Trade the Divergence: Download Amibroker AFL

In technical analysis, convergence and divergence play a significant role. In fact, these patterns can identify potential reversal as well as continuation patterns. Today’s topic is based totally on how to trade Divergence and its various types. Based on the three absolute of the market, price, volume, and time, divergence forms. Both convergence and divergence … Continue reading “Trade the Divergence: Download Amibroker AFL”

Multi Time Frame Trading Strategy for Profits

When I started trading with charts and started using trend-following indicators like Super Trend etc, I got whipsaws many times. In an intraday chart, many whipsaws are created and a trader can make a loss due to the whipsaw. So I did my research and found that we can minimize the whipsaw a lot if … Continue reading “Multi Time Frame Trading Strategy for Profits”

Bank Nifty Positional Trading System: 4.76L Yearly

If there is a system that can make money for you while you are busy with some other work. You can be working in an office, or you can be doing some business, but if you can follow a really good trading system that is profitable in the long run, you can make huge money … Continue reading “Bank Nifty Positional Trading System: 4.76L Yearly”

AmiBroker Data Feed Free Trial for NSE/MCX

In this post, I will show you some sources of AmiBroker data feed free trial. Also, I will give you an idea of where you can get data even free of cost. In fact, I have merged 3 of my posts together to make this post as updated as possible. But some of the freeware … Continue reading “AmiBroker Data Feed Free Trial for NSE/MCX”

Nifty Future Historical Data And NSE BSE Bhavcopy For Amibroker

Introduction In this post, we will go through the process of downloading Nifty future historical data (bhavcopy) and NSE BSE bhavcopy, and then importing the data to Amibroker. We will use a small utility called GetBhavCopy by Hemen Kapadia to download the data. Downloading GetBhavCopy for Nifty Future Historical Data and NSE BSE Bhavcopy To … Continue reading “Nifty Future Historical Data And NSE BSE Bhavcopy For Amibroker”

Import IEOD Data from Zerodha Pi to Amibroker using Excel

Zerodha’s Pi platform contains 120 days of continuous intraday data. This continuous intraday data is also called IEOD. IEOD is the short form of Intra-EOD. This means it’s Intraday (I) real-time quotes but you get access to it only end of the day (EOD). But this IEOD data is specifically helpful if you want to … Continue reading “Import IEOD Data from Zerodha Pi to Amibroker using Excel”

Quandl-Download Free AmiBroker End Of Day Data

Are you an intraday trader OR a positional swing trader? Whatever kind of trader are you, it can’t be denied that you need good quality end of day data (EOD) for technical analysis. I have seen that especially intraday traders do not use or look to the EOD charts. But its a completely wrong approach. … Continue reading “Quandl-Download Free AmiBroker End Of Day Data”

Designing A Trading System On Amibroker Like Big Trends Toolkit

A few days ago, I wrote about Acceleration Bands in my post titled “Acceleration Bands Trading Secrets for Options.” In that post, I discussed how Price Headley, the founder of BigTrends, developed Acceleration Bands and the Big Trends Toolkit for Metastock, which includes built-in experts and explorations. Big Trends Toolkit – Acceleration Bands Trading System … Continue reading “Designing A Trading System On Amibroker Like Big Trends Toolkit”

Acceleration Bands Trading Secrets for Options

The Acceleration Bands trading system has been created by BidTrends and was mainly invented by the founder of BigTrends Mr. Price Headley. It was basically created because many traders suffer from moving averages. Whenever a stock or a commodity breaks out never retest major moving averages due to they are accelerating so furiously. So Mr. … Continue reading “Acceleration Bands Trading Secrets for Options”

Get Sure Shot Intraday Stock Tips Using AmiBroker

Amibroker is a very powerful charting platform and you can generate sure shot intraday stock tips using this piece of software using some very simple scans and explorations. So, you have the same question that millions are looking for. How to make profits in intraday trading? I have also searched for the answer for a long … Continue reading “Get Sure Shot Intraday Stock Tips Using AmiBroker”

How to Find Stocks Ready To Explode?

Stocks with a lot of room to grow are every investor’s fantasy. Each potential investor dreams of making a fortune by betting on stocks ready to explode in price. Nevertheless, it is not always simple to locate such stocks. See how the T3B Trading System, also known as Track The Trend Break Trading System, can … Continue reading “How to Find Stocks Ready To Explode?”