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Scanner Zerodha Pi

Few months back Zerodha has introduced Zerodha Pi scanner in their Pi terminal. The scanner is specially helpful in getting trading alerts in live markets. Lets discuss how we can successfully use the Zerodha Pi scanner in generating real time trade alerts and make out trading semi automated.

What is the usage of a stock scanner?
A stock scanner OR screener can save a lot of time for a trader. Suppose you have a list of 50 stocks and you want to know in which scrips the 20 moving average crosses over 50 moving average. You have 2 choices: 1) Inspect each and every chart every now and then OR 2) Create a scanner that will send you trading alerts when the moving average crossover happens in any scrip.

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Creating a Zerodha Pi Scanner:
Open and login to Zerodha Pi. We will create a simple scanner that will alert us if open and low of any Nifty 50 stocks are same. We can load the Nifty 50 stocks market watch from File –> Predefined Workspace –> NSE –> Nifty 50. Now create a new scanner, click Alerts –> Scanner.
Zerodha Scanner
Give the scanner name of OPEN = LOW and write this script inside OPEN = LOW. Say we will check open and low same in 4 hours candle. Hence select Periodicity = Hour and Bar Interval = 4, select Days = 1 and click on Add Symbols.
Create New Scan
We will be scanning from Nifty 50 stocks. Hence in Add Symbol window select Default Symbols and from the dropdown menu select Nifty 50. Click on add.
Zerodha Pi Scanner
This will show OPEN = LOW 51 symbols loaded.
Open Low Same Scanner
Now click on OK. This will create the scanner, but the scanner is not yet running as we have not loaded it. Click on load and this will load the symbols.
Zerodha Scanner Symbols
Now as and when a scrip’s open and low will be same in any candle the Zerodha Pi scanner will highlight the scrip in yellow and will generate trading alerts. I have tested OPEN = LOW scanner on 15 minutes candle. I got YESBANK scrip in result.
Trading Alerts
You can open the charts OR trade from the scanner window. We just opened the chart and checked YESBANK last 15 minutes candle OPEN = LOW logic is fulfilled. Check the image below:
Yes Bank Chart
Same way you can write a scanner code open high same formula and scan for open high low same strategy.

You can check my video above to have a complete understanding on how to create a Zerodha scanner to get trading alerts. Your comments will be welcome in the comment box below.

Author: Indrajit Mukherjee

Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Amibroker expert, Wordpress expert, SEO expert and stock market analyst.Trading since 2002, he has started the journey of on 2008. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.

20 thoughts on “Zerodha Pi Scanner – Get Instant Trading Alerts”

  1. very nice video sir. I want to know how to access to download profit making from ichimoko clouds. when i press the down load botton below this it is not downloading.


  2. i have opened new A/c with Zerodha through you…i m new.. how to start trade ?This is my beginning so only for some days, can you give meexact instruction for intra day what and when buy and sale……thanks …Geeta

  3. Hi Sir,
    Please tell me the codes for generating alert in scanner
    1. Buy when LTP crosses 5 days high.

    Rakesh G R

  4. Hi,

    How do we code open = low and open = high in a scanner in zerodha. What is the periodicity , the bar interval and the number of days which we need to select?

    I was trying with periodicity as “minute” and bar interval as “1” and Days as “1” but it was not giving me the correct result. Can you please guide?


  5. Dear Indrajit,

    Sorry to say that the hourly candle after 5 minutes of market opening up does not work 🙁

    Do you have any other suggestions?


  6. So, if I understand correctly, you are suggesting that I should get the open, high, low data from zerodha into excel and then use the strategy? correct? Should i get the data after 5 minutes of market opening up or more than that? Please advise


  7. i want to create 1 day scanner in zerodha PI while only MINUTE and HOUR option is shown. 8 hours selection is not working.

  8. Indrajit Sir, after creating the scanner when I logout from pi, on next login I am unable to see my scanners. Can you guide on this?

  9. hi, i m looking for a scrip, open=low and also open>previous days close, i am getting individual scrip but when i combine it doesnt work, can you please let me know how to do it. it should match both conditions to generate an alert.

  10. Thanks for your reply. Also i want to know that, can i punch automatic orders from that, like say 4 conditions i put and if matches it should punch auto orders becoz morning trades are so quick by the time i search for right scripts, tgt is already done in first 5 to 15 min candle mostly. or any other way possible? how to write afl in ami broker say for 4 conditions to match and all… as mentioned above….

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