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Create Intraday Trading Excel Sheet From Sharekhan TradeTiger

Intraday Trading Excel Sheet

In this post, I will show you how you can create a highly accurate intraday trading excel sheet from Sharekhan TradeTiger terminal. We will first download live data in excel from the Sharekhan Trade Tiger terminal and later we will apply a formula for the intraday trading system on the live data. Let me do it step by step.

First login to Sharekhan Trade tiger terminal. Once you are logged in open your market watch. Here I will open predefined NSE Nifty50 market watch to get live data of all Nifty50 stocks data in excel.

Please see the screenshot below to see how to open a MarketWatch in Sharekhan TradeTiger.


So, now your NSE Nifty50 stocks Marketwatch will be opened and you can see the market watch like the following image:

Intraday trading excel sheet

Now we will activate Trade Tiger’s snap to excel function and click on New Snap. Check the image below:


This function will try to save the MarketWatch snapped into excel and will ask you for the same location of the excel file. Provide an appropriate name for the excel sheet. I named it Nifty50. Save it to the default folder as shown in the image below:

Sharekha TradeTiger Save New Snap

So the intraday trading excel sheet will now be saved in the default location and the file will be opened automatically. The excel workbook contains 3 sheets and the first is Streaming_Stock_Watch and you can not make changes to this. If the market is open you can see prices changing like the terminal in this sheet.

Intraday trading excel sheet

Now go to the second sheet called WorkArea. This sheet can be modified and you can apply the formula in this sheet. This intraday trading excel sheet automatically contains daily pivot levels. We will build a highly accurate intraday trading system using Open High Low Same Trading Strategy For Indian Stock Market.

In the last column I have given heading Open = High and next column I have given heading Open = Low. Now in my intraday trading excel Open is in column J, High is in column K and Low is in column L. So Open = High formula for first stock I have used:


For Open = Low formula for first stock I have used:


Now drag the formulas throughout both the columns and your buy-sell signal using excel is complete using Sharekhan TradeTiger. Today is 1st March 2017 and I have got BUY candidates: INFRATEL, ITC and SELL candidates LUPIN, M&M, ONGC, TATA MOTORS, and ULTRACEMCO. Check the image below:

intraday trading excel sheet

Trading Strategy Using The Open Equals To High OR Low Intraday Trading Excel Sheet:

BUY and SELL to be executed after 15-30 minutes of trade. For BUY keep a 1%-2% intraday target and keep stop loss few ticks below day’s low. For SELL keep a 1%-2% intraday target and keep stop loss a few ticks above day’s high. You can test the strategy and let me know your observations in the comment below.

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h n shah

Very nicely explained. Can we put buy or sell order using this excel sheet directly from the sheet?

Avinash J.R.

It’s a good reading but it is very old strategy which may not be successful.I also read about ur article about using Renko charts & u are the only one to explain for the Indian markets, i really appreciate ur efforts.But in Pi the renko for nifty futures gives very big boxes unlike Kite.Pi is the most easiest to use but there some drawbacks so if you can inform Zerodha to check into it.


thank you Mr Indrajit for this beautiful tool. It seems, setting a target for buy or sell depends on price of particular scrip. like 1-2% for stock price 1000. Precisely, based on individual’s trading style and appetite. No gyan, only my observation.
Jayanta Ghosh

ranga rajan

Dear Mr.Indrajit,

I tried in the morning 9.20 am today. three out of four stocks ended positively one stock hit stop loss. But entire day the signals are constant for the same stock. How to refresh for fresh signals based on the live price. thanks and best regards.


Very nice article Indrajit. I pull a live data excel sheet from Ami Broker Speed pro. How do I execute But and Sell orders through Excel sheet directly without actually going to the terminal.


Thanks Mr Indrajit. I have a Zerodha account and would surely like to explore automated trading in Zerodha and have Omnesys NEST Trader as well. Your help is truly appreciated.

Narendra Bande

Sir, I have been a sharekhan customer from 2007. But I started trading since last 2 years. I have read that zerodha Pi is better than tradetiger. SImilarly I found some hidden softwares in trade tiger like you explained above. I prefer weekly or monthly trades. Plus I am developing my own technique. sharekhan does not help in such activity. So is it better to join zerodha Pi can Q guys help me to build my system.

rahul rawat

=IF(J9=L9,”BUY”,””) thi s is not working

bhanu partap singh

sir i am using tradetiger from last two years. now i am interested in its feature of SNAP QUOTE excel. sir my question how to find stocks with +_ .5% O=H=L RANGE. because some stocks have very less difference between O=H=L . but have very good volumes and open interest . thanks in advance.


can we place order or automate trade execution from excel


Indrajit, Have you tried and succeeded in linking the snap excel file with another excel file? Basically I am trying to link the working sheet few columns with my another excel file but my excel file does not get updated with the live ticks. If I save the snap file then it gets updated. So this means saving the snap file everytime….Have you tried something like this and can you suggest a work around?