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How to Trade in International Stock Market from India

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India’s one of the leading discount brokers, Upstox, has launched a platform to invest in international stocks. If you are an Indian investor, you may find many options to invest or trade globally such as apple, google, tesla, uber, Sony, Toyota, etc. In case, you wanted to invest in the global market, either you had to invest in funds indirectly or you had to pay a big amount for direct investment. By launching the international stock market investment platform, Upstox opens a big opportunity for retail investors to invest in these international stock.

Why Invest in International Stock Market with Upstox?

Imagine, in the year of 1997, Amazon’s shares price was $10000. And within these year spans, the shares worth $12 billion today. So, I guess you got my point. Imagine the gigantic profits. As an Indian residence, why you deprived yourself of the profits? For this reason, you need to understand the International Stock market closely. Here are some important points on the reasons for global investments.

  • Diversified Portfolio- You can build a diversified portfolio through Global investment. As the portfolio is diversified, the associated risk with multiple exchanges of different countries is much lower. One market investment risk is absent here.
  • Low-Cost Investment with Upstox- The big challenge a retail investor face in global investing is cost. Now, with this Upstox international investment plan, your equity portfolio can have giant company names like Apple, BMW, and Alibaba at such a low cost. Moreover, Upstox also offers zero-commission investment facilities for the US market. The account opening charge is also nil.
  • A wide range of investments- There is a tremendous choice present at your disposal. You can get a wide range of investment opportunities. Just pick and choose biotech companies from the US, auto companies from Germany and, internet companies from China whatever you like.

How to Avail these Facilities of Upstox International Stock Market Investments?

As per the latest information on the Upstox official page for international investing, you will be able to invest across 60+ exchanges in all over 25 countries. Moreover, you can invest in stocks from the USA, Japan, etc. Here is the FREE link to OPEN ACCOUNT IN UPSTOX to avail of the International Stock market investment facilities.

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What are the Benefits Upstox Provides on the International Stock Market?

There are multiple benefits that Upstox provides to their customers for opening account for international investment. You will be amazed to see the benefits, given by Upstox for the global investment. The list is as follows:

  • Investment in USA exchange-listed stocks will be absolutely COMMISSION-FREE in Upstox until 31st August 2020. After that, there will be a minimum charge of $2 per trade. The charge for other countries’ investment is 0.1% or $9.9, whichever will be higher.
  • There is no minimum investment amount to start to invest globally. You can buy sell or own an international share with fractional investing.
  • You can save brokerage a lot with the Upstox International account opening.
  • Upstox provides the fraction investment opportunity. Suppose, Uber share price cost approx $35.13. For retail investors, the amount is quite big for a share. So, with Upstox you can buy a fraction of it. Like you can only buy 0.01% part of the share with just $3.5 or Rs.250.

How can you become a Global Investor with Upstox?

To become a global investor or to invest in the international stock market, you just need to follow certain steps. I’ve clearly explained those steps for you. So, let’s start:

First Step: Open a Upstox Demat Account

This is the first step. Open a Upstox Demat account online or offline. If you want to open an online account, you just need to have an Aadhar linked phone number. And the rest of the required documents are as same as the offline account. The required documents are PAN card, Aadhar card, Bank Proof, etc. If you click the link below, you can open a Upstox account within 10-15 minutes. Here, is the link to open a Upstox Demat Account.

Open account with Upstox

Second Step: Choose for a Global Investment Account

After opening an account with Upstox, upgrade your account for international global investing through the Upstox Pro platform.

Third Step: Get your Access to the Upstox Global Investment Platform

Finally, receive login credentials from Upstox. And then you can start using your global investment account.

Therefore, you can see the process of getting a global investment facility is quite easy and simple. Within a day or two, you can get your desired international stocks at a very low charge. As you can buy a fraction of shares here, you can have your preferable shares at a very low cost, as per your wish. Here are some common FAQs on it, see for more information:


Can I buy international stocks on Upstox?

Yes, you can buy international stocks on Upstox now. And the charges are also very low here. Upstox is the first broker in India, introduce such a vast global investment platform. There you can get access to 60+ exchanges in all over 25 countries across the globe. So a wide range of global investment options is available with low charge in Upstox.

Which International exchange I can invest in with Upstox?

You can invest in more than 60+ international exchanges in all over 25 countries across the world. For example, exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Japan Exchange, etc top leading exchanges are there in the Upstox platform.

Is there any minimum investment or balance required?

No, there is no minimum investment or balance required to maintain a global investment account with Upstox. You just need to fill your account for buying your desired shares so that you never lose big investment opportunities.


So, in India, Upstox is the first broker that brings such a vast investment opportunity for its customers. And all the facility of investing in the global market with such a cheap cost is truly appraising. If you do still not have this investment account, our recommendation is to go for it without any second thought. Do not miss this golden opportunity, grab it as soon as possible. For any further queries on the subject, you may comment below.

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