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How To Overcome Fear Of Losing Money?

How To Overcome Fear Of Losing Money

I think that you are in this post because you have lost money in the stock market. How to overcome the fear of losing money in the stock market is one of the biggest challenges that every trader face in markets all over the world. What I have seen in my last 18 years of journey in the stock market that when a person enters the stock market he stays very confident. But once he loses some money he is starting to lose his confidence as well. So in this post, I’ll discuss how to overcome the fear of losing money in the shortest possible time.

As I was telling, when a trader enters the stock market he is high in confidence. He does not bother to study, does not bother to give some time in this new profession. Rather he jumps in the market and invests his entire capital in the riskiest trade to get rich overnight. He does so because he has seen some of his friends have made money in the stock market. Or some Mr. Tom Dick and Harry have made quick bucks in the market.

But the actual scenario is not like this. The honeymoon is soon over. The trader loses money and he stops trading. Now the biggest hurdle is to start trading again. Because whenever he wants to trade in the future the fear of losing money in the stock market hits him hard.

Fear Of Losing Money

So, How To Overcome Fear Of Losing Money In The Stock Market?

I have a few thousands of followers and clients in my stock market profession. Everywhere I see the same problem happening. The biggest challenge once again is to make the trader start trading once again. Now how to do this?

Study First

There is no alternative to make you ready for the market. You need to be an informed trader and need to practice trading every day. And we all know that practice makes a man perfect. If you lose and leave trading your money is lost forever. You need to come back. Do not see the loss as a loss. Rather take the loss as a tuition fee paid to the stock market for learning the rules of trading.

Become Positive

There is no alternative either then becoming positive. Tell yourself that yes I can and I can. Positive thinking with efforts will increase the chance of success as a trader. Here the effort means studying the market, knowing the situations, and trade only when the winning probability is high. Do not trade only because the market is open. Trading is exactly like hunting. You need to be patient, just like a tiger, wait for the opportunities and kill (trade) only when the probability is high.

Control The Trading Quantity

Once you have lost money in the stock market and you find it is difficult for you to come back and take the next trade, try to change your positions. Start with a lower quantity. Do not do a demo trade, rather trade with the real money in a lower quantity. Do not try to trade the futures and options, try the cash market. Start trading with five stock or 10 stock so that your loss is limited. Slowly increase your capital and the number of shares once you regain your confidence.

Give Time To This Profession

Trading is a profession, and it needs time to become successful in every profession. So is trading. A doctor studies for 5 years, does 2 years of internship and then starts earning some money. He needs 10-12 years of time to become a successful doctor. How can you think trading is so easy? Trading is just another profession where you can make your living if you value the work and if you follow the rules.


It is quite tough than writing a post on the subject. Though I have discussed how to overcome the fear of losing money in the stock market, it is not easy. Because every time you want to trade after a set back your loss will remind you about the unpleasant experience. It will refrain you from taking the next trade. But f you follow the steps described in this article, it will slowly regain your confidence and will help you in becoming a better trader in the years to come.

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