193% Returns In ACC Using Amibroker Daily Chart

Last month 17th March our TTTB Trading System has found a breakout trading opportunity in ACC using Amibroker daily chart. On that day ACC closed at 1277.05. So I started following ACC in cash as well as started to follow its next month’s call option. ACC April 1280CE was quoting at 52.90. As per TTTB this call option was a buy at this price.

Why to buy ACC? What is the entry rules of TTTB Trading System?
Peak break
Improving KRA line
So BUY ACC at 1277.05 or BUY its April 1280CE at 52.90
Amibroker Daily Chart
Low lets check the result of this trade.… Read the rest

Nifty Next Week And Our Budget Offer On Trading Systems

Budget offer on trading systems at bottom of this page.

Nifty has reached its overbought zone and closed below its 3-day exponential moving average (8845.64). Price close to upper bollinger bands and short term stochastics indicator has given bearish crossover. Last week I clearly told to play longs in sudden intraday dips and time and again that strategy worked. But, definitely no new longs please now.

Nifty aggressive traders may try shorts in sudden intraday rallies, with SL above 19th February’s high, i.e. 8913.45 and go for targets 8744-8692-8640. In longer term view best place of the SL should be above 9000 mark.… Read the rest

Nifty Index – Indrajit’s Analysis For 9th-13th February?

In my last analysisof 3rd February 2015 on Nifty index I clearly indicated a correction here and we got enough correction whole last week.

Nifty index corrected from 8797.40 to Friday’s close of 8661.05. Its a 136 points haul after my ALERT. My readers are aware about the power of technicals. YES, its no magic, pure technicals.

Whats on the cards now?? Nifty has almost corrected to 38.2% retracement level of 8640.90 (made low of 8645.55 on last Friday). Today’s open is very very important. Check here, SGX Nifty is trading weak down by 85.50 points at 8638. So hopefully we are once again heading to an weak open and 38.2% retracement will be marked today.… Read the rest

Now You Can Have 25% Discount On Trend Blaster AFL Yearly License

So its a month end again. A time when all of us are busy in working, developers are busy in new R&D, sales persons are busy in attending new clients, training is busy in webibars, this and that.

To celebrate November month end with a BANG we in StockManiacs Research & Systems Pvt Ltd have decided to offer 25% special discount to all Trend Blaster AFL Yearly license.

Yes, this offer can change your trading forever.

Hurry up OFFER is valid till 30th November 2014, till midnight.

You will get Trend Blaster AFL + TTTB Trading System 5 AFL Set + Our technology to import FREE NSE end of day data into your Amibroker.… Read the rest

Tag It And Bag It Contest – Tag Friends And Win TTTB Trading System FREE

Readers, now you all know that TTTB Trading system finds out blasting swing trading picks in stock and commodities markets. If you want to know more about TTTB Trading System please see our earlier post here.

Some more examples of accuracy of TTTB Trading System. Those following our facebook page here knows that we post regular TTTB Swing Calls in facebook page.

On 14th November we alerted about Rane Break Lining (NSE code RBL) at 293.50 and given our target of 308. In just 3 sessions the scrip has made high of 302.65, returning 3.11% already. BUY BUY BUY in all dips.… Read the rest

TTTB Swing Trading Picks BAYERCROP May Hit Upper Circuit Today

We all know that TTTB Trading system finds out blasting swing trading picks in stock and commodities markets. If you want to know more about TTTB Trading System please see our earlier post here.

Before few days a stock BAYERCROP came to our radar through TTTB end of day swing trading picks scan. The scrip crossed the peak value at Rs. 2334.95 with a low KRA line and see now its trading at Rs. 2691.25 in just few days time.

Swing Trading Picks

Another scrip looked weak, that is CIPLA. Check it has broken trough at 647 2 days back and the price was making higher high while the KRA line was making lower highs.… Read the rest

Muhurat Trading 2014 – Stocks That Will Give You 10%-20% Profits

Mumbai: The National Stock Exchange of India or NSE will arrange a specific trading session for ‘Muhurat trading 2014’ on the event of Deepavali or Diwali on Thursday, October 23, 2014.

The trading activity would take place in between 6:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on the Deepavali night, NSE said in a press report.

“… hereby notify the specific trading session of Muhurat Trading 2014 on the event of Diwali on Thursday, October 23, 2014,” the exchange notified.

Yesterday all our TTTB Trading System users have gone long heavily in a scrip named SARDAEN. This scrip has broken PEAK at 173.90 with a very low KRA value.… Read the rest

TTTB Pro Amibroker AFL Set – Divergence + TTTB = Accuracy

After the launch of TTTB Trading System it has created a huge hype among traders all over India. TTTB is finding explosive stocks with simple scan and many of the TTTB findings have hit upper circuits day after day.

What is this TTTB Trading System? TTTB Trading System is a breakout trading system which spots highly overbought or oversold stocks using KRA line and buys or sells them at break peak or break trough. More details on TTTB Trading System and its usage guide can be found here.

We have coded TTTB System for Amibroker and released TTTB 5 amibroker afl pack for our subscribers.… Read the rest

TTTB Trading System: Finding Breakout Stocks In 5 Minutes

As our visitors know, the TTTB Trading System for Amibroker made a bang between the traders of India and TTTB is growing to be the most popular for finding breakout stocks in Amibroker users. It was a necessity to modify some features in the TTTB Trading System.

Before that for beginners, here is the link to more information on TTTB Trading System.

An example of a breakout, SIEMENS has broken PEAK on 8th September, 2014 at Rs. 871.25 and on 9th of September it is trading at Rs. 911.40, up by 4.60 percent from the buy level. Many stocks like this shot up just after the break up and users scanning at the end of day not buying the stock in live market misses the move and enter late.… Read the rest

Gold Trend Update Plus NSE Stocks That Will Hit Upper Circuits Soon

Yesterday found an interesting fact while scanning GOLD with our favorite TTTB Trading System. GOLD has just broken TROUGH value of 27765 yesterday with the KRA line also pointing downwards. So in gold trend update its clearly a sell-on-rise till it again crosses the PEAK value at 28178.

One picture worths 1000 words. Just check the screenshot below to understand how we have come to the conclusion of sell on rise in gold in analyzing gold trend update.
Gold Trend Update
Now, lets have a look on NSE stocks. We found quite a few stocks that have broken PEAK with a very low KRA line in the TTTB scan in Amibroker.… Read the rest