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Step by Step Guide to Do IPV in Zerodha

IPV in Zerodha

Doing the IPV process in Zerodha brokerage company is very easy to do. But many people face problems while doing the process properly. The In-Person Verification has to be done during the account opening. As it is one of the important steps of an account opening in Zerodha. As soon as you complete the bank details. The next step that will appear on your screen is IPV or “In-Person Verification”. Many people who are trying to open an account in Zerodha are facing a common problem during IPV. That is why I shall guide you through all the processes step by step. So that next time when you will try to open an account in Zerodha or try to complete the IPV process it won’t be a problem for you.

FAQ about IPV in Zerodha

What is the full form of IPV?

The full form of IPV is In-Person Verification.

What is IPV in Zerodha, and how does it work?

According to SEBI’s circular, In-Person Verification (IPV) is a process in which the broker validates the client and his documentation in person. This procedure must be followed by all brokers for all clients. IPV used to be done physically, with a broker’s staff visiting and verifying the information.

Is it safe to do IPV in Zerodha?

Yes, It is safe to do IPV in Zerodha. As per the SEBI rule, it is mandatory to do an In-Person Verification. While opening an account.

When does SEBI first imply the IPV rule?

In 2011, SEBI first imply the IPV rule. Previously video calls were allowed for the IPV process but later all brokers follow their online IPV procedure using a one-time password or OTP.

What is IPV?

In the year 2011, The Securities and Exchange Board of India implies a new rule that is IPV or in-person verification. SEBI took this step to make the stock market more safe and secure. Under this rule, SEBI said that the brokerage house has to verify its client in person. To do this verification you have to stand in front of a camera holding a 4-digit OTP written on a piece of paper holding it in your hand and click a photo or 1-min video. If you do process properly then it won’t get rejected. They also won’t ask you to go through the process all over again.

The elaborate description of IPV process

As soon as you start your IPV process very first page that will appear on your screen will look something like the page which I have attached in the following.

IPV in Zerodha

In which you have to put your Zerodha registered mobile number. (If you use any random number then the process will not work so keep that in mind while doing the process). After that, tick on “I’m not a robot” written just under it. Now scroll down a bit and you will see there will be a continue option. Click on it. Here in the image, I have highlighted it using yellow color.

There are two different ways to do the IPV process,

  1. PC such as laptop preferablly. If you use desktop you might have a bit problem as it does not contain any camera in it.
  2. Do the process through mobile phone using your login Id and OTP.

How to do IPV in Zerodha using a laptop?

If you have completed the process of the previous page properly only then Zerodha will allow you to do the next step. Otherwise, you have to again clearly complete the previous bank details-oriented process.

Suppose you have completed the previous process completely. Now you are able to do the two-step IPV process. In the following, I shall present you with an elaborate description of both the steps of that process. It is as easy as the Zerodha TOTP generating process.

1st step of IPV in Zerodha

The first step of the IPV process is to apply for an account in Zerodha and complete all steps as shown on your screen. If you have not already applied for an account, you can do so by clicking the link below.

Open an Account in Zerodha

Click here to open an Account

2nd step of IPV in Zerodha

The 1st step is OTP-based. As soon as you put in your registered mobile number Zerodha brokerage company will send you an OTP. This OTP will appear on your PC or mobile screen. You have to write down that OTP on a standard A4 size paper or similar to that size. The OTP should be in bold black or blue color. The number should be clearly visible and also big in size. It should be also clear enough to understand as I told you earlier. Then click on the “Start IPV” button written just under it. As soon as you click on it, there shall be written as take video. Your laptop camera or mobile camera will be opened then. If you do not have a camera on your desktop you can simply use your mobile phone to continue the process.

2nd step of IPV in Zerodha

In the 2nd step, you just simply hold that piece of paper around your chest area and look into the camera. That means your face and that OTP number should be clear enough to understand while the camera takes one video. It should be something like the following image I have attached.

IPV in Zerodha
  • If the image of you and your OTP number is clear then click on Save IPV. So that your IPV is completed.
  • If something went wrong during this IPV process. Suppose either your face or the OTP is not clear enough to understand then you can again take a video by clicking on the Redo IPV option. Your IPV image will appear on the blue rectangular box. So that you can judge whether you want to Redo or Save that IPV.

How to do the IPV in Zerodha using a mobile phone?

This process is a little bit more time taking as you have to start it from the scratch. That means you have already applied for an account in Zerodha. To complete the further process of IPV, you have to sign in through your mobile number. In that case, Zerodha brokerage house will send you an OTP. To verify your account number with your mobile number. If the verification process successfully worked then you are ready to do the IPV process.

The rest of the process is the same just like the previous one. As I told you before that there are two steps that you have to complete to do the IPV process in Zerodha. That process is the same here also.

Easy steps to understand IPV

  1. Open the page and add your registered mobile number then click on “I m not a robot” then click on continue,
  2. As soon as you get the OTP, write it on a piece of paper in bold black or blue ink,
  3. Click on “Start IPV”,
  4. The camera of your device will be opened,
  5. Take that piece of paper around your chest area and look at the camera. Your face and the OTP should be clear enough to understand.
  6. Stand infront of the camera for 1-min. As it completes click on “Save IPV”.

Your IPV or In-Person Verification in Zerodha is complete. If not then click on Redo as it helps you make the ten-second video again.

Video guide to do IPV in Zerodha

I have also attached a Youtube video so that you can go through it. In this video, the steps are presented so nicely that once you complete reading this post you will recall all the steps when you watch this video. That’s how you you will not face any problem regarding the IPV process in Zerodha.

Camera problem that occurs during IPV in Zerodha

Sometimes the website becomes unable to access your webcam. This is a common problem among phone users. To resolve it, you have to change your mobile settings.

  1. First, go to mobile settings,
  2. Go to install app or mannage app option,
  3. On the right side top there will be three dots. Click on it,
  4. Go to browser and change it from defalt to Google chrome.

You can continue the process from where you have left. If this problem occurs next time during IPV then you know how to fix it. So that you can continue the process without any problem.


After reading all the steps carefully I hope you have understood the process completely. Being the number one stock-broking company Zerodha always try to maintain their position among the stock market companies. That is why they are so particularly strict about all the processes whether it is IPV or TOTP. So be careful when you are processing all the steps. Otherwise, your form will get rejected and you have to go through all the processes all over again.

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