Introduction to TRIN Indicator or Trader’s Index / Arm’s Index

Embarking on the journey of day trading demands a keen understanding of market indicators. Among the arsenal of tools at a trader’s disposal, the TRIN (Trader’s Index or Arm’s Index) stands out as a beacon of insight. Crafted by Dick Arms, the TRIN indicator offers a nuanced perspective. It juxtaposes the ebb and flow of … Continue reading “Introduction to TRIN Indicator or Trader’s Index / Arm’s Index”

The True Power of Hidden Divergence

Divergence is a commonly used word in science and mathematics. But in terms of a stock market glossary, the divergence occurs when the price of any asset is moving in the opposite direction to that of an indicator. Traders and investors commonly use these divergences to trade in the stock market. In this article, we … Continue reading “The True Power of Hidden Divergence”

Fibonacci Meaning and Using Fibonacci in Trading

In this post, I will discuss the Fibonacci meaning and also the proper usage of Fibonacci in trading with retracement techniques. I will also see how to use it for market reversal. Using these we can beforehand calculate potential market reversal points and most of the time they are deadly accurate. The Meaning of Fibonacci … Continue reading “Fibonacci Meaning and Using Fibonacci in Trading”