Safe Investment – Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Who ought to apply in Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?
Any individual who means to put into physical gold (coins, bars, biscuits) or gold ETF’s.

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Why to invest in Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?
Get Gold’s market returns + Fixed 2.75% every year on contributed investment. Ensured by Government of India

Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Government is paying an altered 2.5% every year return on contributed money. That is correct, right, a settled return like putting into a FD. This plan is being drifted to urge individuals to move far from purchasing physical gold, which is one of the fundamental explanations behind India’s enlarging current record deficiency.

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Since it is in demat structure, no stress theft.

At the point when purchasing gold ETF’s, there is an administration expense. No such expenses when putting into zerodha sovereign gold bond scheme.

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These gold bonds will begin trading on the exchanges soon. So like offering stocks you can choose to sell it at whatever point you need, on the off chance that you don’t choose to hang on till the end of the bond maturity.

Ensured by government of India.

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How to invest in Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?

The issue dates are still not reported. Should be somewhere around second and third week of July. So this is like a stock IPO.

On the off chance that you are a Zerodha customer, you can visit here: to apply. The cash will be charged from your trading account 1 or 2 days before close of the issue.

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