common for other websites to suggest that you create a password-based upon your personal information, such as a pet name or your mother’s maiden name, we do not recommend these suggestions for your investment passwords. Once you have worked out a complex password, you can make your account extra-secure by using a two-factor authorization method. This means that you either input a second password, or you can use verification software. This software will email and send a code to you. In this way, you can verify that you are the one accessing the account.

The Benefit of double sign-in procedure in Cryptocurrencies

The benefit of this double sign-in procedure is that it can be geo-tracked too. So you get a notification if someone tries to access your account from somewhere unusual or by an unfamiliar device. By being notified before the hacker can sign in using the second sign-in procedure, you can intervene and contact the security helpline of the company where you have invested. Thus you can prevent the hacker from gaining total access to your account.

Given that the sign-in process and the passwords are complex, think about writing down your password. So you don’t need to request to change your password on a regular basis. This will make it more likely that your account is kept safe, rather than having to switch between passwords. You also need not share confidential information with the company’s helpline on a regular basis.

Additionally, just as you attempt to keep your password safe online, keeping your cryptocurrency password in a safe place at home is essential to prevent your account from being hacked. Think about writing this down on a physical piece of paper, rather than in your computer storage. Hence you can minimize a hacker’s access to your investment should they get into your computer system. However, we recommend that you back up your private cryptocurrency keys in a hardware wallet. Also, back them up on an external hard drive and in the cloud. In this way, you have the cryptocurrency keys stored elsewhere if one service fails or is destroyed.

Check Reviews and Advice from Others

There are numerous cryptocurrency guides online that feature reviews from experienced traders and investors. So you can be sure the website you are using is not a scam. This research will also help you to gain an idea of the market and stock trends for cryptocurrencies. This will also ensure that you choose the right one for you. By taking the advice of others, you can make sure that you are placing your money within tried and tested companies dealing in cryptocurrencies. You must follow this even if you are using cryptocurrencies as a currency to bet via sites like Bitcoingg Online.

Thus you will have a better idea of what to expect with your investment. You could also find out vital information that you won’t find anywhere else other than from other investors. The key to keeping safe online when investing in cryptocurrencies is to do your research into the companies beforehand. You must also keep your computer up to date on its security software so that it can detect any scams or viruses for you! There is no reason to be wary of money-making investments online. This is valid as long as you are sure that the place you are investing money into is not a scam.

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