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100% FREE “Stop Loss Levels Calculation” MT4 Indicators

Stop loss levels calculation

For any serious trader, the trade entry point is of utmost importance. Similarly, trade exit is also simultaneously important. There are two types of exit, one is by using a target, and the other is by trailing stop loss. For a successful exit, the traders need a correct stop loss levels calculation. So we thought to introduce one indicator for that purpose for our members. This indicator will be on the Metatrader platform and can be freely downloaded from this page.

Stop-loss levels calculation INDICATOR FOR STOCKMANIACS GROUP MEMBERS ONLY (reviewed and recommended by Indrajit Mukherjee & STOCKMANIACS Group)

Dear members and MT4 users!

If you are testing our Trend Blaster Trading System – then you understand what a lucky person you are. It has shown fantastic results so far!


For those who prefer some freebies, we still continue sharing free mt4 indicators.

Today our present for you is “Stop Loss levels Calculation” Indicator.

The indicator calculates and shows Stop Loss levels (for Buy and Sell positions without installed SL) using Bill Willams technique. It is mainly created to protect the opened positions as well as the indicator is constantly providing new stops levels, it can also be used for trailing stop.

Click the picture below to enlarge the screenshot

Stop loss levels calculation

Any currency pair and timeframe. The MT4 platform is compatible. You will find all the necessary instructions in the provided user’s guide.

Download this mt4 indicator for FREE and enjoy your trading! To download you need to use any of the social share buttons below.

We suggest to use it in a group with other technical indicators to have more proper results. If you get good results after using this indicator, do not forget to say thanks in the comments. We will also appreciate your suggestion on any improvement needed in the indicator.

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Hi bestforexmt4indicators,
Thank you for sharing your indicator.
Unfortunately I can’t download it, because Facebook, Twitter and Google are blocked where I am in China.
Can you possibly email it to me? Or send a link? ( [email protected] )
Thank you,

Yagnesh Patel

I want TRADE FLASHER Indicator, can you send it on Email ID ?