Get Sure Shot Intraday Stock Tips Using Amibroker

Amibroker is a very powerful charting platform and you can generate sure shot intraday stock tips using this piece of software using some very simple scans and explorations. So, you have the same question that millions are looking for. How to make profits in intraday trading? I have also searched for the answer for a long … Continue reading “Get Sure Shot Intraday Stock Tips Using Amibroker”

How to Find Stocks Ready To Explode?

For a few days, we were watching a stock TWL. It came to our scan on 4th of August during market hours, the rail stock was beaten down and was ready for a bounce back. So we started watching its charts taking a long position, and bang, TWL hits upper circuit yesterday up by 5%. … Continue reading “How to Find Stocks Ready To Explode?”