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Coinbase Review, Login, Wallet & Coinbase Pro

coinbase review, login, wallet

Coinbase is popularly known as an international crypto coin trading platform. You can receive or store any kind of bitcoin(BTC), OR any other crypto coins there. Coinbase is a growing cryptocurrency exchange in India. As there are so many cryptocurrency exchanges existence in the Indian crypto market, that is the reason why Coinbase is taking time to flourish. In this blog, we shall take a look at how to open an account in Coinbase or Coinbase login process. Not only that we shall also discuss Coinbase review, wallet, and the very popular Coinbase Pro.

FAQ about Coinbase Exchange

When was 1st Coinbase established and who are the founders?

Coinbase was 1st established by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. In the year 2012, it started its journey in the USA. In the initial state, the Coinbase exchange was not that famous. As they start growing their customer base they become famous among their customers.

When was Coinbase 1st introduced in India?

Being a USA-based exchange Coinbase extended their branch in India as well. It was first introduced in India a few years back through the Internet. But they are hiring employees to extend their business in India.

Why is Coinbase customer service bad according to the users?

Coinbase users often say that the company initially helps them but after some time they become ignorant about their uses. Not only that some times the clients also report that their account has been hacked or drained of funds. When CNBC investigated all these facts they found many customers has lodge complaints against them.

Did Coinbase resolve the problems with customer service?

Coinbase was keen to resolve their problems as they were dragged to the court. After that, the exchange assured that they will take action on such crimes and make more strong security and support system for the betterment of their clients. So that such problem does not occur in near future.

Is Coinbase safe for trading?

According to “Roman Faithfull” (a professional cyber threat intelligence analyst with Digital Shadows) the company is focusing on digital risk prevention. Coinbase is safe to use. You can trust them the way you trust any other crypto exchange.

Coinbase History

Coinbase has firmly established itself as the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, it was established on 20th June 2012. The headquarter of Coinbase is in USA California. Soon it started its journey in cryptocurrency exchange in India also. The Coinbase bitcoin exchange was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. It now provides investors with so many services that it is extremely popular among bitcoin traders. As a result, Bitcoin traders are eager to invest through the Coinbase platform. This exchange offers a variety of services, such as cryptocurrency investing, an advanced trading platform, institutional custodial accounts for investors and normal traders, and so on.

Coinbase Login Process

This link will directly take you to the Coinbase exchange, from there you can do the Coinbase login process.

Coinbase Exchange

Click here to visit Coinbase the website

Coinbase login process for new account opening

If you want to login in then use the above link which will directly take you to the website. After that, there will two options in your left-hand corner from which you have to choose.

i) New account opening process

As I am explaining the process of new account opening to you. That is why I have selected the “Get started” option.

coinbase login 1st step

After clicking on that a new page will appear on your screen which will look something like the image I have presented you in the following,

Coinbase login 2nd step
  • As you can see the exchange is asking for your basic details such as your full name email id.
  • Then you have to set a password, be careful as you have rememper it.
  • After that tick the square box.
  • Now click on “Create account”.
  • The website now send you an email to that email address that has given by you.

You will see the website is asking for verification. Click on “verify email address”. The website will take a few moments then it will open your new account in Coinbase exchange. But the process is still not complete by this time, as you have to go through the remaining two steps to complete the whole process. As without doing the whole process, the exchange will not allow you to do trading.

ii) Secure your account

As I have previously mentioned that Coinbase has some serious issues regarding security. That is also a reason that they make such verification steps mandatory. This step is mandatory for every person who intended to open an account in Coinbase. This process will take just a minute to complete as it contains only two steps to do.

The website will ask for your mobile number as they will send you an OTP to that mobile number. Suppose any spam person tries to invade your account the website will send you an OTP. That means someone is trying to log in without your permission. In such a situation, the exchange will send you an alert about the fact and you can take necessary action regarding it. This is a vital step because if you won’t complete it the exchange won’t allow you to do trading.

  • After putting the mobile number in the second place an OTP will be provided to your phone number.
  • Then write that number to the code section.
  • Now your mobile number will be verified as soon you click on continue.
  • You will see your account is ready by this time. But to be more precise I would suggest you do the next process that is “Account levels”.

iii) Account levels

This is the third step of the Coinbase account opening process. At this third step, The website will be asking for your details, such as name, address in details, and some other vital info. Then in the next step, they will ask you for your id verification for that you can use your pan card, passport, Aadhar number, etc. As soon as you verify your id the website will approve you. Now you can trade in crypto coins. You can buy or sell crypto coins, add funds to your account, and all the other things.

First, you have to complete all three processes. Only after that, the exchange will allow you for trading in cryptocurrency. After all the verification you can buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and other crypto coins.

Coinbase Login Process for Existing Account

Go to the Coinbase website then click on the Sign in. A page will appear which will ask you for an email id and password. In this section, you have to write that email id that you used previously to open an account in Coinbase exchange now write the password that you used previously. The page will look something like the image which I have attached in the following

Coinbase login

At the end tick on the small box and click on sign in. You will find the trades were in the where you left them last time.

Coinbase Website Navigation

After login to the Coinbase website, there will be some options which are Price, Learn, Individuals, Business, Developers, and Company. In the following, we shall look into these options to understand their uses


The very first option is Price. As soon as you click on it you will see the best cryptocurrency to trade in. not only that there shall be also some other option such as

Tradable: This will suggest those crypto-coins have high volume and are found to be profitable for you to trade-in.

Gainers: Suppose you want to see a summarized version of all those cryptocurrencies which are doing well in today’s market, If you simply click on the Gains option the website will show all the cryptocurrencies which have gained profit today. Even The website will present you in descending order.

Losers: In this section, you will see those crypto coins which did not perform well on that day. That means those cryptocurrencies are going through a downtrend.

Coinbase price

You can adjust this option in a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual chart. In every case, the chart will be presented in descending order so that you will understand which are the best volume holding cryptocurrency. You can also analyze which are that crypto coin which has a decent growth in them.


Click here if you want to gain basic knowledge about crypto coins, trading methods, or if you are seeking any tricks and tips to gain profit from the market. Tips & Tutorials, Crypto basics, and Market updates are the three options you will find when you click on Learn option.


This section contains much informative knowledge about the market. If you want to know anything about a specific crypto coin you will get that info under Crypto basics, If you are seeking any new market news or information then you will find that under the market updates section. The website also provides various kinds of tips and tricks to gain more profit by doing crypto trading you will get that trading-related info under Tips & Tutorials section.


In this section, you will see your personalized trading info such as

  • The cryptos you are trading in will be shown in the Buy and sell section.
  • In the Earn section you will see how you earn crypto by following few steps.
  • Wallet in which you can change your crypto to INR and vice-versa. You can keep your cryptos here.
Coinbase individual

Card, Borrow, Private Clients are some of the other sections under the individual option.


You will see some business-related stuff here about custody, getting crypto from another person, etc are very important that is why it lies under the Business section.



Suppose you want to develop your crypto-related app and earn money out of it then that position is considered as a developer. In this section, the website discussed buying, selling, or holding cryptocurrencies. Not only that you will also see how you can manage your crypto and also how to accept crypto from someone else.



  • If tou want to know more about the company then click on About.
  • Suppose you are looking for an affiliation then click on Affiliates. All the info regarding affiliation is provided under that column.
  • If want to have a career through Coinbase web, then the website will guide you through how you can earn a living by working with the Coinbase company.
  • The blog section contains the website opinionated blogs to help you to understand crypto trading better.
  • At last we talk about Support which will help you through if you have any questions or any queries regarding trading in Coinbase exchange.

After completing the Coinbase login process this all sections will be open to use for you. Suppose you do not login to the Coinbase website still you can access this option that suggests the website is quite transparent about its services.

Coinbase Pro

It is the application form of the Coinbase website. Every cryptocurrency exchange is releasing its app in the market so that it could gain more and more users. Coinbase also has taken that strategy and put forward their new application known as Coinbase Pro. Now you do not have to carry your laptop or PC everywhere just to keep a track of your trade. Suppose you want to know about any crypto coins’ price you can simply use your android or IOS version of the Coinbase Pro app to get that info whenever and where ever you want.

If you do not have any previous experience in the crypto market then Coinbase Pro will guide you through all the steps. You will learn how to bid and how to do all the trading-related things. Now you do not need a laptop or PC for crypto trading you can easily do that by simply using your phone’s Coinbase Pro app.

Coinbase Pro Account Opening Process

To do crypto trading through the mobile phone just open an account. This process is for those who do not have an account in the Coinbase exchange. The steps are the same as the normal account opening process in the Coinbase exchange. The steps are in the following

  • Download Coinbase Pro app from the Apple store or Google Play store.
  • Now sign in by your email id and name,
  • If you have not to open an account in Coinbase then you can also create an account through Coinbase Pro app. The process is the same as the website.

Coinbase Pro Features

  • It is a very useful app. That is why it is getting popularity among its customer. Because the interface of this app is very easy to understand. Coinbase Pro has the best interface for professional traders as well as the new investors of cryptocurrency exchange.
  • They have the option to place multiple orders at a single time. Coinbase allows you to make more than one crypto trading order at a time.
  • The charges also vary among the Coinbase website and Coinbase Pro version.

Coinbase Pro Charges

Fees are calculated based on the present pricing slab you’re in when you actually place the order, not the slab you’ll be in once the trade is completed. Based on your total trading volume, your pricing slab is updated hourly.

You have been termed a taker if you place an order at a market price. As a taker, you will pay a fee of 0.04 percent to 0.50 percent on your asked price. Suppose you place an order but that isn’t immediately matched with another order. It goes into the order book. If another client submits an order that is identical to yours then you will consider as the maker. Now the charge will range from 0.00% to 0.50%.

Coinbase Pro Review

Coinbase Pro trading platform is owned and run by Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched as a part of the Coinbase exchange and shares many of the same benefits as Coinbase, such as ease of use, good security, and high liquidity. It’s geared for more seasoned retail and professional traders. It supports a variety of advanced, high-volume deals. Coinbase Pro doesn’t charge anything for bitcoin deposits or withdrawals, even though its trading costs aren’t the cheapest. All of this makes Coinbase Prime an excellent exchange for both retail and institutional traders, with the latter being able to register a specialized corporate account.

Coinbase Wallet

There are so many websites that give free bitcoins or crypto coins as a reward. But transferring that to our bank is quite a tricky job to be done. In such a scenario, we need an international exchange that will help us to change our crypto reward into INR. To solve such a problem you can easily rely on Coinbase exchange.

Coinbase wallet

Be careful while putting in your email address. That email address will help to do transactions from any non-Indian website. Because as a wallet user whenever you send your crypto amount from one to another account email address will be the 1st medium to send that through.

Features of Coinbase Wallet

  • Suppose you won any crypto coin from a USA-registered company but sometimes it became hard to claim that crypto amount. Because any Indian bank does allow crypto coin exchange into INR. So in such a situation, Coinbase wallet is going to be very helpful for you. As they allow the wallet user to change any kind of crypto coins amount into another crypto coin and you can transfer it to the wallet and later on your bank account as an INR amount. But do not forget to connect your bank account details with that account of Coinbase.
  • KYC verification: To use the above feature do not forget to verify your authentication through your Pan card, Aadhar card or use Voter ID card or Driving licence.
  • You will find all the amounts are presented USDT. To change that go to settings and change it from USDT to INR. As soon as you do that you will find all the amounts are now presented in INR version.

Pros & Cons of Coinbase Wallet

I have already discussed the key features of the Coinbase wallet. But still, I m presenting you with all the pros and cons so that you can make the decision whether you want to open an account in the wallet or not. The pros and cons are in the following

Pros of Coinbase Wallet

  • Coinbase wallet is well-funded to recover digital assets that have been lost or stolen.
  • It uses two-factor authentication to protect user control.
  • All users have access to the wallet via multi-signature.
  • The wallet is fully supported by Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The wallet includes comprehensive access control and restriction capabilities for digital financial instruments such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and stable coins.

Cons of Coinbase Wallet

  • Though they say they support every crypto. As soon as you try to store any Bitcoin the wallet will not allow you to do so. That means Coinbase wallet does not allow you to store any Bitcoins.

Coinbase review on the Advantages and Disadvantages

In the first section, I’ll review the advantages of the Coinbase exchange then I shall carry forward by the cons of Coinbase then I shall review it below. Then after looking at both the expects, we shall present you the whole Coinbase review.

Coinbase Advantages

Coinbase has a highly user-friendly UI. The Coinbase UI is incredibly user-friendly. This will make it easier for you to begin investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. Signing up for a new account or doing Coinbase login process exchange takes only a few minutes. You can now begin trading cryptocurrencies.

As soon as you complete the Coinbase login process. You will see the exchange have a tool in its learning program that allows users to learn how to trade digital currencies. In the future, the learner will apply what he or she has learned to improve their trading and trading experience. They also have a 24-hour support system that is very active in assisting customers.

Coinbase also features a function called high liquidity, which allows you to quickly convert your cryptocurrency into cash. In an already volatile market, the most liquid exchanges safeguard the investor against considerable price slippage.

Coinbase has a large selection of cryptocurrencies. The Coinbase exchange offers 45+ cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin being the most well-known and highly regarded. Bitcoin used to make any type of investment nowadays. You can also trade with them or simply stack them according to your preferences. These features of investing, trading, and stacking are available not only in bitcoins but also in 45 other digital currencies.

Coinbase Review on Advantages

Coinbase is a very potential company and I believe it is going to be better and better by the time. As they spread their roots to the USA crypto market. They provide so many features but still because of some lacks they are unable to build a large base like WazirX or Coindcx exchange. Their key features are user-friendly UI, easy to log in not only that the exchange is highly secure because of its previous situations. That means this exchange is careful about their clients and customer. They provide various types of tools to work with which are mostly liked by the professional traders as they find most wanted things under one roof. They will be a renowned exchange n the near future.

Coinbase Disadvantages

Before doing the Coinbase review on the disadvantages or cons, it is important to take a look at the cons of the Coinbase exchange has, so that we can discuss and set a review about it. Before looking into the problems doing a review can not be justified.

  • Coinbase is significantly more expensive than the other bitcoin exchanges. If you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies, you’ll notice that Coinbase is more expensive than any other well-known bitcoin exchange in India. Until you upgrade to Coinbase Pro. The charges in the Coinbase Pro version are very similar to those in the regular Coinbase.
  • If you’re a beginner, you can have a lot of coin possibilities to choose from. However, as a professional trader, the cryptocurrency basis would be insufficient.
  • When you make a trade, the digital currency is placed in your Coinbase wallet, which is managed by the exchange. This signifies that an individual has no control over his or her own property. That, in my perspective, is an unfavorable circumstance. If someone utilizes their hard wallet to make any form of payment, this will not be the case.

Coinbase Review on Disadvantages

The disadvantage of this exchange is they provide only 45 kinds of crypto coins whereas other exchanges provide more than 1000 kinds of crypto coins. So it is quite evident that when you get more options on other sides why would you come to this exchange. Not only that because of their previous court cases in the USA regarding securities many people are uncertain about this exchange. Coinbase review will be incomplete if we only discuss their good aspects and do not point out the mistake. But at last, we can say the exchange has a bright future as they are working hard on it.


Coinbase exchange is not so famous as WazirX or CoinDCX but they are taking their baby step towards success. Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and other coins are available in this exchange. It’s simple to contact assistance, and a user-friendly interface will always assist you when trading. Do the Coinbase login first or do Coinbase pro login at first. If you are a professional trader, the charts on the website will supply you with additional services. Because the chart is also highly useful for professional traders. So if you want to open an account under them you can do so as they also provide high liquidity.

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