How to Change Mobile Number in Zerodha?

How to Change Mobile Number in Zerodha

Today we have come up with a new topic about Zerodha, the best brokerage firm in India. Earlier we’ve covered many articles on Zerodha guidelines. Today’s is the most important content How to Change Mobile Number in Zerodha? If a client faces an issue in changing his mobile number, it can be possible with some easy steps.

What is the Reason for Keeping an Updated Mobile Number with your Demat Account?

The primary reason for keeping an updated mobile number with your demat account is to make sure that you receive important SMS notifications and alerts about the movement of securities held in your account. This is essential for monitoring financial transactions, such as the sale and purchase of shares, mutual funds, etc, associated with your demat account.

How to Change Mobile Number in Zerodha?

As we know Zerodha Console is the central dashboard of the Zerodha account or it can be said the back office or reporting platform. From the console or back office, one can modify his mobile number. The situation can happen for multiple reasons. The same procedure will be applicable for email IDs also.

Log in to Zerodha Console

Suppose you open your account with Zerodha with a mobile number and later for some reason, you want to modify it. You can do it yourself. For that first, go to the Zerodha Console and Log in with your Kite Account.

How to Change Mobile Number in Zerodha

Update your Profile

Here, as you can see in the middle section of the window, there are options like DOB, E-mail, PAN, Gender, and Mobile.

Change Mobile Number in Zerodha

Besides the Mobile and Email, you will find an option that looks like a Pen. You need to click on the Pen and you can see the editing page. Here, put the current mobile number and the number you want to use from now. After entering the current number and new number, click on the Confirm button. Once you click the “Confirm”, it will take up to 24 hours for the new mobile number to be updated on the records.

Charges for Updating Mobile Number and Email ID

Previously, there were some changes for the modification of mobile numbers and e-mail IDs. But after 17th January 2019, Zerodha is not charging any fee for this.

The Process of Changing Email is Similar

The process is quite simple and straight. Users can do it without any help from others. Though the content is about How to Change Mobile Numbers in Zerodha here we’ve also given a brief idea of the e-mail changing process also.


In conclusion, the process of changing your mobile number in Zerodha is easy and quick. All you need to do is log into your back office go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Profile’. and click on the update button for updating your new mobile number. Other than that follow all instructions on how to change a password or reset it if required before verifying the new information with Zerodha using an SMS code sent to your registered phone number. You can track the updates from the ‘My Account’ section too for convenience. Once these steps are completed successfully, you are good to go. Now enjoy a secure and personalized experience at cutting-edge cost with zero brokerage!

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