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Ultimate Pro Trader By Forex Invincible – Download FREE

Ultimate pro trader

Forex Ultimate Pro Trader is a signal software that gives signals based on New York market openings. The MT4 indicator scans your desired time frame and generates buy and sell points as well as define targets and plots your profit target levels. The article is all about the ultimate pro trader.

The piece of software takes 1:3 as the risk-reward ratio that means your target will always be 3 times more than your stop level. There will be a 3 level profit-taking point as well as you can also set your goal to maximize your profit point.

Ultimate Pro Trader is a MetaTrader indicator (ex4 file) and it plots very beautiful buy and signal levels along with definite target and stop-loss.

What you will get after downloading Ultimate Pro Trader?

Your FREE download will contain the MT4 indicator (ex4 file) + installation guide.


Check the image above to see how the indicator generates highly accurate buy sell points with 3 buy targets and 3 sell targets. You can download the indicator FREE from below.

You can clearly understand that blue zone refers to buy area and red zone refers sell area. When the price is inside the neutral zone, i.e. white you can pre-fix your buy-sell levels along with target and stop loss as per the commentary has shown in the image. Your questions on this topic will be appreciated in the comment section below.

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