Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator Trading Guide

We all know that Pivot points are one of the most basic and powerful indicators, we use in the Technical analysis. However, it is composed of a pivot line that is surrounded by a series of support and resistance levels. It helps in speculating the price movements. There are different parts of pivot points that … Continue reading “Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator Trading Guide”

What is Target in Stock Market and its Importance

All of the investors are acquainted¬†with the term ‘target’ in the stock market. Target refers to a value¬†at which an investor or trader is willing to book his profit. It is also known as the ‘take profit level’. Usually, traders prefer to use this target option for future trading or intraday trading. This content “What … Continue reading “What is Target in Stock Market and its Importance”

How To Identify Trend Days In The Stock Market?

If you’re new to the Indian stock market, you may find it challenging to identify trend days. There are days when the price of a particular stock moves in a certain direction for the majority of the trading day. Identifying trend days can be a useful tool for day traders to make informed trading decisions … Continue reading “How To Identify Trend Days In The Stock Market?”