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Bitbns Login, Review, and Referral code

Bitbns login, review and referral code

If you are a Bitcoin trader or investor, you probably heard about the cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns. In this post, we shall answer the most requested questions about Bitbns exchange. That is Bitbns Login, Review, and Referral code related questions. Bitbns is a growing company. It is very easy to do Bitbns login that is why the customer base is growing day by day. As we all know RBI banned cryptocurrency in the year 2018. But Supreme court lifted the ban after a log hearing process. That is why Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA) crypto coins are now semi-legally available to trade in India through some exchanges. But Bitbns is not one of them who hold their place that critical time. That is another reason for their flourishing business.

FAQ about Bitbns Exchange

Is Bitbns exchange safe to trade?

Yes, this exchange is safe and secure to trade in cryptocurrency. To keep their exchange safe and secure the company has a technical architecture, as well as a security feature of the highest level.

Why Bitbns app was deleted from Playstore?

It is quite a known exchange. So when it got out of Playstore, many people started worrying about the website’s authenticity. But the authority clarified that due to a technical error, the app was temporarily unable in the play store. But the exchange has rectified it and corrected that glitch.

Who is the owner of Bitbns exchange?

Gaurav Dahake is the owner and founder of Bitbns exchange.

Tell about Bitbns token.

Bitbns or BNS utility token is a multi-protocol utility token that intends to allow the general public to utilize cryptocurrencies in the same way that they use FIAT cash in everyday transactions.

Journey of Bitbns Exchange

Bitbns is a cryptocurrency exchange service that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with ease. It is the quickest and most straightforward method of trading cryptocurrencies. Gaurav Dahake is the founder and Prashant Singh is the co-founder of Bitbns exchange. Since the 14th of December 2017, this Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange has been operating in India. They also provide certain special features to their traders to aid them in their trading. They have a user base of roughly half a million people, and it is steadily rising.

Bitbns login.

Bitbns Login process

The link in the following shall take you to the Bitbns website directly,


Click here to visit Bitbns website directly

As soon as you go to that website you will see their interface is very easy to understand. If you are interested in bitcoin trading or in any other cryptocurrency trading, an account opening under them will be very beneficial to an investor or trader. That is why their customer base is growing day by day. The process of Bitbns login is being presented in the following,

In the following, I have given you the complete guidance of account opening under the Bitbns website. Bitbns login process is very easy. You just need to complete a few steps and your Bitbns login process will complete in a few minutes.

Bitbns Login process for an existing account step by step

We shall elaborately tell you about the steps of the Bitbns login process. So that you do not have to face any problem while opening an account in the exchange.

As soon as you click on the Bitbns login option on your right-hand corner. A page will pop up in which you have to fill with your email id which you previously use for account opening. The password also is the same that was used by you previously for account opening. After completing the process click on Sign in. Your account will be presented in front of you in the way you previously left it.

You can also link the account with your Facebook or Google account so that you do not have to remember the password and email id to avoid the login process for next time. It will be more smooth and easy for you to log in and log out.

Suppose, due to some reason, if you forget the password you can simply click on the forget password the authority will clear that problem for you by showing you a few steps.

Bitbns Login process for a new account opening

If you are a new person who wants to open an account then You will click on sign in. After that, a new page will appear which looks the same as put in the following,

Now fill up the blank by putting your email id on the very first blank. After that put a preferable password but please keep in mind that it should contain 8digits or more. Click on sign in after that.

Suppose any of your friends or known people have referred you to this website. As they already have an account on Bitbns website they must have their unique referral code as well. If you use that referral code for account opening that shall be beneficial for you and your friend as well. To use Bitbns referral code click on the “Have referral code?” option written just before the sign-in button. So after clicking on that put your know referral code to experience the benefits. After putting that referral code click on sign in. Your account shall be ready in a few minutes.

KYC verification on Bitbns exchange

This process will appear on your screen after login into the Bitbns website. KYC will give you liquidity in buying and selling. If you completed the KYC process that will be beneficial for you in the feather use of the website. Put your pan card number in the given space and then Bitbns website will ask you for your Aadhar details. You have to fill the next blank again. Now submit all the requested documents for verifications.

As soon as you complete your KYC verification the website will present 150 rupees or 50 BNS coins to your wallet. You can use any person’s referral code so that the person will get benefited as well. If you use our referral code 1365417, you will also directly get the 150 rupee or 50 BNS coins to your wallet.

Bitbns Referral Code

The referral code provides a good percentage of brokerage, and the costs of utilizing their website while trading are quite modest. This benefit is quite popular among their clients. They will send you your unique referral code as soon as you open an account on the website, which you will use to receive the referral incentive. You can enlist as many clients as you can so get more and more from the referral benefits.

What is Bitbns referral code?

The participants in a customer referral program are identifiable by a unique combination of numbers and/or letters. A referral code is given to a customer (the referrer) when they join a program. It is a one-of-a-kind code that will be issued in that individual’s name.

How to get a Bitbns referral code?

As soon as you open an account the website will provide you with your personalized referral code. In the following picture, you will see I have highlighted a sample referral code in yellow color. you can refer to the link and the person who will use this link to open their account will be registered under you. So that you will earn a brokerage of 50% of their trading fee.

Bitbns Referral Code

1st go to “my profit” which looks like a human figure emoji, click on that. Now a list of preferences will appear on your screen in which the third one is the referrals, click on that. As soon as you click on it a new page will appear which looks something like the page I placed above. Here you will find your personalized referral code. If you prefer this to any person you will get 50% of your friend’s trading fee. As many refer that many brokerages.

Bitbns coupon code

A coupon is a kind of computer-generated code with a combination of numbers and alphabetical letters. It provides extra benefits to that user who used that. Usually, customers get this by the company a special offer.

Bitbns INR deposit and withdrawal process

Doing a deposit in the Bitbns exchange is very easy and withdrawing cash is also hassle-free. That even you do not have to pay any extra cost to deposit or withdraw in the exchange that even for a lifetime. In the following, I have attached an image where the whole process is written very clearly.

Bitbns referral code

Pros and Cons of Bitbns Exchange

It is important to know the pros and cons of a company before investing in that company. It helps to determine the company’s current situation. If the cons were overpowering the pros that means it is not a good company. On the other hand, if the pros are more than the cons that means the company is doing well and has the potential to grow more. In the following, I have discussed the pros and cons of Bitbns so that you can decide whether you want to invest through this exchange or not.

Pros of Bitbns Exchange

  • As a trader or investor of India, you can buy or sell your cryptocurrency in Indian money or INR. This should be a must-have feature of any cryptocurrency exchange. Bitbns exchange understood it that is why it is in their main feature as well. as some people are unable to calculate their trading cost in USDT.
  • There is no limit on your deposit or withdrawal and the best part is you do not have to pay extra charges for that.
  • They give you a mobile app that you may use to trade at any time. It implies you don’t need a computer or a laptop to trade at that time; you may trade whenever you want and at your want.
  • Bitbns has an excellent customer service department that responds within 5 minutes. Bitbns has shown to have an excellent support system that assists you as a consumer throughout your trading journey. They are able to address your issue. When they have a good understanding of your problems, they will make recommendations to you.
  • Every trade on Bitbns has a very low trading fee. They just take 0.25 percent of your money, which is relatively minimal compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Bitbns is well-known for their flash sale service, which allows customers to invest and earn free crypto coins.
  • In margine trading 28 digital assets were provided by Bitbns website.

Cons of Bitbns Exchange

  • This exchange service has a liquidity problem, as well as a low volume of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • BTC currency cannot be traded. Only the Indian rupee or the US dollar can be traded by a trader.
  • The maker and taker fees are each 0.25 percent of the total. In comparison to other cryptocurrency exchanges, this is rather high.

Bitbns review

When we review any website it is important to look at its pros and cons. If the cons overpower the pros it can not be considered a good company. So through this paragraph, we shall look at the pros and cons of the exchange to do the Bitbns review in a better way.

Bitbns frequently offers coupon codes and referral codes, which are the simplest ways to earn profit from this exchange. The expert makes advantage of the Bitbns website, which contains numerous tools for a better trading experience. In any exchange, a skilled trader can use their margin trading facility, In which they provide you 4x margin facility or the future option, which is quite important.

The exchange authorities only verified cryptocurrencies only. On the other hand, was concerned about their beginner traders also. As a result, they’ve released a new version called Bitbnspay which is the mobile application version of them. They knew it very important in today’s world to have any website accessed through the mobile phone. After reading this Bitrbns review, my opinion of the exchange and its features is fairly clear: this exchange is one of the finest cryptocurrency exchanges because it has so much potential.

Bitbns Review on the Advantage of the exchange

Through this passage, we shall do a Bitbns review on the advantages that the exchange has. If we look at the benefits that Bitbns offers, it’s easy to see why the exchange is so popular among traders and investors. Allow me to offer you a brief about Bitbns review so you can quickly sum up its benefits. They provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable price. All of their extra features distinguish them from the other exchanges. The exchange demonstrates some simple ways to profit from cryptocurrency trading. Their Fixed deposit scheme on cryptocurrency, is quite a unique feature that the exchange provides. Though this option is only visible through PC or laptop. The exchange has not provided this feature to the mobile application. As I am writing Bitbns Review on the advantage of the exchange I thought this section will be incomplete without this maintaining that.

Bitbns Review on the disadvantage of the exchange

Though the website has several issues. Bitbns keeps a close eye on them. This shows that the website is also keen to fix the problem. Here I shall do a Bitbns review of the disadvantages that the exchange has. Every large corporation, I believe, has some flows. However, we should pay attention to whether or not they are attempting to remedy the issues. I’d respond to the website’s progressive element that it has presented us with over the years. Not only that, but I have a feeling they will fix these little faults very soon. It’s a fantastic resource that you should make use of right away. Bitbns has proven to be a trustworthy trading partner. Finally, I’ve finished my Bitbns review, and I hope you find it useful.

Difference between Bitbns referral code and coupon code

  • You can use Bitbns referral code as many times as you want. On the other hand, coupons can be only redeemed once.
  • A person can not use their Bitbns referral code to get direct benefit from it. Rather he can ask someone to use it while account opening so that it becomes beneficial to that person. But when you use a coupon code you get different kinds of offer each time directly. You do not need to ask someone else to get the reward from the coupon code.
  • Bitbns referral code is a one-of-a-kind combination of digits and words that can only be used by the account holder. It means that every other CoinDCX account holder has their own unique referral code. Coupon codes, on the other hand, are not like that. Many CoinDCX account holders can use the same CoinDCX Coupon code. Every CoinDCX account member can use a single coupon code to earn extra money in this way.

Bitbns Vs WazirX

Being compared to the best cryptocurrency exchange that is WazirX is quite clear that Bitbns will see their flows. We shall compare these two exchanges in different sectors. In the following, I have compared both the exchanges so that you can take your decision whether you want to use this exchange or not.

Background and Popularity

Bitbns Exchange:

  • The exchange started its journey in 2017 and from there they have created a 1.3 million+ user base. It provides so many unique facilities such as fixed deposition in cryptocurrency.
  • If we make overlook this exchange in terms of popularity, it is still not as much popular in comparison to WazirX. The exchange has to improvise to gain that much popularity.

WazirX Exchange:

  • This exchange also started its journey in 2017 but the exchange was immensely popular among the traders of cryptocurrency in the time when RBI stand against the crypto exchanges of India. Because at that time WazirX introduced its P2P service also known as peer-to-peer service. In the year 2019, Binance bought it. That suggests it is backed up by Binance also.
  • WazirX is a very popular exchange they hold no1 place as a cryptocurrency exchange. The authorities are also determined to hold their position among the cryptocurrency exchange.

Interface & Ease of use

Bitbns Exchange:

  • The interface is easy to use and easy to understand. It does not matter you are a newbie or a professional trader this interface is helpful to everyone.
  • Ease of use is quite good but when a large number of customers use the website at a time it either hangs or starts to buffer.

WazirX Exchange:

  • The interface is well defined for new traders and professionals. The website provides some useful filters which are used by the pro traders and also liked by them very much.
  • To provide ease of use to its customers the website has built a large server system so that it could handle a large number of customer waves at a single time. But often they failed to do so. Being the best and no1 website in cryptocurrency they always need to handle big customer waves from time to time that why you might find it a bit slow.

Price Fees and Charges

Bitbns Exchange:

  • If you want to do a deposit or withdrawal INR you do not have to pay a single penny.
  • If you want to withdrawal your Bitcoin from the exchange then you have to pay 0.0005BTC to the exchange. That is around 1350rupee in Indian money.
  • The maker and taker charge for this exchange is 0.25%. Assume you purchased 1000 rupees worth crypto coins and the maker or taker price on Bitbns is 0.25 percent, thus the buyer pays 2.5 rupees to the website as the maker or taker price.

WazirX Exchange:

  • With every withdrawal or deposit in the Indian rupee to the exchange, you have to pay 4-6 rupees.
  • The Bitcoin withdrawal charges are the same as the previous its 0.0005BTC.
  • The maker and taker fee in the WazirX exchange is 0.20%.


We have discussed the Bitybns login process so elaborately that it won’t be a big problem if you want to do the Bitbns login process by yourself it won’t be a problem as the step are very clearly presented in the above passage. Not only that if we look at the Bitbns review we shall get a clear view of the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange. Now it is upon you whether after knowing the Bitbns review you want to trade through this exchange or not.

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