What is TOTP in Zerodha and How to Create it?

TOTP in Zerodha

TOTP in Zerodha is nothing but a time-based, one-time password. It can be a little hard to understand if you are new to trading. That is the reason many people do not even know whether they should enable the TOTP in Zerodha or not. Zerodha is the top brokerage company in India currently. With a 36.02+ lakh active customer base. Creating an account is also very easy in Zerodha. But many people do not understand what is TOTP? and whether should they create a TOTP in Zerodha or not. Through this post, I shall resolve all those queries. I shall also show you all the steps to enable TOTP if you want to.

FAQ about TOTP in Zerodha

What is the abbreviation of TOTP in Zerodha?

The abbreviation of TOTP is a Time-based one-time password.

Is TOTP compulsory in Zerodha?

No, it is not compulsory. But if you are trying to buy a stock that comes under the ASM or GSM category then TOTP is compulsory.

Is it possible to trade in Zerodha without enabling the TOTP?

Yes, of course, it is possible. TOTP is mandatory for some ASM or GSM category stocks.

Is there any extra facility if we enable the TOTP?

No, there is no extra facility other than hassle-free buying and selling.

Why Do We Need to Enable TOTP?

On April 12, 1992, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) came into action. SEBI creates new rules to keep the trading business clean and safe. SEBI was formed to observe the share market fraud-free. If any company is doing illegal work to make their stocks costly. SEBI keeps a close eye on those companies. After that SEBI puts those companies under ASM and GSM categories.

Suppose you have created a new account in the Zerodha brokerage company. But while doing a trade the buying or selling option is not working as it works for other companies. This issue is not occurring in other companies but rather in some specific ones. Because those specific companies are coming under ASM and GSM categories. If you want to trade on those companies which come under ASM and GSM categories. Then it is mandatory to create a TOTP in Zerodha.

How to Activate TOTP in Zerodha

It won’t be a problem to enable or disable TOTP in Zerodha. If you understand the steps clearly. Then you can enable or disable it according to your preference. In the following, I have shown you the steps on how to generate your TOTP in Zerodha.

TOTP Generating Process

As you are reading this post, I assume you already have an account in the Zerodha brokerage house. If not then open an account in Zerodha as soon as possible.

First, go to your Zerodha Kite dashboard. There you will see order, holding, positions, fund, and app options. Besides the App option, you will see your account will be visible. Click on it.

TOTP Generating Process

As soon as you click on it, you will see “My Profile in the very first place. We have to click on it. Now you have arrived in the Zerodha console in which there is “Password & Security”. Clicking on it will be the next step.

Password and Security

Now you will see all the security-related queries. Now as you scroll down you will find the TOTP option. If you have not enabled your TOTP by that date, it will look something like the picture I have attached in the following.

TOTP in Zerodha Kite.

Click on the blue rectangular box to enable TOTP. As soon as you click on it, Zerodha will send you an OTP to your Email id which you used as your login in Zerodha. Now, put that OTP beside the verify box and click on verify.

TOTP Verification Process

QR Scan Using Other Mobile

After this verification, Zerodha will again ask for a six-digit pin. Now comes the tricky part, after the verification, there shall be a QR code on the top of the screen. This QR can not be detected without a Google Authenticator App. Either you can scan with another phone to get the six-digit pin or you have to install the Google Authenticator App to that mobile which you are currently using to get the pin.

QR Scan Using the Same Mobile

If you are using the same phone to get the QR scan. Then you have to install the Google Authenticator App on the phone first. Now copy the QR from the option given below of that QR image. Go to the Google Authenticator app and paste that in the given place. You will get the pin there. Now put the six-digit pin to your TOTP verification section in Zerodha. Now the process is done. But you have to remember that the code changes every 10 seconds so be fast while doing the process.

Login Process after TOTP

After generating the TOTP, you have to log in again. In this case, put your password under your Zerodha ID. The next thing you will see is to enter TOTP which you have to put using that Google Authenticator App again and again. Because it changes every 10 seconds. That means every time you log in to your Zerodha ID, now you have to put in the password as well as the TOTP number. That also suggests the six-digit pin is not needed anymore to log in.

Summary of the Full Process of TOTP in Zerodha

  1. Go to Zerodha kite then click on your Zerodha ID,
  2. Click on MY Profile in which you will click on Security and Password,
  3. Scroll down to Enable 2factor TOTP. Add the OTP which send you to the email id by Zerodha,
  4. Scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator App and put the 6-digit TOTP in the given place.

Your account is TOTP verified now. The trader can now trade in any listed company of the stock market whether its GSM or ASM category.

Positive Aspect of TOTP in Zerodha

As I have told you previously in this post that SEBI implies this to keep a record against any illegal activity of the company stocks which has a sudden boom on their stocks price. As you have generated the TOTP in Zerodha without any problem. Now you can buy any ASM or GSM listed stocks without any problem. That means now as a trader or investor you will get more liquidity.

Negative Aspect of TOTP in Zerodha

Suppose you have generated TOTP previously. But for some reason, you logged out from your Zerodha ID. Now you want to log in back to it. In that case, after giving the password you have to put your TOTP by searching for it from the Google Authenticator app. As you have done it previously while generating the TOTP. But the notable thing is that after generating the TOTP, Zerodha will not ask for the 6-digit pin which you used to put after your password.

The pin is a fixed code that is generated for you and your id only. On the other hand, the Google Authenticator app generates a new OTP every 10 seconds. If you are unable to put the OTP at a given time, then you have to put your password again and then a new OTP to the given place. That means you have to be a little swift and conscious while doing this process.

How to Disable the TOTP in Zerodha

  1. First, click on your Zerodha ID,
  2. Now click on the My Profile from there go to Password & Security,
  3. Scroll down and you will see an option written as Disable TOTP,
  4. Click on disable TOTP.

Your TOTP is now disabled. To enable the TOTP you have to go through the full process again. You can disable your TOTP after buying that preferable stock that comes under the ASM or GSM.


I hope you have understood the process completely. Now it’s upon you whether you want to enable the TOTP or not. Zerodha uses this process to keep their brokerage company clean and legal track of the transaction. That is really a very good aspect of the company. That is one of the reasons traders are so faithful to the company and still investing in them. Not only that new traders so gravitate toward Zerodha brokerage house.

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Author: Nandita Hira

Nandita has done her Masters in English and is a new entry in our company. She is learning the basics of the stock market as well as blogging. She is keen to complete her learning phase very fast.

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