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CoinDCX Review, login, Coupon Code

CoinDCX review, login, cryptocurrency

CoinDCX review, the login process, and coupon code are popular quires among cryptocurrency traders and investors. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are getting famous in India. People are keen to invest in crypto coins. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges are available in India. But CoinDCX is quite faithful according to me. If you want to open an account in CoinDCX then this post will help you. This post will also help you to understand whether you should do it or not. Through this post, I shall tell you about the CoinDCX Review. I shall also discuss the CoinDCX login process step by step. CoinDCX exchange’s Coupon Code-related queries that were asked by many of the traders. It will be also answered through this writing.

Frequently Asked Questions about CoinDCX Exchange

What is CoinDCX Exchange?

It is India based on a cryptocurrency exchange. Many people use this trading exchange to trade in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. CoinDCX is quite a famous cryptocurrency exchange in India.

Is investing in cryptocurrency legal in India?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to invest in cryptocurrency in India. Though RBI put a ban on the cryptocurrency initially. But Supreme Court of India lifted this band in 2018. So It is not illegal anymore.

Who are the big supporters of the CoinDCX Exchange?

“Brain Capital”, “Poly Chain”, “Coinbase”, “100x venture” companies along with some other Big-Cap companies are the main supporters of CoinDCX Exchange.

Is it safe to trade through CoinDCX?

Yes, it is safe to trade through CoinDCX. As this exchange closely took up to their security system. They also keep updating this exchange as well.

Is CoinDCX ISO certified?

Yes, it is an ISO-certified company with high liquidity.

The link in the following shall take you to the CoinDCX website directly,


Click here to visit CoinDCX the website

History of CoinDCX Exchange

Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal are the two friends who started the CoinDCX exchange. They are also the present CEO of the company. CoinDCX has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Some big and reputed companies that support them are “Brain Capital”, “Poly Chain”, “Coinbase”, “100x venture”. They have established a 4million+ customer base. The security system of this exchange is strong but they keep upgrading its software to be more fluent. So that they could achieve the best and provide the safest service to their customer. The exchange is 1st exchange in India that has become unicorn status.

CoinDCX review

CoinDCX Login Process

Through this writing, I shall tell you all the steps to open an account on the CoinDCX website successfully. There is a common problem that many of you face that should we click on CoinDCX Register or on the CoinDCX Login option if we are visiting the website for the first time? That answer is clearly given in the following.

CoinDCX Login Process for an Existing Account

This process is for those who have already an account with CoinDCX. Suppose you have an account on the website but for some reason, you have logged out of it. Now you want to reopen the account to use that again. The following process will help you to log in again to the CoinDCX website.

Go to Google Chrome and write CoinDCX in the search bar. As soon as you press to enter, Google Chrome shall take you to the website of CoinDCX. There you will see a page that looks some this like in the following,

Login process

Here you can see many options in which CoinDCX login is the option that we are going to take a look at. This option is provided to open an existed account. That is why I box it in red color. Click on the CoinDCX login,

Login to the website

As you can see in the above image, you just need to put your email id and the password which you have used previously for the account opening. Then click on the login. You shall be able to reopen your previous account.

If you forget your password just click on forget password and the website shall provide you further information and guide you through it.

CoinDCX Login Process for a New Account Opening

As you want to open a new account in CoinDCX Exchange. This writing will guide you through to CoinDCX Login Process for a New account opening.

Open Google Chrome and write CoinDCX on the search bar. Then click on CoinDCX login. As soon as you open the page, you will see there on the corner Registration word is written in a red box. You have to click on that. I attach an image of that page in the following, so it won’t be a problem for you to finding out a similar page on that website.

Register on CoinDCX

Now click on the register option. there will be a page appear on your PC.

Sign up page and coupon code

On this page fill in all your personal details asked by the website and do not forget to tick mark the “I m not a robot” and “referral code”. Then submit this information by clicking on register. The exchange will send you a personalized OTP. Add that OTP in the given place. Your account will be active within a few times.

Pros and Cons of CoinDCX Exchange & its Features

CoinDCX exchange provides so many facilities. That is why it is so famous among the traders and investors of cryptocurrency. In the following, we shall see what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages if you open an account in the CoinDCX exchange.

Pros of CoinDCX Features


If you are a new user who does not know how to bid in cryptocurrency. But you want to buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency then this app shall be the best for you. Because it is the beginner-friendly version of CoinDCX Exchange. This beginner-friendly app is known as CoinDCX GO. It shall guide you through while buying or selling step by step.

CoinDCX Insta

CoinDCX has a unique feature called “CoinDCX Insta” that sets it apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges. In which a trader or investor may instantaneously purchase more than 100 different types of digital currency. That means you may invest in bitcoin or any other digital currency with a single mouse click.

Safe and Large

CoinDCX is considered one of the largest and most safe trading platforms in India. That is why the website is flourishing this much. In today’s market, CoinDCX has a customer base of 4million+. If we take a look at the security system of CoinDCX, we shall see that the website has a strict KYC policy. They never neglect any security-related issues. Not only that CoinDCX also upgrading its security system as per the concern.

Coustomer care service

CoinDCX provides a 24hours customer care service for 7days of the week. As you scroll down the website. In the end, there is an option called Contact Us. Click on it and there you will be able to submit your issue in writing form. The helpline resumes your problem as soon as possible. [email protected] click on this link as it is also one of their contacts.

Cons of CoinDCX Features

  • CoinDCX charges 0.0005BTC for coin withdrawals. However, there are no hidden fees associated with the transaction.
  • The maker and taker fees are each 0.10 percent of the total. Every trade requires you to pay 0.10 percent in maker and taker fees.
  • During the payment deposit, you only have one payment choice, which is INR. That means you won’t be able to pay using any other methods, such as USDT, BTC, or anyother cryptocurrencies.
  • The exchange is still unregistered in India. But still people use it as they have trust in it. Thats why its growing day by day.

CoinDCX Review

Before reviewing any company it is important to take a look at the present condition of that company. Similarly, it is also important to check the history. So that we shall get an idea from where the company has started and where the company is standing now. CoinDCX review would be incomplete if we do not discuss its pros and cons. As we find out through the CoinDCX review that the exchange has the potential to do better in the future.

CoinDCX often provides coupon codes, referral codes which are the easiest process to earn money from this exchange. The professional uses the CoinDCX web in which there are so many tools to have a better trading experience. A professional trader can use their margin trading facility or the future option which is very essential in any exchange.

On the other hand, the exchange authority also worried about their newbie traders. That is why they have launched a new version called CoinDCX go. After this CoinDCX review, my view upon the exchange and its facility is quite crystal clear that this exchange holds its place as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges because it has that potential in it. That is why the exchange is the first exchange in India that has been listed as a unicorn company.

CoinDCX Review on the Advantage of the exchange

If we do a quick CoinDCX review on the advantages that the website provides it won’t be a shock that why the exchange is so famous among traders and investors. Allow me to give you a quick CoinDCX review so that you can simply summarise its pros. They give you high-quality service at a low cost. All of their additional offerings set them apart from the rest of the exchanges. The exchange show some easy way to earn money through cryptocurrency trading.

CoinDCX Review on the Disadvantage of the exchange

Though the website has some flaws, those are monitored by CoinDCX closely. This indicates that the website is likewise eager to resolve the issue. If you ask me to review the cons of CoinDCX. I would say every big company has some flows. But we should also notice that if they are trying to resolve the problems or not. I’d answer the progressive element of the website that it has presented us with over the years Not only that I also feel they will resolve these little flaws very soon. It is an extremely valuable website that you should utilize without hesitation. CoinDCX is a reliable trading partner. So, finally, I’ve completed my review on CoinDCX and I hope you find it useful.

CoinDCX Coupon code

If you have opened an account after the 5th may then you will be able to redeem the Bitcoin coupon worth 100 rupees. This CoinDCX coupon code amount will be presented, on your “My investment” option. But this CoinDCX coupon code will not redeem at that time. As you have to wait for 30 days. You also have to make any kind of transaction within that 30day period. There are also some rules which you have to follow to redeem this CoinDCX Coupon code.

CoinDCX Coupon code vs CoinDCX Referral code

There is a difference between the CoinDCX Coupon code and CoinDCX Referral Code.

  1. You can redeem any coupon code for one time. But on the other hand, you can use your referral code as many times as you want.
  2. A referral code is a unique combination of numbers and words that belongs to a specific account holder only. It means every other account holder of CoinDCX has their own personalized referral code. But Coupon code is not like that. One CoinDCX Coupon code that can be used by many account holders. In such a way, every account holder of CoinDCX can use a single coupon code to earn extra income.
  3. Referral code gives a percentage of brokerage whenever you refer a person to use your referral code. CoinDCX coupon code can directly give you cash or some bitcoin amount which you can redeem while trading through the exchange.
  4. The referral code does not require any kind of rules to follow to earn it. You will get it when you open an account. You have to follow some sudden rules to redeem any CoinDCX coupon code.

CoinDCX vs WazirX Exchange

As Wazirx stands as the best cryptocurrency exchange in India so we compared CoinDCX with it. So we shall be able to understand how better the CoinDCX website is. The difference has been given in the following-

1) Interface

  • CoinDCX has an advanced interface for professional traders and investors. But they do not forget about their newbie customers as they provide CoinDCX Go version for the new traders in cryptocurrency exchange.
  • WazirX is more like a professional interface. As it is a bit complex to understand about all the tools. In the first visit to the exchange the interface does not guide you through to understand it. That is a problem if you are newbie.

2) Coustomer base

  • CoinDCX Exchange has a customer base of 4million+ who register through the exchange.
  • WazirX Exchange has a customer base of 7.3million who use this exchange to do trading in cryptocurrency.

3) Maker Fee

  • CoinDCX Exchange charges 0.06% of the maker’s price which must be paid by the individual selling his crypto coin.
  • WazirX Exchange charges 0.20% of the maker price as an individual has made a sell on his cryptocurrency.

4) Taker Fee

  • CoinDCX Exchange asks the buyer to pay 0.04% of his trading amount as his taker fee to the exchange.
  • WazirX Exchange asked for 0.20% of the taker price.

5) Register in India

  • CoinDCX is not registered in India. Though it’s a multi-million company still it is not registered under Indian authority.
  • WazirX is registered in India. That is why it is so trust worthy among the investoers.

6) KYC Verification

  • CoinDCX asks for KYC verification if you trade more than 10k at a single transaction. If it is less than that, you do not need to do any KYC verification.
  • In WazirX Exchange if you are intended just to deposit the amount on your wazirX account and do small trade through it. Then it is ok without doing KYC verification.

It does not matter which exchange you choose to trade. But I recommend you complete KYC as soon as possible. Because of the documentation evaluation and approval process may take some time. Only after completing KYC, you can withdraw money. After that, you must upload a scanned copy of your KYC documents as well as a selfie.

I hope now you have a clear view between CoinDCX and WazirX Exchange. As I have discussed the difference between the two exchanges clearly. Now it is upon you which exchange among the two is more suitable to your criteria

CoinDCX Review – Conclusion

If you are a professional trader or a beginner in the trading market, this website is going to be very useful for everyone. As I have told you in the CoinDCX review section that CoinDCX provides so many features that is why newbies and pro traders magnitude towards it. No doubt it is one of the best crypto exchanges that are popular in India. If you are also thinking to open an account under this cryptocurrency exchange just do not think twice to do that. Just CLICK HERE to open an account there.

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