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RSI 2 Strategy Update On Nifty Index – Buy Nifty

RSI 2 Trading System

As updated in my earlier post, Nifty has faced its first major resistance after successfully piercing the 10000 mark. Watching the last Nifty pattern I suggested that Nifty can come down till 9650-9450. Out of my 2 targets, Nifty has already made my first target by making a low of 9685.55 on last Friday. But I also mentioned that this target will not be achieved so easily. RSI 2 strategy suggests that there will be some dead cat bounce before making fresh lows. I will discuss how to play this dead cat bounce now.

What Is RSI 2 Strategy?

There are many RSI 2 strategies available in the market. Among them 4 of the strategies are given below:

  1. RSI 2 strategy has been discovered by Larry Connors.
  2. As per this strategy find a stock or index well above the 200-day moving average.
  3. Now if the daily 2-period RSI drops below 5 open up a buy order.
  4. Exit the long trade if daily 2-period RSI crosses above 60 or 70.

Short Selling Rules As Per RSI 2 Strategy?

Here, are the short-selling rules as per the RSI 2 strategy. The top three strategies are as follows:

  1. For short selling find a stock or index well below the 200-day moving average.
  2. Now if the daily 2-period RSI rises above 95 open up a short sell order.
  3. Exit the short trade if daily 2-period RSI crosses below 40 or 30.

Some tweaks on the RSI 2 strategy has been done by me. I have seen that best results are met when RSI crosses below 2 OR above 98 because those are extreme market conditions and the market is highly overbought or oversold.

Checking Nifty As Per RSI 2 Strategy:

On last Friday Nifty has closed at 9710.80. The daily 2-period RSI has closed at 1.04851. So it’s well below 2 and the market is highly oversold. On Monday morning open up a buy order on Nifty future OR Nifty August 9700 call option.

rsi 2 strategy

If the RSI 2 closes further below you can add to your Nifty future long OR Nifty August 9700 call option. You need to follow the 2-period RSI of Nifty in daily charts on your favorite charting platform and mark an exit as soon as the 2-period RSI crosses back above 60 or 70. I have used Amibroker for my Nifty index chart but you can watch Nifty end of day charts on Zerodha Kite.

Remember this is a positional trading strategy and you need to exit position at the end of the day when 2-period RSI crosses above 60 or 70, so no need to watch the charts whole day, just check the daily charts around 3:15 PM and take your exit decision. I will also add my exit update to this post. I wish you a very happy independence day in advance and loads of profits this independence day.

RSI 2 Trading Strategy

Exit Update: At market close on 16th August I am seeing the daily 2-period RSI on the Nifty index is 76.08. Nifty has closed at 9897.30. Check the above image. So we are booking profits. Its a 187 points gain in only 2 days holding. This is the power of the RSI 2 Strategy.

Update For Short Sellers: A bounce is due, so you can short Nifty again once this bounce if over.

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Hi sir,
Can u describe how to set 2 – period RSI in kite. When I selected period as 2 in period it is showing RSI as 43. So please explain


Sir, as per this strategy bank nifty aug future RSI is around 2.5. Can we intiate trade in this?


Sorry again sir if I am bothering you but I want to get this right. I am following these chart specifications
1. Time scale – 30 mins
2. Style – heikin ashi
With these I am getting 2.85. So please can u mention chart specifications


Entered nifty yesterday based on this strategy. Thanks fr sharing ur knowledge

Raj Kumar

Is there any scanner/ screener in zerodha or fox trader to scan stocks to trade larry connor’s strategy.


Sir, will u please create screener for this strategy in chartink.com.
thanking you