Create Excel Stock Research System Using Quandl Stock Data

Excel Stock Research

In my post Quandl – Download Free Amibroker End Of Day Data, I had discussed how you can download free end of day data for Amibroker. In this post we will discuss how you can download quandl stock data and use it for creating an excel stock research system in no time.

Quandl Excel AddinFirst go to Quandl site and create a free account. Next visit the Quandl Excel Add-in page by clicking HERE. Now, please download Quandl excel add in ad shown here. Download and install the Excel add-in that matches your Excel version (32 vs 64 bit). Download and install Visual C Redistributable from THIS LINK. Verify 10.0.50903 version is installed (to check that it installed properly).

Now visit the quandl API page by clicking HERE. Scroll to below of the page where it is written “Sign Up Now For A Free API Key”. Click SIGN UP.
Quandl API
Create a new account OR sign in with your existing quandl account. Go to account profile by clicking HERE and note your Quandl API key.
Quandl API Key
Now run microsoft excel. It will show that Quandl add-in is being loaded.
Quandl Excel Plugin
Once excel is running you can see a new tab appearing in your excel sheet called Quandl. Click that tab. You will be able to see tabs Get Data, Refresh Sheet, Refresh Workbook, Stop, Formulas, Settings, About and Check Update.
Quandl Stock Data
Click on SETTINGS. Input your API key here as shown below and click SAVE.
Quandl Excel API
Now your excel is ready to import Quandl stock data. We will import a sample stock data so that you can do your excel stock research. We will download RELIANCE symbol data. Click on GET DATA tab. Click STOCK DATA –> INDIA –> STOCK PRICES, CURRENT AND HISTORICAL. On right pane select FREE NSE NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE INDIA. Click NEXT.
Import Quandl Data In Excel 1
Now you can see all symbol name. Select RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, click NEXT.
Import Quandl Data In Excel 2
Choose the data fields that you want to import. Available fields are Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Total Traded Quantity, Turnover (Lacs). Click NEXT.
Import Quandl Data In Excel 3
Select DATE RANGE, select DATA MANIPULATION FREQUENCY etc and click next. Select to include headers and dates. Click INSERT.
Import Quandl Data In Excel 4
RELIANCE symbol data will be imported in your excel as shown below.
Import Quandl Data In Excel 5
You can use this Quandl stock data to perform your excel stock research OR build a trading system easily. You can ask your questions in the comment section below.

Create Excel Stock Research System Using Quandl Stock Data

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