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EOD Charts – End Of Day Charts

Here you can get the end of day charts (EOD charts) of stocks and indices from exchanges all over the world. You can also attach all major indicators for your studies. To know more about the usage of the studies we recommend you to go through our blog posts and trading strategy section.

Chart Courtesy: Investing.com

What is the meaning of EOD? EOD means end of day. The name itself suggests that the charts will be updated end of day. Hence it is not a live chart.

End of day analysis is very much needed to understand the trend of a security. Even this EOD charts are a must see for intraday players. Because no trend develops in intraday, rather intraday charts follow the bigger trend of EOD charts. For an example if the trend of a scrip in end of day charts is UP, just wait to buy the scrip in intraday dips. Similarly if the trend of a scrip is down in end of day charts, simply wait for a rally to short sell the scrip.

In the charts above you can change the security, you can choose from various exchanges. You can add technical indicators and studies to the charts and analyze the main trend of the security. You can additionally draw trend lines, technical drawing tools like pitchfork, fibonacci etc, add texts to the charts, save the charts, display other trader’s sentiments in the charts.

You can also choose whether to use candlestick charts or bar charts or area charts. In the indicators section both technical and fundamental indicators are provided so that traders can have a techno-funda analysis of the scrips. For Indian NSE markets we suggest you to check back the charts after 8PM every night so that you get the EOD charts updated with the day’s trading data.