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Trendline Trading Strategy

Many traders think that the market is entirely unpredictable which is not true enough. By applying certain technical techniques one can predict the market trend to some extent. Today’s topic trendline trading is one of the most widely used simple techniques, which comes under the technical analysis part. Plotting trendlines on the price action can provide you with hints of upcoming trends. Previously, we have discussed the price action, you may check it out from our site. From this content, you will get a basic idea of what trendline trading is and its usage of it. So, let’s begin with the definition of the selected topic.

What is a Trendline?

To make profitable trades, understanding the plotting of the trendlines is important. The name itself defines its objective. Trendlines are always the easiest way to confirm an upcoming trend. Before stepping into further discussion, one thing should be clear trendline is not similar to an indicator or oscillator-based study. Traders have to draw it by joining a series of prices together. The plotting of the trendline does not happen in an abrupt way. There are certain steps by which one can draw an accurate trendline to identify the current and upcoming trends. In simple words, trendlines emerge when traders can connect two highs or two lows together.

Types of Trendline

There are a variety of ways by which traders work on the strategy. Therefore, all the steps are stated below with attached images:

Downtrend Line

After connecting lower high prices together (connect at least two points), a trendline appears. When the price breaks the plotted trendline (forms by connecting lower highs), traders get a hint of an upcoming bullish trend.

Trendline Trading in Downtrend

The above chart is taken from the Zerodha Kite charting platform. Here, the downtrend line is connected with high points, the second high is below the first high. After the breakout of the up-trend line, the price moves upward direction.

Uptrend Line

The uptrend line is just the reverse of the downtrend line. The uptrend line appears after connecting at least two higher lows price points. It gives an indication of an upcoming bearish trend after the price breaks the line.

Trendline Trading in Uptrend

Here, in the above image, the uptrend line is connected with the higher lows price point. From the breakout point of the uptrend line, the market reversed toward the bearish trend.

Trendline Support

Traders use trendlines not only to find out the trend but also to be sure about the support level. Finding out the exact support for any stock helps traders to fix the entry-exit point.

Support and Resistance

In the above chart, after breaking the downtrend line, the price moves towards a bullish trend but bounces back to check the trend line. In simple words, the price takes support at the trendline and then moves in the upward direction.

Multiple Trendlines

Some traders don’t use indicators or oscillators, work only with the trendline. The trendline is the most useful tool in technical analysis in many ways. There are no such rules that you have to work with a single tradeline. You can also plot multiple trendlines to find out the market movements. An image is attached below:

Multiple Trendlines

Here, check out the multiple trendlines. Notice the red downtrend line, here price takes multiple support and resistance at the trendline. Sometimes, by using a single trendline trader can’t interpret the whole situation in a market. For that reason, there is a requirement for multiple trendlines. The highlighted area are some examples of support resistance on the trendlines.

Points to Remember in Trading the Trendline

  • Try to avoid steep slope trendlines, the fall or the rise of a trendline should not be sharp. A strong trendline should always be more slanted.
  • In case of a weak trendline, the price points appear close while in a strong trendline, price points are evenly spaced.
  • You can apply the trendline on oscillators too in the same way as applied to the price.

MT4 Indicator for Trendline Trading

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What is the trendline in trading?

The trendline in trading is a line drawn on a chart to represent the underlying price structure of an asset. Traders use it to identify potential support and resistance level, bullish or bearish momentum, and market reversals.

How profitable is trendline trading?

Properly used Trendlines can generate substantial profits for traders as they provide key information about entry and exit points when combined with other technical analysis tools. However, like any form of investing, there are no guarantees that you will make any money from using them.

Do trend lines work in trading?

Yes, Trend Lines do work in Trading if correctly understood and interpreted based on context clues. Professional investors use them frequently because it provides insights into where prices may be headed next and whether buying or selling pressure could increase or decrease at certain levels.

What confirms a trendline?

Confirmation of a Trend Line occurs when prices exceed its boundaries either above (for an uptrend) or below (for a downtrend). This suggests that the overall sentiment towards this particular security has shifted significantly enough for the new direction to be confirmed after exceeding these boundaries


In conclusion, trendline trading is a powerful and valuable strategy that traders of all levels can use to help increase their success rate in the markets. It requires careful analysis and study but when executed properly with defined risk-management techniques, it has proven time and again to give traders an edge over other trading methods. With the right technology platform and resources at hand, we hope more novice traders will take up trendline trading as part of their arsenal in order to maximize potential profits.

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