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Topmost Profit Making Idea With A Nifty Option Calculator

Nifty Option Calculator

Options comeĀ under derivate security, basically an agreement between buyers or holders and sellers or writers of an underlying stock. All the traders who are dealing with options must be familiar with the term option calculator. In order to avoid theĀ dilemma regarding analyzing options and formulating strategies the calculated has been invented. During the discussion of Nifty option calculator, we will go through the terms like Black Scholes Model, Options Greeks. In case of options trading, must remember one thing. A call is directly proportional to price while a put is inversely proportional to price. Let’s start with the definition of options calculator first.

What is an Options Calculator?

Options calculator helps to analyze options by using the arithmetic calculating algorithm. There are varieties of options calculating process available in the market. Among them, Black Scholes, Binomial option, Monte Carlo, etc are popular enough. Today, we will go through the Black Scholes Model. It has gained popularity becauseĀ of itsĀ fast calculative methods and accurate result. Before going through the calculation process of the options calculator, have a look at the main segments of an options calculator, Black Scholes Model, and Options Greeks.

Black Scholes Model

  • The Black Scholes is a well-known mathematical option pricing model, helps to calculate options greeks the delta, gamma, theta, vega, and rho of options. Behind the model, there are complex calculations but traders only need to put values for options calculation. Though today’s article is not about options greeks, still for basic understanding purpose let’s have some basic idea regarding what options greek is. You may go through our article on the model.

Options Greek

  • Options greeks help to measures the various factors which affect the price of an options contract. Key Greeks includeĀ Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho. Traders with enough knowledge of Greeks are more powerful in comparison to those who have less knowledge of that. If you want to know more about it, can check our article on it.

What are the components of Options Calculator?

You can find out hundredsĀ of options calculator in different sites. According to my personal opinion, Zerodha options calculator is one of the best among them, named as Black and Scholes Option Pricing Formula. In order to do the analysis part, traders have to put certain data like Spot price, Strike price, Expiry date, Volatility, Interest percent, Dividend. Now, by giving brief descriptions, we will introduce these terms with you.

Spot price

  • Spot price refers to the current market price of a certain underlying asset.

Strike price

  • At this price, option holders can buy or sell the underlying security, also known as the exercised price.

Expiry date

  • Before the expiry of an option, the numbers of days left comes under expiry date.


Interest percent

  • Risk-free prevailing rate (as per the RBI 91 day Treasury bill rate) in the economy needs to put there.


How to use Nifty Option Calculator?

You need to open the NSE official website first. Then put your selected script name on the search option. After that select the stock option and write down your preferable call or put option along with strike price over there. Then click on the get data. You will get overall details of the particular script.

For example, I choose the Axis Bank script for an example. The current market price isĀ  607 and I expect the price will go up at 610 before the expiry date of the option. After placing get data, details come.

nifty option calculator
nifty options calculator pic

There you get every expected detail of the selected script. spot price, interest rate, volatility, expiry date, etc.

As I have mentioned that in Zerodha you can get a quite popular options calculator. I here put all the data of axis bank to get analytical details of the stock. A screenshot is given below:

zerodha options calculator

Here as you can I put all the information, taken from NSE site. Only the interest rate is based on the Risk-free prevailing rate (as per the RBI 91 day Treasury bill rate) in the economy. As you can see, the NSE result and Zerodha calculator result is almost the same. Therefore, you can get an example of the accuracy of data in Zerodha.

Zerodha here provides an Options Calculator ( Black and Scholes Option Pricing Formula). The link of the same is given below. From there you get every detail of your selected options script.


I hope, you get a brief idea regarding Nifty Option Calculator and steps to use the Nifty Option Calculator too.

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