Live Data For Saudi Arabia Tadawul TASI Index In Amibroker

Tadawul Tashi

This tutorial will teach you, how to get free intraday and eod data for Saudi Arabia Tadawul TASI index in Amibroker.

First you need Amibroker, world’s best charting platform. If you do not have Amibroker, you can download a trial version from here. Install Amibroker in your system. Create a new database with base time interval of 1 minute. Now add TADAWUL TASI symbol.

Click Symbol –> New –> TADAWUL:TASI and press OK. So TATAWUL TASI index is added in your Amibroker.
Tadawul Tasi Index
Now click on Tools –> Auto Update Quotes (Amiquote). Select Google Finance, put from and to dates and click the green play button. It will download the end of day data from TADAWUL TASI index from Google Finance.
Tadawul Tasi Index
Similarly download the intraday data by selecting Google Intraday. Get updated real time data every minute by putting 1 beside Run every. It will run Amiquote every 1 minute and will download real time intraday data for TADAWUL TASI index.

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Now, you will have continuous end of day as well as intraday data for Saudi Arab stock exchange index. You can use this data for technical analysis. Or, you may even use this data in the following ways:

Wish all our Saudi Arabian readers Happy Trading!!

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