Trendlyne Review: Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It?

Trendlyne Review


Trendlyne review is a comprehensive review of the stock analytics startup company Trendlyne that also answers – is Trendlyne subscription worth it? Trendlyne is one of the new sets of smart stock performance screening websites that help traders choose the right kind of stock for trading or investing for a long time. presents a complete set of new and smart features to its users. Traders highly regard the platform for stock screening and analysing abilities. The website encompasses some unique features like DVM, SWOT analysis, performance graph, comparative performance analysis and many more. An elaborate description of these features will follow afterwards.

Trendlyne, the Stock Analytics Startup

The company started its journey in 2017. Today it is one of the most sought-after stock analysis companies. Brokers, media and investors/ traders look for stock analysis reports from Trendlyne. The company earns huge from B2B business from major brokerage houses like ICICI Securities, HDFC Securities, 5paisa, IIFL and many others. The company serves millions of retail and corporate customers from India and abroad.

Trendlyne is powered with its own innovative products and over 60 unique data feeds to simply the unstructured data and cut the data clutter. Trendlyne helps its B2B and B2C customers by allowing them to grow their businesses through its innovative platform. Within a very short time, the company has grown to new heights through its innumerable satisfied customers. Trendlyne service is not free and the platform usage right comes at a cost. This platform is backed by SaaS. Online help and support backup to help the customers.

Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It? A Trendlyne Review

Therefore it automatically comes to the minds of new users – is Trendlyne subscription worth it? Trendlyne is a not-so-cost-effective platform, but the features it provides prove its worth. Hence it is necessary to discuss whether Trendlyne subscription is worth it or not. Later the reader will understand why people are interested in using the Trendlyne platform. As the catchline of the website says, “Stay ahead of the Market”, a trader can truly stay ahead of the market and not join the rat race, but play with the market with wisdom. A wise investor does not easily fall for the Market traps but can wisely avoid them. Hence it is better to read this article and decide whether you can go for it or not.

Trendlyne Review
Trendlyne review

This comprehensive analysis of features and Trendlyne review includes the value of subscriptions and their worth to its subscribers. The article also highlights the special features and comparative analysis of all kinds of subscriptions offered by Trendlyne. We will also elaborate on the benefits of Trendlyne features. To help the subscribers, the article shows the ease of use and easy navigation to find the necessary features for subscribers at ease.

Discussing Subscription Plans to Check is Trendlyne Subscription Worth it

The website presents different kinds of subscription facilities. Once a subscriber visits the website, a window comes up asking for registration. For registration, one e-mail ID will suffice. Once a viewer registers, the platforms offer different kinds of subscriptions. Before jumping for any subscription, a user must know the subscription cancellation policy and go through the FAQ section.

Trendlyne Review
Cancellation Policy

Once the user takes a subscription, the subscription amount is not refundable. But in a monthly recurring subscription, it can be cancelled anytime without any extra cost. Through the UPI mandate, the subscription remains in auto-renewal mode. Once you become a subscriber, you can cancel it by cancelling the mandate from the payor app or website.

Trendlyne Review: Basic Trendlyne Subscription Worth – GURUQ

The Trendlyne subscription is not available free of cost. Even there is no trial period for subscription. As the company says, they provide so many premium facilities at a very nominal cost. Therefore, any person can monthly take a subscription and cancel that after one month. There are two kinds of subscriptions – GURUQ and STARTQ. There a different subscriptions available for enterprises. The enterprise subscription is a customised service offered by Trendlyne.

The basic subscription is GURUQ. Most of the features are available through this subscription. It is also the most popular subscription.

Trendlyne Review

The GURUQ subscription is available at the cost of Rs 1690 annually or you can avail it at Rs 250 per month. The monthly subscription is available through a UPI mandate from the bank or through a debit/ credit card. The subscription covers all the premium features. The difference with the higher subscription lies with the maximum number of scans or screeners, backtesting frequencies and so on. Hence the basic membership is the most popular type of subscription.

Trendlyne Review: Premium Trendlyne Subscription Worth – STRATQ

STRATQ subscription of Trendlyne is for premium membership. It is costly and has no monthly subscription. This subscription is targeted at professional investors. Investors and traders, who need more than 100 stock alerts frequently, need several watchlists and price target alerts and also require several stock screeners and backtests, will opt for this membership. STRATQ is highly efficient in providing so many stock screening and frequent price target alerts within a short period. In addition, it allows more than 100 backtest rebalancing and weekly stock screener rewind.

STRATQ Subscription
Trendlyne Subscription: STRATQ

The premium subscription users are professional traders. There is no monthly provision for this subscription. The one-time annual fee for this subscription is Rs 4950. For professional traders, this amount is meagre compared to the capital involved. Hence, users of this option have nothing to complain about regarding the cost compared to the advantages they gain from using Trendlyne.

There are many other websites available today which offer screeners and portfolio reports, market research reports and price target facilities. Some of these websites are reliable and some are not. In addition, many brokers also provide such facilities. But if one compares their accuracy and professionalism with that of, this website stands apart.

Yet, after all these, the question of is Trendlyne subscription worth it, remains unanswered. unless we get to know all the features the website provides, we cannot make a true judgement.

Trendlyne Features

The feature-rich website provides some unique features and screeners. Let’s look into them in this Trendlyne review.


This feature DVM stands for Durability, Valuation and Momentum. Trendlyne marks all stocks individually with a DVM score depending on their performances.

Trendlyne Subscription Worth
Stocks with DVM Rankings

The DVM score for each stock provides a ranking. When the DVM score and other stock performance parameters work in combination, we get worthy screeners. Such performance analysis works very well from an investment perspective. Therefore the company provides multiple DVM screeners for the use of its subscribers. Trendlyne automatically comes up with several stocks with High DVM, Medium DVM or Low DVM scores. In one go, a subscriber gets as many as 20 DVM screeners in the open window. In addition, the subscriber can add customised screeners using the DVM scores. Every subscriber, basic or premium gets to use DVM screeners for stock analysis. Using the DVM scores the investor has the advantage of finding potential investment opportunities before others can identify them. Trendlyne subscribers thus can stay ahead of others and gain profit before others are preparing to win. This DVM screener feature is unique to Trendlyne.

Stock Screeners

In addition to DVM stock screeners, there are multiple stock screeners which Trendlyne users use. Some of them are unique to Trendlyne. The financial live screener is one such screener.

Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It
Financial Live Screener

These live screeners combine company ratios with the latest financial and stock movements. Such combinations give insight into the upcoming movement and probable stock price projections. A truly unique screener for the investors.

SWOT Engine and SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is available backed by an innovative SWOT engine. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. This analysis is not new but the Trendlyne SWOT engine makes it very unique. The screeners present in the platform evaluate and classify the stocks powered by the SWOT engine. SWOT widgets are available for each stock. Therefore, investors can easily understand the performance of the stock by looking at the widgets and identifying the potential stock for investment.

QVT Stock Scores

QVT stands for Quality, Valuation and Technical score. It is a valuation metric that is available for every stock. It is another unique feature available to the subscribers. The subscriber can understand a stock’s performance by looking at the graphically presented score. It is another unique useful widget.


Trendlyne presents some unique features which are only available to Trendlyne users. STARFOLIO is one such feature. STARFOLIO helps to create index beating basket to beat index performance. This feature helps to create a combination of stocks, gold and ETF and create a basket that can beat index performance over time. It has three categories, One-click portfolio to create a high-return portfolio, Create your basket to create your basket and set alerts and Create an automated basket by feeding risk, value expectations and target parameters for the automated basket.

Trendlyne Stock Report

Trendlyne Stock Report is a well-sought-after stock report preferred by premier brokerage houses. The platform uses its valuation system to produce this unique report for every stock. Trendlyne uses its own checklist backed by DVM score and SWOT analysis. The Stock Report Dashboard shows a graphical analysis of every parameter present in the checklist for every stock. All subscribers can avail of this facility. The report contains detailed stock analysis with real-time reports. This is available in downloadable PDF formats also. Each report comes with the facility of setting alerts for investors.

Stock Report
STOCK REPORT – Trendlyne review


Alpha Alert is another unique feature of Trendlyne. It is a single real-time alert for a group of stocks selected by the subscriber. These alerts are for a group of stocks of any type, regardless of any specific sector. One can select up to 5 stocks for real-time live alerts.


The F&O analysis has quite useful screeners backed by a strong analytical engine. The F&O section contains an options dashboard, options live screeners, future live screeners, future heatmap, stock level screeners and F&O participants OI. Some of these features are customizable. In addition, the live options dashboard is a graphical representation of a real-time picture of the F&O market. The dashboard shows Nifty and Banknifty real-time options analysis. This section is quite useful for options traders and represents an insight into what may happen next. The OI change and live option chain analyses are quite strong and helpful for traders.


Trendlyne’s dashboard includes an estimated stock level forecast for stocks. Without giving recommendations, Trendlyne helps the subscribers make informed investment decisions. There is also the facility to view the highest bearish or bullish forecasts. Hence, investors can make investment decisions that have better chances to win in the market.

Stock Recommendations

Trendlyne does not directly recommend buying and selling stocks. Rather the website provides parameters like DVM scores, and Piotroski scores (a score that provides zero to nine rankings based on the financial health of a company). In addition to all these, the platform provides buy/ sell zones, valuation metrics based on fundamental analysis and price momentum based on technical analysis.

Cost vs Value – Trendlyne Review

The features of Trendlyne have unique and useful benefits. Trendlyne offers useful insights into the performance of every stock. There are useful widgets available to present a stock’s performance at the fingertip. These are the SWOT analysis widget, QVT score widget, Stock Checklist widget, STARFOLIO basket widget, and Technicals widget ( technical analysis widget indicating RSI, momentum, price change, volume & delivery and more) for every stock. These are downloadable widgets available to subscribers. With so much information at the fingertip, an investor does not have to look anywhere for more information. The selected news streams are also useful to subscribers to remain informed about any big event. This information is invaluable to a trader. A knowledgeable trader can use such information to the maximum ahead of the market. A subscriber can use the website or the Trendlyne app.

We already know the cost required to become a subscriber. For both the subscribers of GURUQ and STRATQ, all such features are available. Only the STRATQ members enjoy some features at higher frequency levels than GURUQ members. Hence the cost does not cut the pocket, compared to the advantages the platform offers is quite manageable for a trader, if you consider the monthly costs.

Trendlyne Alternative Apps

There are many other similar apps available in the market. Here are some popular alternative apps of Trendlyne.


StockEdge is one of the most popular research and analysis apps. Compared to Trendlyne, this software has a free version that offers ready-made screeners and trading knowledge. The paid members have the advantages of trading advice and portfolio management from the backend backed by customer executives. The F&O section is quite strong. However, the Trendlyne app stays ahead because of its unique features.


Another good alternative to Trendlyne is MarketsMojo. MarketsMojo focuses more on the specialised trading basket buildup. The company boasts of unique model portfolios that beat the indices’ performance year after year. It is also a strong software-backed platform.


TIKR is another popular alternative to Trendlyne. It is one of the best apps for looking at the portfolio of the top 10000+ investors of India. Also, investors get to know about insider trading information and stay ahead of the market noise. In addition, subscribers can collect information from company insiders and hedge fund portfolios. The subscribers also can find information and track investment on particular stocks disclosed by the global leading investment firms from US and Europe.

Uncle Stock

Uncle Stock is a top app for creating a portfolio that helps subscribers earn maximum from the basket. It is an information-intensive app that allows subscribers to get information from over 4000+ metrics. A truly top app for precise data-driven investment.


It is a superfast and light app. All market information is always at your fingertips. It is backed by strong market analysis. It is one of the most chosen apps for top-level micro-level analysis of the market. The subscriber has the advantage of getting live alerts of the desired 5 stocks while the market is running.

Carnivore Trading

Traders can mimic Trader Z presented by the Carnivore app. It is free of cost and one can practically invest without any brokerage or commission like the other traders trade through discount brokerage houses. The app asks traders to learn how to trade smartly by mimicking trader Z and learn how the trader trades in the US market.


Tickeron uses AI-driven Robo traders and helps active traders to trade with it. The app uses quant-sourced trading tools driven by AI. Tickeron uses AI-driven trading robots that can be customised to acquire a particular trading style using algorithms. The trading robots are created by neural networks. Hence, it is good for crypto trading.

Portfolio 123

As the name implies, Portfolio 123 works like a cold-blooded professional portfolio-building tool. Both professionals and academics favour this app. Subscribers enjoy the advantage of using quant tools used by professionals. Subscribers can manage multiple trading accounts, keep track of different investments and use tools provided by this app to manage investments.

Comparison With Other Apps

We have seen some of the other popular apps. All these apps have some unique things to offer to their subscribers.

How to Use Trendlyne – A Guide

The Trendlyne app is a quite useful app and used by professionals. A knowledgeable trader can use it to its maximum efficiency. But a trader who is new to the trading world needs a little hand-holding for efficient use of this app.

Trendlyne Review: Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It?
Trendlyne Review – Trendlyne Dashboard

The Trendlyne dashboard is the landing page once you open the app or visit the site The page is the gateway to every widget or page prepared for the use of a subscriber.

Traders can go directly to the screeners to select stock for trading or investment purposes. Otherwise, a trader can download the widgets to the screen to view the performance of any stock readily prepared for users. You can also select any 5 stocks for live alerts.

The trader can easily watch the following YouTube link for a walkthrough guide of Trendlyne on YouTube by clicking on the following link.

Youtube Link

The youtube video series guides you to use the Trendlyne web app. You can apply the same steps for using the Android or Apple iOS app.

Benefit for Traders

Traders using the Trendlyne app get immensely benefitted from using this app. One must remember that big brokerage houses and corporates also subscribe to Trendlyne. Therefore users can stay ahead and benefit immensely from others. Users also enjoy having the same advantages as the fintech houses do from being a Trendlyne subscriber. In addition, Trendlyne is an all-purpose app, a user can do all kinds of trading and related works using the app.

Trendlyne Review: User Experience – Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It?

Trendlyne users are in millions. The company received many positive responses from its users. Most of these are constructive reviews and some include only how they benefitted from using the app.

Is Trendlyne Subscription Worth It
Trendlyne App Feedback

The picture above shows some positive feedback from the Trendlyne users. Though most of these reviews were from 2020, there are many other reviews available on social networks too. As some say -“I never saw anything like this before”. Some advised that an improvement is required on the UI end. But all of them gave very positive and cheerful feedback. There are hundreds of other users who are regularly giving positive feedback and are making rounds in the digital platform.

There were a few negative feedbacks also. One person said that the backtest results were bogus. The man found that by doing backtesting of one company, then compared them with the present result. That did not match. But backtesting is done to see the probable outcome, it is not expected to be always tried. Someone also asked for data glitches, but that is not uncommon due to poor internet connection.

The Trendlyne backend always keeps rectifying the app engine. Hence the app is regularly updated. Every now and then subscribers get to see new additions to the app adding new advantages for the users.


Trendlyne presents huge advantages to a user at a nominal cost which no other similar app can give. But yes, other apps provide different advantages. But none of them was found to be as useful to the trader.

As for drawbacks, we must say that the subscriber needs to have knowledge of the stock market. Otherwise, it is not possible to take advantage of the app to its fullest extent. In this article, we have given a series of YouTube videos. It is better to go through the videos before using Trendlyne.

Closing Statement

Users may go to the following link to read the Trendlyne blogs.

I am thankful to every reader for spending time to read this article. I humbly request my readers to put forward your suggestions and requirements for more such blogs. Kindly give feedback on this topic (Trendlyne Subscription and Does it Worth) and suggestions for future blogs.

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