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Aroon Indicator (Formula, Strategy, Best Setting & PDF)

Aroon Indicator

Aroon indicator was developed by Tushar Chande to determine the price trend of a stock and also to understand how strong is the trend of the stock price. There are two lines in the indicator. The green line shows uptrend and the red line shows the downtrend. The green line is known as Aroon Up and the red line is known as Aroon Down. When any of the lines touch 100, it indicates the trend is going to reverse. Similarly, when any line touches zero it also shows the imminent trend reversal. A combined reading of up and down line gives the real market trend.

Arron Indicator Formula

The Formula

How to set up the Aroon indicator on a chart?

Nowadays, this indicator is a part of the studies of various easily available trading platforms. Most brokers have added this indicator to their arsenal. A few major platforms that have the Aroon Indicator are Zerodha Kite and the Upstox Pro platform.

Zerodha Kite

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to attach the Aroon indicator on Zerodha Kite charts

  1. Open the stock chart

    You must log in to kite and select your MarketWatch. Then select the stock you want to trade. Next, right-click on the stock and select its chart from graphic icons. The chart window of the stock will open.

  2. Select the indicator from the studies

    Now go to the studies section by selecting studies. Go to Aroon and click on it. Aroon Oscillator Zerodha

  3. Attach the indicator on the chart

    A small window opens with default parameters of the indicator. Once we select the desired parameters and choose the Done command, the parameters window goes off the screen and the indicator is plotted on the stock price. The default values can be changed as per our own requirements. By default, the Aroon indicator considers 14-period for plotting the chart. Aroon Setup

Upstox Pro

In a similar fashion, the Aroon indicator can be attached to the Upstox Pro terminal also. Check the image below to understand how to add this to the RKSV terminal.

Upstox Platform

Aroon Indicator FAQ

What is Aroon Indicator?

Aroon was developed by Tushar Chande. This indicator identifies an uptrend or a downtrend. And just like the ADX/DMS, this indicator also identifies how strong the trend is.

How do you calculate Aroon oscillator?

There are two lines in this oscillator. One is Aroon Up and another is Aroon Down. Aroon Up us calculated by the number of periods minus the number of periods since the highest high divided by the number of periods multiplied by 100. Similarly, the Aroon Down is calculated by the number of periods minus the number of periods since the lowest low divided by the number of periods multiplied by 100. Check the formula section above on this page.

What is the best setting for the Aroon Indicator?

In Zerodha Kite or other trading terminals, the default setting for Aroon is 14-period. But I have checked that changing this default to 25 minimizes the whipsaw to a large extent. Check the attached image. Remember you can play with the parameters and tweak the defaults as per your need. If you find a reliable parameter do share it with the blog readers in the comment box below.Best setting for Aroon Indicator

Aroon indicator strategy

Aroon Indicator Strategy
  • The Aroon indicator works well in all time frames.
  • The picture above shows the State Bank of India (SBIN) stock price movement with respect to the indicator.
  • This is a chart of 1 min. timeframe.
  • A long position is created when the green line or Aroon up line touches starts moving up from the zero lines and the red line or the Aroon down line starts falling from the 100 marks.
  • When the green line touches the 100 it is still an uptrend till it stays at 100
  • If the green line is at 100 and the red line is near zero it is a strong trend on the upside.
  • The long position is closed when the green line starts coming down from 100. A strong downtrend is when the green line touches zero and the red line touches 100 showing trend reversal.
  • As a thumb rule till the green line is above the red line, it is an uptrend and when the red line moves above the green line it is a downtrend.
  • Traders can trade this indicator using these rules.
The Trading Strategy

Combining with other indicators

The Aroon indicator can be combined with other indicators like the Relative Strength Index. We can trade a 2-period RSI with this indicator. When the Aroon indicates an uptrend buy all RSI dips and when the Aroon indicates a downtrend short sell all RSI rallies. Check the image below to understand the strategy better. Remember, I have denoted the entries on the image as per the strategy. You need to exit using some money management rules. Or you can exit when the RSI moves back from the extreme to neutral zones.

Aroon With RSI

Suggested Reading

There is no particular book available on only the Aroon indicator. But you can read Technical Analysis from A to Z, 2nd Edition that covers almost all major indicators.

Aroon Indicator PDF

Here we provide you a PDF file that covers some of the secret trading strategies using the indicator. You can download the PDF form below. This PDF has been prepared by Jay West.


Aroon works well in both the bull and bear markets. Traders can use this indicator as an alternative to the ADX or along with the ADX indicator.

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