Minda Corporation Share Price Target for 2023

Minda Corp Share Analysis

Minda Corporation is one of the most established and leading suppliers of Mechanical security and Electronic system to 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and Off-road Vehicles since 1985. In this context, we are going to analyze Minda Corporation Share Price Target but before that, it is our duty to tell why we choose to analyze the company’s shares. Some of the topmost broking agencies recommend buying this share for a profitable return, Axis Direct is also one of them. They assume for an upcoming bullish trend of the company’s stock can make it a real multi-bagger.

Minda Corporation Share Price Analysis

Minda crop

The above diagram is a brief overview of Axis Direct’s recommendation on Minda Corporation Share Price Target. Based on the market report we are getting the entry price, current price, expected return, and target. As it is clearly visible in the stock price, some correction has happened here. The current market price stands at 175. If the target is 246.00, then the expected return will be 40.57%.

Technical Charts for Minda Corporation Share Price Target Analysis

Now let’s have a look at Minda’s chart to get a technical viewpoint.

Minda Corp Share Price Chart

According to this weekly chart pattern, a bullish trend is clearly visible with a flag pattern in the making. If target 246 seems to be high, you can set your target at 225 and stop-loss at 165. This will be quite reasonable. An upward market trend is slightly noticeable here.

Fundamental Data for Minda Corporation Share Price Target Calculation

Besides this technical review, fundamental analysis also plays a vital role in analyzing stocks properly. As fundamental analysis is quite a vast subject to discuss, we will try our best to collect data and analyze all of the important points regarding this.

minda corporation share price target

These include some of the basic data, such as durability score, valuation score, momentum score, promoter holdings, FII holdings, etc. These data reflect the company’s growth, management system, innovative aspects, and profitability.

Minda corporation share

You can analyze the above data by yourself by checking the above-mentioned data. However, if you consider the expensive valuation score to some extent, the rest of the data reflects an overall positive view of the company.

Along with this, a growth parameter, key financial parameter, and growth rate are given below to analyze the company’s financial statement.

Financial Statements

minda crop financial statement

This is the last 10 FY data regarding value creation, growth parameters, growth rate, and key financial parameters.

minda share analysis

It is quite obvious that the company is running on debt which is surely one of the negative points but apart from this, their net sales, book value, RoE, and other data reflect a neutral to a positive view.

Mutual Funds Holding Minda Corporation Share

Lastly, let’s talk about the interest of top mutual fund houses who think investing in Minda stock could be a mature and profitable decision.

minda limied share

The chart shows the interest level of some top mutual funds service providers. The data reveals ABSL Small and Midcap-Direct, ABSL Small and Midcap fund, IDBI Midcap Fund-RP, UTI Transport, and Logistics Fund have quite good amounts of shares in Midna Corporation. The companies have experienced and talented fund managers. So, if they choose to buy this amount of shares from Minda, surely they have done proper research work before buying it. Hence, we can rely on them to some extent.


Hence, our Minda Corporation Share Price Target is set at 225. This post can indeed be a vital analysis and review for those who are willing to buy its shares. After analyzing the company and market data minutely, Minda has the power to unfold in the medium to long term. It can also become the multi-bagger for this year. If the company grows in the future, there will be a high probability to earn a huge amount of profit.

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Author: Ankita Sarkar

Ankita is a graduate in English language and she has also done her MBA from the Calcutta University. She has a high knack in the stock markets. She is a NISM certified Research Analyst. An experienced stock market content writer Ankita is also trading successfully on her own account.

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