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BSE IPO Review – Is It Worth Investing?


As everyone knows that BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is coming up with their first-ever initial public offering (IPO). It has created a big hype among investors of India. In this short write up, I will try to post the BSE IPO review that may be helpful to you.

Issue Date: January 23, 2017 – January 25, 2017
Offer price: Rs. 805-806 per equity share
Minimum application: 18 shares
Issue size: 15,427,197 equity shares of Rs. 2 aggregating up to 1234-1311 crores
Listing at: NSE

BSE is India’s oldest stock exchange and over 5000 companies are listed in this exchange. Let’s see the image below for the financial status of BSE.

bse ipo review

BSE is going to launch India’s first-ever international stock exchange called INDIAINX. The main advantage of INDIAINX will be it may be open for 22 hours as compared to 6 hours and 30 minutes in BSE and NSE. Till now Indian companies float a bond in stock markets whose valuations are done in Indian currencies. But bonds listed in INDIAINX will be evaluated in foreign currencies. That means foreign companies and FIIs can directly invest in Indian companies.

Previously BSE’s dividend policy was one of the high dividend-yielding companies. Mr. Ashis Chouhan, MD & CEO of BSE told that they think the same rate of dividend will be in the future too and that may be good for the investors. BSE already has 9000 investors among them and out of these 300 are selling their stakes. He also told that BSE has enough funds for the projects. Mr. Chauhan also expected that the IPO will get a good response.

So as per the financial data of BSE and the dividend structure and the prospect of INDIAINX it seems that FIIs, DIIs, Banks, Mutual Funds are going to invest in the forthcoming BSE IPO. Hence, we also recommend our readers to invest in this IPO in this BSE IPO review.

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