Muhurat Trading Picks 2023 by Top Stock Brokers

Muhurat Trading Picks

Muhurat trading is the auspicious time of the year when traders and investors look forward to trading. The victory of good over evil is celebrated as Diwali in India. That is also the reason goddesses such as Laxmi and Kali were worshipped across India with lights, firecrackers enlightened lamps candles, and sweets on that specific day. Diwali also marks a new account year for the persons who are associated with any kind of business. That is why NSE or National Stock Exchange opens the stock market for trading. A special 1-hour time period from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm every year. This period of time was marked by the muhurat trading. Let us discuss the Muhurat Trading Picks 2023 in this post.

FAQ about Muhurat Trading and Picks of 2023

What does Diwali Muhurat mean in terms of NSE trading?

During Diwali, the NSE and BSE set up a trading session window. The trading session begins to mark the beginning of the Hindu New Year. Samvat is the name of the new year.

What can we learn about muhurat trading from day history? What is the behaviour of the indices?

During Muhurat trading, stock movement is likewise minimal. As a result, there is no significant index change during Muhurat trading. There is some intraday trade, but it is not big. Depending on the business environment, the index may close higher or lower.

Can we do equity and commodity trading during the muhurat trading period?

Yes, equity commodity trading can be done during this time period. Not only that Equity F&O, Currency F&O all kinds of share-related trading can be done during this time period.

When is the upcoming muhurat time period? when it start and when it ends?

The upcoming muhurat will be on 24th October 2023. It will run from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm.

What is Muhurat Trading?

The Muhurat is a term that refers to a specific time. Diwali also denotes the Hindu new year in some parts of India. So, muhurat trading suggests a fresh start during the Diwali festival. During Diwali, we begin a new business year, as the name suggests. Diwali marks the beginning of a new business year for the Indian business community. That is why the Indian trading authority provides a special time period for traders and investors for trading purposes. The notion to start trading for a limited hour comes from the NSE, India’s major stock exchange. During the evening, that is why muhurat trading starts at that time. So that everyone wholeheartedly celebrates this occasion.

The brokers of Dalal Street also say that the person who buys stocks during the time of muhurat trading should sell those stocks rather they pass them on those stocks to the next generation. That is how prosperity comes generation by generation.

Market Time Table for this Auspicious Day

Muhurat Trading will start from 6 PM on 12.11.2023. There will be an 8-minute pre-open session from 6 PM to 6:08 PM. Regular trading will start from 6:15 PM. Trading will end at 7:15 PM. After 7:15, there will be trade modification time which will be allowed till 7:25 PM. After that, there will be a closing session that will last till 7:35 PM. Β 

The block deal session will start at 5:45 PM. This session will last till 6 PM.

The illiquid call auction session will start at 6:20 PM and will end at 7:05 PM.

It must be noted that intraday positions will be squared off at 7.10 PM, that is, 15 minutes prior to market close. As the closing session starts at 7:25 PM, the intraday positions have to be closed at 7:10 PM.

Top Muhurat Trading Picks of 2023

During this special period of time, investors keenly wait for the most potential stocks to invest in. On the other hand, the traders also wait to generate profit as much as possible. As most of the traders eagerly waited during that time to trade in that one-hour time period some down trading stocks started going upwards. That is why the market becomes very volatile during that time. So it is very important to invest wisely to gain profit and profit only.

In the following, I have presented some of the best broker houses with their muhurat trading picks for 2023. So that it would help you to generate profit. The broker house and their recommendations are,


HDFC Bank is the top pick in this list. It is currently the largest private bank in India. After HDFC Bank’s amalgamation with its subsidiary HDFC Ltd. (Housing Development Finance Corporation), it has become the largest entity in the private banking sector in India. HDFC Bank is the third largest company in terms of market capitalization (more than $150 billion) on the stock exchanges of India.

Presently it has the following subsidiaries.

  • HDFC Life
  • HDFC Securities
  • HDFC Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Asset Management Company
  • HDFC Financial Services
  • HDFC Credit Financial Services Limited

HDFC Bank recently went into complete digital transformation. It has also formed a tie-up with Paytm for ease of digital payment. New investment from amalgamation and digital transformation has made its stock poised for a giant leap in the near future.

Most analysts find a 29% to 38% price growth from current stock prices in the near future. The minimum target price per stock is Rs 1930 from the current market price.

Current price – Rs 1481.5, target price – Rs 1930 or above.

Company Ratios

  • EPS – 78.9 (attractive)
  • PE – 20.37 (attractive)
  • PB – 3.91(attractive)

These basic ratios indicate that the stock has enough space for the upside. It would be a wise investment we think.

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries is a big name in the Indian stock market. It is India’s largest multinational company. Though it is mainly a petrochemical company it has diversified well-established business interests. Reliance Industries’ other businesses include energy, telecom, retail, natural gas, mass media and textile. The company is the largest Indian company as per market capitalization and revenue earning. It is the largest exporter and accounts for over 7% of India’s total exports. Reliance Industries is the largest taxpayer company in India.

Currently, the core business of RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd) includes petrochemical, oil & gas related business and crude refining. Other divisions include SEZ (Special Economic Zone), telecom, cloth, and retail. The company earned 76% of total revenue from refining business, 19% from petrochemicals. In addition, it earned 2% of revenue from oil & gas and 3% from other businesses in the 2012-13 financial year. In July the company made new investments in the newly opened aerospace division. Presently it it earns revenue from the design and manufacture of aircraft, engines, avionics, radar, UAVs, helicopters and aerostats.

Currently, Reliance Industries has 234 subsidiaries under different brand names and 11 other associate companies.Β 

The Subsidiaries of Reliance

  • Reliance Jio – Under the Jio platform it runs the mobile, broadband, enterprise and all other digital assets-related business.
  • Reliance Retail – Under Reliance Retail there are sub-brands namely Reliance Footprint, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Digital, Reliance Time Out, Reliance Trends, Reliance Wellness, Reliance Super, Reliance Autozone, Reliance Home Kitchens, Reliance iStore, Cash n Carry (Reliance Market), Reliance Mart and Reliance Jewel.
  • Reliance Industrial Infrastructure – Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited (RIIL) is engaged in setting up cross-country pipeline infrastructure used for petroleum products. It also engages itself in computer software and data processing business and setting up industrial infrastructure.
  • Network 18 – Some renowned TV channels operate under it. It is a mass media company. It acquired some channels ETV and named Colors TV. Also, Jio TV operates under it.
  • Reliance Global Corporate Security.
  • Reliance Life Sciences.
  • Reliance Logistics.
  • Reliance EROS Productions LLP.
  • Reliance Solar.
  • Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited
  • Reliance Strategic Business Ventures Limited
  • Reliance Sibur
  • Relicord
  • Reliance Institute of Life Sciences
  • LYF
  • Reliance Clinical Research Services
  • Embibe is a start-up in which Reliance Industries invested a lot.

Reliance Industries stocks are currently priced very low. It made a 52-week low on March, 23. It is now above that price. The CMP is Rs 2331. The stock price is expected to grow 16.9% by next year. It primarily earns its revenue from

Current price Rs 2331 – Target price Rs 2712

Company Ratios

  • EPS – 23.10
  • PE – 98.6 (expected to grow 7.9% by 2024)
  • PB – 1.91

Most known analysts recommend buying the stock at the current level.


Infosys is a blue-chip company in the Indian IT sector. It is the pioneer in the information technology revolution in India. The company is a multinational IT corporation in India. It was the first Indian company to be listed on the US stock exchange NASDAQ. It is also the fourth largest Indian company to have reached US $ 100 billion in market capitalization.

The company primarily earns its revenue from information technology, business consulting and outsourcing services. The company started reaching its peak when the USA started to outsource huge work to Indian companies to solve the Y2K issue. Infosys was the leading company in India. From then on it never looked back. Today the company grew this big by acquiring top-notch companies through the process of Merger and Acquisition (M&A).

Merger and Acquisition of Infosys

To date, it has acquired the following big companies under its umbrella.

  • Expert Information Services – Australia – IT Service – US $ 23 million (acquisition cost)
  • McCamish Systems – USA – Insurance & Finance – $ 38 million
  • Portland Group – Australia – Strategic sourcing – AUD $ 37 million
  • Lodestone Holding AG – Switzerland – Management cons – $345 million
  • Panaya – Israel – Automation Technology -$ 200 million
  • Skava – USA – Digital Experience Solution – $ 120 million
  • Noah-Consulting – USA – Information Management – $ 70 million
  • Skytree – USA – Machine learning – Undisclosed
  • Brilliant Basics – UK – Product design – GBP 7.5 million
  • Fluido Oy – Finland – Salesforce advisor – EUR 65 million
  • WongDoody – USA – Advertising & Creative services – $ 75 million
  • Stater N.V. – Netherlands – Mortgage Services – EUR 127.5 million
  • Simplus – USA-AU – Salesforce partner – Not declared yet
  • Kaleidoscope – USA – Product design & development – $ 42 million
  • Guide Vision – Czech Rep. – Service partner – $ 30 million
  • Oddity – Germany – Digital marketing – EUR 50 million
  • BASE Life Science – Denmark – Life science – Not yet disclosed

So many acquisitions have helped to grow the company manifold. Today Infosys provides the following services

  • NIA – Next generation integrated AI platform earlier known as MANA
  • Infosys Consulting
  • Cloud-based enterprise transformation services
  • IIP – Infosys Information Platform
  • EdgeVerve Systems
  • Panaya Cloud Suite
  • Skava now Infosys Equinox
  • Engineering Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain

Currently, Infosys is near its lows. It is supposed to grow at a higher rate. Holders of Infosys stocks are advised to hold the stock. People can also make new investments in it. At the current market price of Rs 1404, it is a good buy. Infosys is a debt-free company.

Current market price Rs 1404, target Rs Rs 1620 – 1690

Company Ratios

  • EPS – 57.5
  • PE – 23.36
  • PB – 7.59

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

Indian Oil Corporation is a Navaratna company, a leading multinational company in the Indian Oil and Gas sector. It is a public sector undertaking company operating under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. Of India. It is currently ranked 94th in the Fortune Global 500 company list. In terms of revenue and oil refining capacity, it is the largest government-owned oil-producing company.

Indian Oil operates along the following vectors through its divisions. They are

  • Refineries Division
  • Marketing Division
  • Pipeline Division
  • Petrochemicals Division
  • R&D Division
  • Explosives and Cryogenics Division
  • E&P (Exploration and Production) Division

It also has some foreign subsidiaries. They are

  • India Oil (Mauritius) Ltd.
  • IOC Middle East FZE, UAE
  • Lanka IOC PLC, Sri Lanka
  • IOC Sweden AB. Sweden
  • IndOil Global BV, Netherlands
  • IOCL USA Inc., USA
  • IOCL Singapore Pte Ltd.

Indian Oil has also bought a significant stake in Phinergy (Israel) for the production of Al-Air (Aluminum Air) batteries for electric cars. IOC has recently shifted its focus towards renewable energy. IOL is going to set up an Al-Air battery factory in India as a joint venture with Phinergy under the name IOC Phinergy Pvt. Ltd.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

IOC shares prices are currently breaking the 52-week high of Rs 104.60. It currently shows good upside growth. It is a financially stable company that shows all-around good financials. Currently, it is in a strong buy zone. It has a very low P/E. It showed good growth in the last year and looks forward to a higher growth. Compared to Nifty, it grew +42.5% better (49.2% vs 6.68%) in the last financial year.

IOC is fundamentally very strong and showing robust growth. Though the company has a Debt/Equity ratio of 0.91, it is not considered as a serious limitation.

Current market price Rs 104.45, target price Rs120 – Rs 125

Let’s delve into company ratios.

  • PE – 3.81 (very attractive)
  • EPS – 7.1
  • PB – 1.04

Havells India Ltd

Havells India Ltd is an Indian multinational company engaged in electrical equipment and home appliances manufacture and marketing company. It manufactures lighting and home appliances for domestic and commercial users including LED lighting, modular switches, fans and lights, protection circuits and switch gears, wires, cables, induction motors, capacitors and many similar products and a vast array of home appliances.

Brands owned by Havells are

  • Havells
  • Crabtree
  • Lloyd
  • Standard Electric
  • Promptec
  • Reo

Havells India is a well-trusted brand across India. The quality of its co-brand products has maintained goodwill among its consumers.

Current share price Rs 1263.15, target price Rs 1565 – Rs 1650

Havells India is a completely debt-free and financially stable company. Currently, it is expected to grow at over 20% per year. With high yearly sales growth, the company is expected to give a high ROI.

Company Ratios

  • PE – 66.7
  • EPS – 18.86
  • PB – 11.45

Final Words about Muhurat Trading Picks of 2023

In conclusion, shares of companies listed in our Muhurat Trading Picks of 2023 are fundamentally very strong. The prices of shares do not have much downside. These are good stocks for investment during this Diwali. Overall, we expect that by the next Samvat 81, investors may make good profits.

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