List Of Shell Companies Declared By SEBI

List Of Shell Companies Declared By SEBI

Recently, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) released a list of 331 suspected shell companies that have been involved in fraudulent activities. These companies have been manipulating their financial statements and showing fake turnovers to deceive investors. In this post, we will discuss the details of the list of shell companies declared by SEBI.

What is a Shell Company?

Before we delve into the list of shell companies declared by SEBI, let’s understand what a shell company is. A shell company is a fictitious entity that exists only on paper and has no physical presence or real business activities. These companies are created to deceive investors by showing fake turnovers and profits on paper.

In most cases, the client’s money sits in an account, often in offshore locations like Switzerland, held by an offshore company. The client is not named among the directors, rather nominees are supplied by a law firm. Sometimes the offshore company is owned by another offshore company. The actual entity of the client is known only to the bank, the law firm, and the registration agent, and sometimes even they are unaware.

The List of Shell Companies Declared by SEBI

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India has prepared a list of shell companies declared by SEBI. Many of these companies are already listed on the stock exchanges. Some of the names of the listed companies are Gallant Ispat, Prakash Industries, REI Agro, Pincon Spirit, J Kumar Infra, and more.

SEBI has identified around 5 lakh such companies and posted a list of 331 companies initially. The companies in this list who are listed in stock exchanges will be restricted in trading activities. These shares can be traded only once every month on the first Monday.

You can click here and find the complete list of shell companies declared by SEBI. The companies in this list have been involved in fraudulent activities and have manipulated their financial statements to deceive investors.

Impact on the Market

After SEBI posted the list of shell companies, the market started correcting and closed below the 10,000 mark. In fact, this 10,000 mark is now acting as a serious resistance for the Nifty index. These companies have shown a good run-up on the price front, but their actual turnover is zero, and they have no employees.

Investors investing in these stocks can be seriously affected. Hence, it is essential to be aware of these fraudulent activities and take necessary precautions while investing.

FAQs about Shell Companies

How many shell companies are there in India?

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 registered shell companies in India.

Is a shell company illegal in India?

Yes, it is illegal to register a shell company as per Indian legislation. A person who operates or controls a shell company could face criminal prosecution and financial penalties.

What is the name of a shell company in India?

The names of specific shell companies vary depending on their nature and purpose. Generally, such companies have the word ‘shipping’ or some other prefix indicating they may be holding a generic structure only for passing transactions like “Abel Corporation Shipping Pvt Ltd”.

What is a shell company for?

Shell companies can serve several functions. They’re often used by businesses to stay anonymous while conducting certain activities or engaging with foreign entities without revealing confidential information about their operations or finances. They may also act as conduits for investments including tax evasion schemes through money laundering processes, which has led them to become one of the main targets for anti-money laundering efforts worldwide.


In conclusion, the list of shell companies declared by SEBI is a significant step toward identifying and preventing fraudulent activities in the market. These companies deceive investors by showing fake turnovers and profits on paper. By restricting the trading activities of these companies, SEBI has taken a step towards protecting investors from fraudulent activities.

Investors should be cautious while investing in stocks and should conduct proper research before making any investment decisions. By being aware of these fraudulent activities, investors can protect their investments and ensure a safe and secure future.

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