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The History Of Slot Machines And Their Features

The History Of Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular casino games in the world. You can find them online and at land-based casinos. The main reason why they are so liked by many people is that they are easy to play; you do not need a great experience to really enjoy the game.

One more interesting fact about slot machines – the name of the game changes according to the country: slot machine is used in the USA, fruit machine in UK, Slots or the puggy respectively in Canadian and Scottish English.

The history of slot machines

The history of slot machines dates back over ten decades ago. What is interesting, there are two stories on the invention of the machines, which are described below.

The Sittman & Pitt

Back in the year 1891, Sittman and Pitt, a company located in New York City came up with a card machine which is considered to be the predecessor of the current slot machine. The card machine was basically based on poker and used fifty card faces.

So as to minimize the chances of the royal flush, the 10 of the jack of hearts and that of the spades were typically being removed from the deck. The card machine had 5 drums that were spanned by the player pulling a lever. A single spin went at a cost of a nickel. In order to win a player had to line up various poker hands. The Sittman and Pitt machines were mainly found in bars and since it had no mechanism to pay out directly, winners received free beers and cigarettes.

The Liberty Bell

This was considered the first true machine that was created by a San Francisco based car mechanic called Charles Fey back in the year 1895. The difference between the liberty bell and the Sittman and Pitt was that they had 3 and 5 drums respectively.

The Liberty Bell was also advanced in that it could make direct payouts to winners. Instead of using cards, the machine-made use of only 5 symbols which included horseshoes, diamonds, liberty bell, spades, and hearts.

Pink Panther Slot Caesarsgames

Features of the modern Slot Machines

Over the years since the invention of the first slot machine ever, there has been a simultaneous development of the machines. This advancement mainly targets to keep you entertained round the clock.

Wild Howl Slot Machine Caesars Games

Some of the basic features of the slot machine include the Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, scatter symbols, cascading reels, coins, Expanding wilds, retriggering, sticky wilds, RTP, transferring wilds, and tumbling reels just to mention a few. With the current competition between the creators of online slot machines such as Caesars Games, which is one of the internationally leading social casino games company, it will not be surprising if another complexity is added to the modern machines.

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